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Mandatory Reading & Knowledge #2


Mike Allen:  Dems sketch Obama staff, Cabinet  Nov 3, 2008 Medford Mail-Tribune:  Omnibus land act includes wilderness designations  Nov 3, 2008
Time:  Offsetting Bush's Green Legacy: Advice for No. 44  Nov 3, 2008 Michael Barker:  The Philanthropic Roots Of Corporate Environmentalism  Nov 3, 2008
Geoff Metcalf:  Treason From Within  Nov 4, 2008 Walter E. Williams:  Destroying Liberty  Nov 3, 2008
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Idaho Statesman:  Obama would do well to follow Kempthorne's example in the West  Nov 17, 2008 Washington Post:  Obama wrote federal employees, promising to change Bush's policies  Nov 17, 2008
Cliff Kincaid:  Wall Street socialism paves way for Global Government  Nov 16, 2008 David Stirling and Steven Gieseler:  Environmentalists' hysteria loses  Nov 16, 2008
Dr. Joanne Isaac:  The Greenie Wars  Nov 17, 2008 Washington Post:  Administration Moves to Protect Key Appointees  Nov 17, 2008
New West:  Parting Shots from the Bush Interior Department  Nov 18, 2008 Deseret News:  U.S. Senate tables Public Lands Omnibus bill for this session  Nov 19, 2008
Seattle PI OpinionBushies are burrowing into Obama administration  Nov 19, 2008 Sacramento Bee:  Deal reached to limit planting fish for sport  Nov 21, 2008
Erica Carle:  Brainwashing Children Through Social Science  Nov 22, 2008 AZ Central:  Contention growing over public lands  Nov 23, 2008
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Helena Independent Record:  County demands seat at table with federal agencies  Nov 28, 2008 Washington Post:  EPA, Interior Dept. Chiefs Will Be Busy Erasing Bush's Mark  Nov 28, 2008
Washington Post:  Outgoing administration issues 61 'midnight regulations'  Nov 29, 2008
UK Telegraph:  Lawyers call for international court for the environment  Dec 1, 2008
Julie Kay Smithson:  Language Deception by Any Other Name is still Language Deception:  Aesopian language, Consensus (conned senses), Facilitation, the Delphi Technique, Hegelian Dialectic, and more  Dec 2, 2008 NWV News:  FDA Provides Few Details On Its Food Protection Plan  Dec 3, 2008
Henry Lamb:  The Divided States of America  Dec 6, 2008 Toronto Globe and Mail:  Researchers urge shift in environment management  Dec 5, 2008
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The Atlantic:  Dirk Kempthorne In 2012?  Jan 23, 2009  Jim Beers:  WWF (Wildlife Word Follies)  Jan 24, 2009
Jim Beers:  Appointments and Rumors of Appointments  Jan 25, 2009 Felice Pace:  "Top-to-bottom" ethical review at Interior  Feb 5, 2009
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The Coloradoan Opinion:  Don't ignore hydroelectric  Feb 28, 2009 Los Angeles Times:  Supreme Court Decision Could Gut Clean Water Act  Mar 2, 2009
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Environmental Group Combined Press Release:  Conservation groups will challenge the removal of essential federal protections  Mar 9, 2009l CNN International:  Obama moves to separate politics and science  Mar 9, 2009
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Pork:  Permanent Conservation Easement Incentives  April 6, 2009 Forbes:  Public Land Mismanagement  April 7, 2009
Frosty Wooldridge:  How Can You Kill a Planet? And Still Live On It!, Part 1  April 13, 2009

Frosty Wooldridge:  Blind Spot: Save a Planet and Live on It, Part 2  April 17, 2009

Investor's Business Daily Editorial:  Population Alarmists  April 13, 2009
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett:  Collatralizing Our National Debt  April 17, 2009 USGS/DOI Press Release:  What’s Protected, What’s Not: New Protected Areas Database for United States’ Land Now Available  April 21, 2009
Ethan Huff:  Food Freedom is under Assault, H.R. 759 Worse than H.R. 875  April 2009 Land Rights Network Alert:  Congress Moves To Seize Control Of All U.S. Waters  April 8, 2009
Henry Lamb:  Welcome to USSR, 1920   May 2, 2009 Vicky Davis The Scourge of Collectivism  May 2, 2009
Investor's Business Daily:  What Green Means  May 5, 2009
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Mountain States Legal Foundation:  NEPA Needs U.S. Supreme Court Intervention  June 1, 2009
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DowJones:  Environment Grps Praise Senate Panel For New Clean Water Bill  June 18, 2009 American Chronicle:  Inhofe Leads Opposition to "Biggest Bureaucratic Power Grab in a Generation"  June 18, 2009
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AP:  Conservation wave builds in the West  June 21, 2009 Philip Tabas, general counsel, The Nature Conservancy:  Planet Saver - One Million Environmentalists  June 23, 2009
Roni Bell Sylvester:  Answer to President Barack Obama’s request for us to “roll up our sleeves and become a volunteer.”    June 23, 2009 Julie Kay Smithson:  "Premises" versus "Property" and Producer versus Processor  June 23, 2009
Natural News:  Food Safety Bill HR 2749 Requires Immediate Opposition  June 24, 2009
National Law Journal:  High court losses stun environmentalists  June 29, 2009
Washington, DC Examiner:  Congress is killing US softly with too many laws and red tape  June 29, 2009 New York Times:  Obama Cabinet Plans a Listening Tour of Rural America  June 30, 2009
The Daily Yonder:  What Happens When You Don't Own the Land  July 3, 2009
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Press Release:  U.S. EPA Administrator Jackson Takes New Steps to Improve Water Quality  July 6, 2009
Water Online:  EPA Takes New Steps To Improve Water Quality  July 6, 2009
Introduced in the US House:  HR 2749 -  Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009  June 8, 2009
Global Research:  Destroying America's Family Farm: HR 2749. A Stealth Agribusiness Empowering Act  July 10, 2009 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Press Release:  U.S. EPA Administrator Jackson Takes New Steps to Improve Water Quality  July 6, 2009
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Seattle PI:  Views: Can you be an environmentalist and a NIMBY?  July 12, 2009 Bellingham Herald:  The value of farmland - Whatcom County sets goal of saving farmland, but faces tough choices  July 13, 2009
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GAO Testimonies:  Clean Water Infrastructure:  Design Issues and Funding Options for a Clean Water Trust Fund, by Anu K. Mittal, director, natural resources and environment, before the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.  GAO-09-893T  July 15, 2009
Tom DeWeese:  Firestorm in Spokane  July 20, 2009
Pioneer Press Letter:  Obamagic  July 22, 2009 
Jim Beers:  Save MY Rights Please  July 24, 2009 Herald and News Opinion:  New clean water bill should clarify federal law, not muddy it  July 26, 2009
Dr. Laurie Roth:  Obama is rapidly turning this country into a totalitarian regime  July 23, 2009 Columbia Basin Bulletin Shorts:  Climate Change Threats To Western Water; Benefits Of Modest Fisheries Reductions; Oregon Conference On Salmon Conservation; Klamath Watershed Restoration Projects  July 24, 2009
Minocqua, WI Lakeland Times:  Coordination: Old concept, bold new weapon for property rights  July 24, 2009
National Cattlemen's Beef Association Press Release:  Water Restoration Act Threatens Ranchers, Small Business  July 26, 2009
Herald and News Opinion:  New clean water bill should clarify federal law, not muddy it  July 26, 2009 American Tax Reform:  A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words - When it comes to private property rights  July 24, 2009
Riverside, CA Press-Enterprise:  As many as 1 million fish suffocate at Lake Elsinore  July 27, 2009 American Farm Bureau:  Regulations Slippery if Extended to Everything That's Wet  July 27, 2009
NWV News:  House Set to Vote on Fast-Tracked "Food-Safety" Bill  July 28, 2009
Washington Post:  Prodding the Liberal Agenda With a Pitchfork  July 24, 2009
Farm Wars:  The Jackasses did it……HR 2749 the Seizure of the US food supply and production passed the House  July 31, 2009
Truth About Trade & Technology:  Brasher:  House bill's land use unsettles farming, food costs  Aug 4, 2009
Julie Kay Smithson:  Parallel Universe, Part One: When Two Worlds Collide – Ranching and Litigation  Aug 5, 2009 Pioneer Press Opinion:  What's your thinking?  Aug 5, 2009
Capital Press Editorial: 'Food, Inc.' ignores other side  Aug 6, 2009
Beef Magazine:  The Omnivore’s Delusion   Aug 10, 2009
Beef Magazine:  Retail industry grows as ranchers fall  Aug 10, 2009
Julie Kay Smithson:  Who loves ya, baby? - What sage grouse really need and want  Aug 11, 2009
Doreen Hannes:  HR 2749 - Welcome to the Global Plantation  Aug 14, 2009   
Julie Kay Smithson:  Get the picture? - Who stands to gain when orchards of fruit and nut trees, vineyards groaning 'neath the weight of plumping grapes and fields ripening with summer crops, are all rendered EXTINCT due to water shutoff?  July 14, 2009 Denver Post:  Redford joins call to conserve the West  Aug 14, 2009
Denver Post Guest Opinion The Clean Water Act by Peter O'Tool  Aug 15, 2009  Capital Press:  Common sense goes begging  Aug 21, 2009
Time Magazine:  Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food  Aug 21, 2009
Washington Examiner Editorial:  Human needs should come first in environmental policy  Aug 23, 2009 Washington Examiner Opinion:  Housing depression headed our way by Hugh Hewitt  Aug 24, 2009
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Las Vegas Review - Journal:  EDITORIAL: 'Preserving' everything but man  Aug 24, 2009 K. Lynn Humphreys:  The truth about the West Side farmers  Aug 2009
Wired Science Old American Dams Quietly Become a Multibillion-Dollar Threat  Aug 25, 2009 US News and World Report:  New Tools for Sustainable Farming  Aug 27, 2009
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Stockton Record:  Wetlands numbers already for birds  Sept 16, 2009
111th Congress:  H.Res. 748 - The Founding Fathers’ Property Rights Resolution  Sept 17, 2009
Denver Post:  Salazar making good on his promise to clean up Interior Dept.  Sept 22, 2009 High Country News:  If you want to support wildlife, support ranching   Sept 17, 2009
Reuters:  World food output must rise 70 percent by 2050: FAO  Sept 23, 2009 Brother Gregory Williams:  Control the Water, Control the Population  Sept 25, 2009
Jim Beers:  The American Tragedy  Sept 25, 2009 Jim Beers:  Modern Crime  Sept 25, 2009
Jim Beers:  Frankenstein  Sept 26, 2009 Merced, CA Sun-Star Opinion:  Mike Tharp: New sticker reads, 'Save the humans'  Sept 26, 2009
Santa Maria, CA Times Opinion:  Eco-rules pose major threat  Sept 27, 2009 Budd Falen Law Offices, L.L.C.:  Environmental Litigation and Attorneys Fees  Sept 15, 2009
Lakeland Times:  Feingold's clean water bill swims into strong currents of opposition  Sept 29, 2009 Family Farm Alliance:  September 2009 "Monthly Briefing"  Sept 30, 2008
Family Farm Alliance:  September 2009 Family Farm "Water Review"  Sept 30, 2009 Budd Falen Law Offices, L.L.C.:   Follow-up To Attorney Fees/Litigation Information  Sept 30, 2009
San Francisco Examiner:  Environmental organizations are biting the hand that feeds them  Oct 1, 2009 Baxter Black:  Food is life’s essential need  Oct 1, 2009
The New Republic:  Aquacalypse Now - The end of fish  Sept 28, 2009 Denver Post Opinion:  Clearing up the Clean Water Act  Oct 4, 2009
Seattle Times:  Downstream from dam, valley residents and businesses prepare for worst  Oct 4, 2009 Asheville, NC Citizen-Times Environmentalists put good sense on the endangered list  Oct 5, 2009
Julie Kay Smithson:  Parallel Universe, Part Two: When Two Worlds Collide – Justice and ‘equal access to justice’  Oct 14, 2009 GAO Report:  Food Safety: Agencies Need to Address Gaps in Enforcement and Collaboration to Enhance Safety of Imported Food. GAO-09-873  Sept 15, 2009
New York Times:  EPA promises stricter enforcement of Clean Water Act  Oct 16, 2009
National Hydropower Association:  Hydro Works For America  Oct 13, 2009
Jim Kouri:  Congress Moves To Control All U.S. Water  Oct 20, 2009
New York Times:  Study Bolsters a Push for More Hydropower  Oct 21, 2009
Oregonian:  "Poster girl" of OR property rights wins case  Oct 22, 2009
Capital Press Editorial:  Taxpayers get the tab for lawsuits  Oct 22, 2009
Edwin X. Berry:  How They Are Turning Off the Lights in America  Oct 24, 2009
John Birch Society:  Range Wars Over the Lands of the American West  Oct 30, 2009
Los Vegas Review Journal Opinion:  Clean Water Act 'fix' has major ramifications for state  Nov 15, 2009
New York Times:  Lawsuit Abuse Charge by Western Lawmakers Enrages Enviro Groups  Nov 19, 2009  Tracking Your Taxes: Americans Spend Millions for Environmental Groups to Sue the Government  Nov 19, 2009 Western Business Roundtable Press Release:  Business Group Calls for Halt to Taxpayer Subsidies of Rich Environmental Groups Until Public Accounting Done  Nov 20, 2009
Capital Press:  Hage estate wins again  Nov 21, 2009 Victoria, TX Advocate Opinion:  Giving thanks to farmers, ranchers and Billy Buzek - "Farmers and ranchers provide food and habitat for 75 percent of the nation's wildlife."  Nov 22, 2009
Pioneer Press Letter:  To the people of America  Nov 25, 2009 Pioneer Press:  The history of the Shasta Tribe  Dec 16, 2009
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Are There Times When Restoring Natural Water Flows Can Cause Ecological Harm?  Jan 8, 2010 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  'Early Bird' Basin Water Supply Forecast For Spring, Summer Shows Below Average  Jan 8, 2010
The Wilderness Society Press Release:  America’s Public Lands Managed by Split Personality in 2000s  Dec 30, 2009 
CBS News:  America's Dwindling Water Supply  Jan 8, 2010
Northwest Fishletter:  Columbia Basin Snowpack Feels El Niño  Jan 22, 2010 Northwest Fishletter:  Northwest Snowpack Up Since 1970s  Jan 22, 2010
Pacific Legal Foundation Press Release:  PLF to Sponsor Water Crisis Town Hall at World Ag Expo in Tulare, February 11, 2010  Jan 22, 2010
E&E News:  Clean Water Act fix may not be navigable in 2010  Jan 25, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  January 2010 Monthly Briefing  Jan 27, 2010
Capital Press:  Dams in doubt - Fish, climate change and passage of time take toll on water infrastructure  Feb 11, 2010
Capital Press:  Despite dam woes, hydropower grows - New low-impact technology allows efficient retrofits of existing structures  Feb 11, 2010 
Audubon California Press Release:  Klamath settlement could benefit California’s migratory birds  Feb 18, 2010
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Latest Columbia Basin Runoff Forecast Has Flows Dropping To 46th Lowest In 50 Years  Feb 26, 2010 Tom DeWeese:  Destroying America from Inside the Classroom  Feb 27, 2010 
New York Times:  Court decisions muddy effect of Clean Water Act  Mar 1, 2010 Tom DeWeese:  Sound the Alarm Against Sustainable Development Part 1 of 2  Mar 1, 2010
Medford Mail Tribune:  Mountain snow level down  Mar 2, 2010 Capital Press Editorial:  ESA lacks key ingredient  Mar 11, 2010
Peace and Conflict Monitor:  Dams: providing or destroying water security?  April 9, 2010
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  New Study Shows Rising Water Temperatures In US Streams and Rivers  April 9, 2010 KDRV TV, Medford:  Study blames Klamath River salmon deaths on parasite  May 12, 2010
Capital Press:  Small farmers balk at food safety rules  May 13, 2010 Manteca Bulletin Editorial:  Backing off on environmental perfection  May 20, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  May Family Farm "Water Review" - A Layman's Overview of California Water Rights  May 27, 2010 Prison  Agenda 21 Alert: Science and Sewage  May 27, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  Monthly Briefing  May 28, 2010
Capital Press Editorial:  Judge recognizes humans have needs  June 3, 2010 Capital Press:  Farmers use less water than the American public thinks June 3, 2010
CBC BC:  Canada, US food safety rated among world's best  June 3, 2010 Salem Statesman Journal:  Oregon urges phaseout of pollutants  June 3, 2010
New York Times:  The Human Equation in Water Disputes  June 4, 2010 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Report: Scientists Need To Be More Effective At Public Communication  June 4, 2010
Capital Press Editorial:  Beware science-based ignorance  June 6, 2010
Oregon Public Broadcasting:  Conservation Groups Ask Oregon Governor To Save Two Wolves  June 16, 2010  Tom Vilask:  Keeping it local when it comes to management of natural resources  June 21, 2010
Capital Press Commentary:  Wanted: Clean water, no micromanagement  July 8, 2010
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Wolf Recovery Sought Across Country: West Coast, New England, Colorado and Great Plains  July 20, 2010 Press & Sun Bulletin:  Henderson column: States may be sued over wolf introductions  July 28, 2010
US Environmental Protection Agency Press Release:  EPA To Hold Listening Sessions on Potential Revisions to Water Quality Standards Regulation  July 30, 2010  Pacific Legal Foundation:  When Science Isn’t Science, but Politics  July 29, 2010
Ecological Society of America:  Addressing environmental challenges and controversies through science communication  Aug 2, 2010 Family Farm Alliance:  August "Water Review" - Washington State Irrigators Ask Supreme Court to Limit Reclamation's Authority And Restore Rights to Farmers  Aug 4, 2010
Salt Lake City,  BLM document reveals big change in federal land management  Aug 5, 2010 Bureau of Land Management:  BLM's Treasured Landscapes proposal  August 2010
Idaho Senator Mike Crapo:  A monumental threat - Time to curb President's power to create National Monuments  Aug 8, 2010
AP:  USDA plans to require ID for interstate livestock   Aug 8, 2010  Hydroelectric Dams: The Upsides and Down Sides  Aug 14, 2010
Washington Post:  Economic, other issues stall environmental movement  Aug 30, 2010
American Stewards:  Liberty Matters:  Prepare for the Most Dangerous Session in Congress  Sept 1, 2010 Jim Beers:  Wolves & Cougars (Coming to a County Near You?)  Sept 8, 2010
Jim Beers:  A Question of Wolves - Answering the wrong question  Sept 8, 2010 Jim Beers:  Rural Dominoes - The Domino Theory  Sept 9, 2010
Jim Beers:  Wolves, Guns, Gorillas, & Grouse  Part 1  Sept 12, 2010 Jim Beers:  Wolves, Guns, Gorillas, & Grouse  Part 2  Sept 13, 2010
Environmental Magazine:  EarthTalk: What are the pros and cons of dams?  Sept 6, 2010 Family Farm Alliance:   Family Farm Alliance Joins National Call to Action to Address Freshwater Crisis  Sept 15, 2010
Doreen Hannes:  Milk is a Toxic Substance? Destroying family farms in the name of food safety  Sept 18, 2010  Timothy Baldwin:  Does A Constitution Make a People Free?  Sept 18, 2010
Lewiston Tribune:  Idaho senators at work on legislation to exempt wolves from ESA  Sept 20, 2010 Oregon Wild Press Release:  Oregon Wild Announces New Executive Director, Scott Shlaes - State’s leading conservation group hires sixth leader in 36-year history  Sept 21, 2010 
Redding Record-Searchlight:  Opinion: Even ecological success is tied up in litigation  Sept 24, 2010 Pacific Legal Foundation Press Release If a Property Owner Pays for Water Works, a Property Interest Attaches - Grant County Black Sands Irrigation District v. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation  Sept 23, 2010 
Bemidji Pioneer, MN:   Landowners oppose Oberstar, Clean Water Act - A bill authored by U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar goes too far in giving federal government jurisdiction over open waters, say disgruntled landowners  Sept 25, 2010 NWV News:  UN Seeks Control of Planet's Drinking Water  Sept 28, 2010
Bob Waldrop:  SB 510 "Food Safety" - " amounts to a major federal power grab over agriculture."  Sept 29, 2010
Capital Press:  Water conservation, efficiency a first step for ag's future  Sept 30, 2010 Capital Press:  Yakima picture dim in light of overuse, state says - Excessive allocation, pumping reduce river's flow  Sept 30, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  September 2010 Family Farm Alliance "Monthly Briefing"  Sept 30, 2010
Truth about Trade & Technology More harsh criticism of EPA at DC forum  Oct 4, 2010
Washington Post:  Ocean census reveals thousands of new species  Oct 4, 2010
NBC Montana:  Conservationists Worry How Wolf Legislation Could Affect Endangered Species Act  Oct 4, 2010
Coal Geology:  Four different anti-Endangered Species Act wolf bills proposed in DC  Oct 4, 2010 Deseret News:  Ranchers not just crying wolf  Oct 5, 2010
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Study Shows Freshwater From Rivers Flowing Into Oceans In Greater Amounts Each Year  Oct 9, 2010
Huffington Post:  The Biggest Landowners In America: The Land Report (PHOTOS)  Oct 14, 2010 Los Angeles Times:  Wolf dispute puts Endangered Species Act in political cross-hairs  Oct 18, 2010  
Canadian Free Press:  The Slow Death of the Environmental Movement  Oct 18, 2010 
The Desert Independent Editorial:  BLM Declares Their Land “Non-Public Forums”  Oct 15, 2010
Jim Beers:  "Science" as Dogma  Oct 16, 2010
Jim Beers:  Two Lessons From Montana  Oct 19, 2010
Jim Beers:  To Manage or Not To Manage, That is the Question - Who be Mother Nature?  Oct 20, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  October 2010 Family Farm "Water Review". Oct 21, 2010
Seattle Times Wolf recovery brings backlash in Congress  Oct 21, 2010 Oregon Public Broadcasting:  Cougar management in the spotlight  Oct 22, 2010
US Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  Endangered Species Act Protections Reinstated for Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Population  Oct 26, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  October 2010 "Monthly Briefing"  Oct 29, 2010
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  This Year’s La Nina Likely To Bring Cold, Moist Jet Streams Into Northwest This Winter  Oct 29, 2010 Denver Post:  Salazar should order BLM to reverse 'no more wilderness' policy  Oct 29, 2010
USGS Press Release:  Most River Flows across the U.S. are Altered by Land and Water Management, Leading to Ecological Degradation  Nov 3, 2010 
Tom DeWeese Greens Can’t Stop Their Scare Tactics  Nov 5, 2010  Snow Data Now At Our Fingertips  Nov 8, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  November 2010 "Water Review"  Nov 12, 2010
Southwest Farm Press:  Landowners want groundwater as vested property right  Nov 16, 2010
Washington Post Senate votes to open debate on food safety bill  Nov 18,2010 Capital Press:  Stalled food-safety bill moves forward  Nov 18, 2010
Fred Kelly Grant:  The "So-called Food Safety Bill"  Nov 19, 2010
New York Times:  Lawmakers Ponder Massive Water, Lands and Wildlife Bill Before End of Year  Nov 19, 2010
Brazil Times, Indiana:  Thankful for agriculture: America's bounty: Guest Column  Nov 21, 2010 Liberty News Online:  Which Senators Got Paid Off to Support S.510 - The "Food Safety Modernization Act'?  Nov 21, 2010
Christian Science Monitor:  Food safety bill 101  Nov 23, 2010
Reno Gazette-Journal:  Spread of 'devil' weed threatens ranching lifestyle  Nov 28, 2010
San Francisco Chronicle:  US Senate set to vote on rigorous food safety bill  Nov 28, 2010
Herald and News Commentary:  Western water rights come under new attack  Nov 28, 2010 
Fred Kelly Grant:  One more time a hearty few hold off big government "Maxmus"  Nov 30, 2010..  
World Net Daily American food safety gets massive overhaul  Nov 30, 2010
Fred Kelly Grant:  Food Safety Bill will add layer after costly layer of Bureaucracy - But the fight is not over, implementation will require appropriations from the new Congress  Nov 30, 2010
Denver Post Guest Editorial:  GAO report underscores importance of protecting West's water supplies  Dec 17, 2010
New York Times:  Obama administration releases science guidelines  Dec 17, 2010
Los Angeles Times:  Northern Rockies' fight over wolves endangers species act  Dec 20, 2010
Sarah Foster:  Senate Republicans Join Democrats to Pass Food "Safety" Bill  Dec 20, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  December 2010 "Water Review"  Dec 21, 2010
Christian Science Monitor Senate revives food safety act, sends it to President Obama  Dec 21, 2010
Washington Post:  Group seeks to restore wolves nationwide  Dec 21, 2010
Department of Interior Press Release:  Salazar, Abbey Restore Protections for America's Wild Lands  Dec 23, 2010 
Congressional Western Caucus Press Release:  DOI Delivers More Bad News to the West Just Days Before Christmas  Dec 23, 2010
Washington Post:  Environmentalists plan to redirect strategies  Dec 21, 2010
Dan Bacher:  Brown Will Appoint New Natural Resources Secretary to Replace Lester Snow  Dec 28, 2010
Family Farm Alliance:  December 2010 "Monthly Briefing"  Dec 28, 2010  New York Post:  Property rights conserve the land and the fish‎  Dec 28, 2010  EPA Rules Will Trump Your Rights  Dec 30, 2010
Denver Post Editorial:  Why was wilderness policy change necessary?  Jan 1, 2011 Wall Street Journal:  Wilderness Policy Stirs Anger From Ranchers, Energy Firms  Dec 30, 2010
Deseret News Opinion:  Wilderness reinventory a cruel joke  Dec 31, 2010 Seattle Times:  Obama to sign bill to improve nation's food safety  Jan 4, 2011
Washington Post:  Food safety law will face funding battle  Jan 4, 2011 Capital Press:  GOP vows to gut safety bill  Jan 6, 2011
Capital Press Editorial:  Congress must sink 'wild' grab  Jan 6, 2011 Los Angeles Times:  Republicans introduce bills to curtail EPA regulation of greenhouse gases  Jan 6, 2011
Lake Stevens, WA Journal:  Interior Dept.'s "Wild Lands" Policy Riles WA Congressman  Jan 7, 2011
McClatchy Newspapers:  Environmentalists fear Hastings will take care of business  Jan 9, 2011
Idaho Governor Butch Otter Press Release:  Governor Urges Interior Secretary to Withdraw "Wild Lands" Order  Jan 13, 2011
Idaho Statesman:  Idaho governor urges Interior secretary to rescind 'wild lands' order  Jan 14, 2011
KTVB, BOISE:  Otter, Farm Bureau want fed land policy withdrawn  Jan 14, 2011
Americans For Tax Reform:  EPA Grants Itself More Powers, Revokes Permit  Jan 14, 2011
Courthouse News Service:  Court Reconsiders Policy on NEPA Suit Interveners  Jan 14, 2011 
Marita K. Noon:  The Job--the true endangered species  Jan 16, 2011
Oregonian:  Obama orders review of regulations  Jan 18, 2011 Casper Star-Tribune: Wyoming governor asks Salazar to rescind 'wild lands' order  Jan 19, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Re;ease:  Landmark Lawsuit Filed to Protect Hundreds of Rare Species From Pesticides  Jan 19, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Wet, Warm Weather Forces Northwest Dam Operators To Flush Water Downriver  Jan 21, 2011 
Wyoming Governor Matt Mead Press Release:  Governor Mead asks Department of Interior to rescind Wild Lands Order  Jan 18, 2011
Billings Gazette:  Guest opinion: Washington's obsession with land preservation threatens landowners, ranchers   Jan 22, 2011
Reuters:  Rising Northwest hydro output may hurt wind farms  Jan 25, 2011 Capital Press:  Land grab usurps Congress  Jan 27, 2011
Capital Press:  Expert: Food safety law huge burden on FDA  Jan 27, 2011 Capital Press Editorial:  Feds look to their own regulations  Jan 27, 2011
Netright Daily:  Schools Suffer Under Obama’s Land Grabs  Jan 28, 2011
American Farm Bureau Federation:  The politics of water  Jan 28, 2011
New York Times:  Sustain what?  Jan 20, 2011
Family Farm Alliance:  January 2011 "Monthly Briefing"  Jan 31, 2011  Dozens of Federal Lawmakers Oppose New 'Wild Lands' Land-Use Policy  Jan 31, 2011
New York Times:  Smart meters draw fire from left and right in CA   Feb 1, 2011 Oregonian:  Oregon land-use war settles down  Feb 1, 2011
AP:  House GOP Readies Severe New Restrictions On EPA  Feb 1, 2011  Washington Post:  Interior Department issues new policy protecting government scientists  Feb 1, 2011
GVNews:  Center established to 'balance debate' on environment  Feb 1, 2011
American Motorcyclist Association Press Release:  Wild Lands Designation Threatens Access  Feb 1, 2011 
Dixie Press:  Hatch: Stop Obama's War On The West  Feb 1, 2011
Vernal Express:  Officials gear up to fight the feds  Feb 1, 2011 Casper Star-Tribune:  Salazar aide defends 'wild lands' rule  Feb 2, 2011
Billings Gazette:  Park County joins foes of BLM wildlands inventory  Feb 2, 2011 San Francisco Chronicle:  FDA fails to get specific in new food guidelines  Feb 1, 2011
Oregonian:  Oregon land-use war settles down  Feb 1, 2011 New York Times:  EPA to set limits for perchlorate, 16 other chemicals in drinking water  Feb 3, 2011
Capital Press:  Hastings brings Western attitude to key committee - New House natural resources chairman calls for developing oil, gas reserves  Feb 3, 2011
High Country News:  Western court scraps intervention restrictions for enviro lawsuits  Feb 7, 2011 JD Supra, LLC:   “Regulatory Takings” Case From Ninth Circuit Gives Ammunition to Land Owners  Feb 8, 2011
JB Williams:  Montana to introduce broad-based State Nullification Act  Feb 8, 2011 AP:  Oregon lawmaker tells Europeans to butt out  Feb 10, 2011
National Legal and Policy Center:  Why the Indian Bureaucracy Should Be Dismantled  Feb 4, 2011
Capital Press Letter:  It's time to build water storage  Feb 11, 2011 
Capital Press Editorial:  West needs better dams, not fewer  Feb 11, 2011
Natural Resources Defense Council:  With Wolves Under Attack in Congress, We Need Your Help  Feb 11, 2011
Sacramento Bee:  Viewpoints: Changing climate will make coming water crisis even worse  Feb 11, 2011 Boise Idaho Statesman:  Are wolves still ‘'non-essential' in the West?  Feb 14, 2011
The Intel Hub:  Major Food Distributor Sysco: “Immediate Volatile Prices, Expected Limited Availability, and Mediocre Quality at Best”  Feb 13, 2011 Seattle Post Intelligencer:  Billboard seeks leads on OR wolf shooting  Feb 14, 2011
AP:  Montana legislator's bill seeks eminent domain power over federal lands  Feb 16, 2011 Seattle Post Intelligencer:  Cattlemen sue Fish and Wildlife over gray wolves  Feb 16, 2011  Researchers study 6000-year-long record of drought in the Pacific Northwest  Feb 23, 2011
Jim Beers:  The Recovery and Restoration of Rural America  Feb 23, 2011 Tri-City Herald:  Doc says he'll nix all Snake dam-breaching bills  Feb 24, 2011
Toole, Utah Transcript Bulletin:  Is federal land ownership hurting county?  Feb 24, 2011
National Cattlemen's Beef Association:  Study shows costly consequences of regulating dust   Feb 24, 2011
Grist:  How good is Obama on Western environmental issues?  Feb 26, 2011
New York Times:   Montana, Utah legislators strive to shrug off federal rule  Feb 28, 2011
Rapid City Journal Opinion:  Fairness, consistency would foster compliance  Feb 26, 2011
Jim Beers:  Lessons from Minnesota Wolves -  Somewhere Between a Prairie Home Companion & Fargo  Feb 28, 2011 PCT Magazine:  [Regulatory Update] Surprise! You might have to comply  Feb 28, 2011
Washington Post:  GAO report due out today tallies overlapping government programs  Mar 1, 2011 Natural News:  Food prices to skyrocket, riots could follow, suggests USDA  Mar 1, 2011
GAO Testimony Statement:  Department of the Interior: Major Management Challenges  Mar 1, 2011   Christian Science Monitor:  Interior Department's 'wild lands' policy fodder for 2012 elections   Mar 3, 2011
Washington Independent:  House Republicans: Salazar’s ‘Wild Lands’ order is a ‘War on the West’  Mar 1, 2011 
New York Times:  Wild Lands' Policy Would Allow Limited Development, BLM Chief ...  Mar 3, 2011  AP:  USDA to talk food initiatives at Oregon colleges  Mar 3, 2011
Kitsap, Washington Sun:  Seabury Blair Jr.: Some are misusing the Wilderness Act  Jan 31, 2011
Oil & Gas Journal:  Governors say they weren't consulted about 'wild lands' order  Mar 3, 2011
Great Falls Tribune:  Salazar defends 'Wild Lands' policy  Mar 4, 2011  
Wall Street Journal:  Food Prices Reach Record High  Mar 4, 2011 
Treehugger:  8 Ways the GOP is Trying to Dismantle Environmental Protections  Mar 7, 2011 Family Farm Alliance:  March 2011 Special Conference Edition "Monthly Briefing"  Mar 8, 2011
Los Angles Times:  U.S. House-passed budget bill slashes environmental programs  Mar 8, 2011  WyoFile Sen. John Barrasso: Time to Put Brakes on EPA's Runaway Bureaucrats  Mar 8, 2011
Western Farm Press:  Science sides with agriculture as global population booms  Mar 8, 2011
Cattle Network:  Food prices heading for second-biggest jump in past two decades  Mar 7, 2011     Forbes:  Why World Food Prices Will Keep Climbing  Mar 9, 2011
Washington Examiner:  Ron Arnold: Federally funded faked science behind Fish & Wildlife's Mousegate  Mar 10, 2011
CropLife:  EPA Seeks Deadline Extension For Clean Water Act Permits  Mar 11, 2011
Bismarck Farm & Ranch Guide:  Take time to explain farming and ranching to children and adults  Mar 12, 2011 Walt Bones, South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture:  An ear to the ground - telling agriculture's story  Mar 12, 2011  
Capital Press:  CAFOs win EPA lawsuit over Clean Water Act permits  Mar 16, 2011 
Huffington Post:  Chinese Drought Could Cause Global Food Crisis  Mar 16, 2011 New York Times:  Rising gas, food costs cause surge in producer prices  Mar 17, 2011
Earthjustice:  Congress v. Endangered Species - Wolves Up For A Vote  Mar 17, 2011 The Republic:  Law firm representing several environmental groups in wolf lawsuit withdraws ...  Mar 17, 2011
US Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  Interior Announces Proposed Settlement of Gray Wolf Lawsuit  Mar 18, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  USFWS Announces Proposed Settlement Returning Wolf Management To Idaho, Montana  Mar 18, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Montana 2010 Wolf Report: 8 Percent Increase With 566 Wolves, 108 Packs, 35 Breeding Pairs  Mar 18, 2011 Discover:  Made in China: Our air pollution  Mar 21, 2011
Jim Beers:  Elk & Wolves - Where Have All the Elk Gone?  Mar 21, 2011  New West:  Wolf Settlement Splits Conservation Groups  Mar 21, 2011
National Geographic:  National Geographic offers 'water footprint' calculator on World Water Day  Mar 22, 2011 Helena Independent Record:  Groups question terms of wolf settlement in federal court in Montana  Mar 23, 2011
The Prairie Star:  Wild lands designation will limit accessibility  Mar 23, 2011  Salt Lake Tribune:  Lawsuit challenges new wilderness rules  Mar 23, 2011
New York Times:  Utah Counties File Lawsuit Over BLM Wilderness Policy  Mar 23, 2011 AP:  Wolf hunting deal faces first test before judge  Mar 23, 2011
Deseret News:  Utah groups launch challenge to Salazar's 'wild lands' policy  Mar 24, 2011 Denver Post:  Guest Commentary: BLM wild lands policy deserves praise  Mar 24, 2011
Jim Beers:  What we face - The Map  Mar 24, 2011 
American Farm Bureau Federation:  Who Decides the Future of Farming, Ranching?  Mar 21, 2011 Lubbock, Texas KCBD:  Local landowner warns: Seek legal help when made easement offer  Mar 23, 2011
Bandera, TX County Courier:  New conservation tool controls properties’ future uses  Mar 24, 2011 Seattle PI:  Judge asked to lift federal protections on wolves  Mar 24, 2011 
  Capital Press Editorial:  Distrust clouds EPA  Mar 24, 2011
Salem Statesman Journal:  Practical, frugal approach to OR's environment  Mar 25, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  International Space Station Scanner Offering New Tools In Monitoring NW Coast, Ocean  Mar 25, 2011  
The Republic:  Alaska Senate resolution seeks lesser regulatory action from feds  Mar 26, 2011 Jim Beers:  How Much Do Wolves Eat?  Mar 30, 2011
Missoula Independent:  What prompted 10 enviro groups to settle on wolves?  Mar 31, 2011
Jim Beers:  Wolves, Roosters & the Constitution  Mar 31, 2011 
Capital Press Guest Opinion:  Proposal threatens progress on water  April 1, 2011
Capital Press:  U.S. House votes to block pesticide permit requirement  April 1, 2011
AP:  Montana Legislature passes bill giving state authority over federal land  April 1, 2011 Natural Resources Defense Council:  GOP-Sponsored Bill Would Bar Groups from Enforcing Our Nation's Environmental Laws  Apr 1, 2011
Washington Examiner Editorial:  Editorial: Don't let Big Green use government to mug taxpayers  Apr 2, 2011 Washington Examiner Editorial:  Secrecy hides taxpayer dollars used in Big Green lawsuits  Apr 3, 2011
AP:  Budget bill removes wolves from endangered list  Apr 9, 2011
Environment News Service Press Release: Federal Budget Deal Strips Protection from Water, Wild Lands, Wolves  Apr 12, 2011 Oregonian:  Making OR farms more (energy) efficient  Apr 13, 2011
New York Times:  EPA tackles environmental justice  Apr 13, 2011 Oregon Rep. Greg Walden:  Statement and release on the inclusion of language in the Continuing Resolution agreement to delist wolves in the western United States  Apr 13, 2011
New York Times:  Budget's Wolf Delisting Opens Pandora's Box of Species Attacks, Enviro Groups Warn  Apr 13, 2011  
New York Times:  Environmental justice initiative offers 'opportunity'  Apr 14, 2011 Jim Beers:  FORECASTING: WOLVES as of 14 April 2011 Apr 15, 2011  Congress Passes Legislation that Returns Wolf Management to State Fish and Game  Apr 14, 2011 The Spokesman Review:  Budget rider gives states wolf control  Apr 14, 2011
Helena Independent Record:  Eco groups vow to watch wolf delisting  Apr 14, 2011 Courthouse News Service:  More Hunting OK'd in National Wildlife Refuges  Apr 14, 2011
Christian Science Monitor:  Budget bill cuts federal wolf protection. Environmentalists howling.  Apr 16, 2011 Detroit Free Press John Dingell: Dean of US House a force behind pro-environment laws  Apr 16, 2011
Idaho State Rep, Phil Hart:  Federal Wolves – State’s Rights  Apr 16, 2011  
Christian Science Monitor:  World water summit: 2 of 3 people will be 'water insecure' by 2025  Apr 18, 2011
Salt Lake Tribune Opinion:  Public Lands - Deal de-funds BLM inventory  Apr 18, 2011
Salt Lake Tribune:  Budget bill deal pushes public land policy back decades  Apr 19, 2011 
Christian Science Monitor:  True cost of budget deal will be paid in blood – of gray wolves  Apr 19, 2011 Chuck Sylvester:  ‘Eco-activists’ vying for resource control  Apr 21, 2011 
San Francisco Chronicle:  Training next generation of environmental stewards  Apr 22, 2011
Capital Press Editorial:  Farmers, ranchers sees EPA 'myths' differently  Apr 28, 2011 Denver Post:  Guest Commentary: World's food supply gap underscores importance of enhancing farm water supplies  Apr 28, 2011
Family Farm Alliance:  April 2011 "Monthly Briefing"  Apr 28, 2011 Los Angeles Times:  President Obama seeks to extend Clean Water Act protections  Apr 28, 2011
Coalition to Govern America:  Inhofe challenges plans for clean-water guidance  Apr 28, 2011   AP:  Wyoming senator calls changes to Clean Water Act a "power grab"  Apr 29, 2011
 Department of the Interior Press Release:  Interior Releases Report Highlighting Impacts of Climate Change to Western Water Resources  Apr 25, 2011 Pasadena Star-News:  New report says climate change likely to make water more scarce  Apr 30, 2011
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:  “Waters of the U.S.” Proposed Guidance  May 2. 2011
Natural News:  EPA, Army Corps draft new Clean Water Act guidelines that threaten to seize control of all water supplies  May 4, 2011 
AP:  Gray wolves go back to state control  May 4, 2011 Field and Stream:  Wolf Delisted: This Time They Got It Right  May 5, 2011
Jim Beers:  Smoke & Mirrors - Obama administration takes wolves off endangered species list  May 5. 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  USFWS Issues Final Rule Removing Montana, Idaho Wolves From ESA List; States Prepare Hunts  May 6, 2011
Committee on Agriculture & Committee on Natural Resources:  Joint Public Hearing to review the Costs of Federal Regulatory Dysfunction to American Jobs, Agriculture, Health & Species  May 3, 2011
NPR:  Grey Wolves Lose Endangered Status, For Good?  May 7, 2011 
Arizona Republic Letter:  Delisting the gray wolf is offensive  May 7, 2011   
Global Animal:  Activists Battle Wolf Delisting, Say It's Illegal  May 9, 2011
Idaho Statesman:  Idaho legislators press state wildlife agency to set wolf population goal  May 10, 2011 Idaho Statesman:  Idaho, Montana now have to prove they can manage wolves well  May 10, 2011
Environmental Law & Policy Alerts:  EPA Guidance Seeks to Clarify Reach of Clean Water Act  May 10, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  More Wolf-killing Legislation Proposed  May 12, 2011 
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Explaining Washington’s Wolves: Federal De-Listed In East, Still State-Listed, Fed-Listed In West  May 13, 2011 
Beef Magazine:  Define Organic And Sustainable To Me  May 17, 2011 
Western Farm Press:  Supreme Court poised to consider EPA pesticide case  May 17, 2011

Huffington Post:  Natural Disasters Could Cost Tens Of Billions In Economic Losses  May 19, 2011 

The Spokesman Review:  Hunters Want 150-Wolf Minimum  May 20, 2011 Twin Falls Times-News:  State firms up wolf-management framework  May 20, 2011
New West:  Wolf Hunting--Popular Misconceptions and Response  May 20, 2011  Frank DuBois:  Rebellion in the states  May 21, 2011
Beverly Eakman:  Why Pupils Need Real Science, Not 'Junk Science'  May 21. 2011
Missoulian:  Debate over how many wolves is enough rages in the West   May 22, 2011
AP:  Farmers, ranchers in the West applaud delisting of wolves   May 22, 2011  GreenAnswers:  Gray Wolf Protection Lifted: Not By Scientific Review  May 24, 2011
Marzulla Law Newsletter:  Federal Circuit Upholds Reclamation Contract Rights Against Government Demands To Reallocate Water  May 25, 2011 Detroit Free Press:  Editorial: Growing wolf population should move past 'endangered' status  May 27, 2011
Jim Beers:  Friends or Foes (Wolves +)  May 27, 2011
Family Farm Alliance:  May Monthly Briefing  May 31, 2011
Jim Beers:  The Silence of the Vets  May 31, 2011
Jim Beers:  Q & A re: Wolves & Tapeworms  June 1, 2011
California Farm Bureau Federation:  End of the Pipeline: Rising water costs lead to uncertain future for farmers  June 1, 2011 Wenatchee World:  WA unveils new wolf plan  June 1, 2011
Los Angeles Times:  Salazar backpedals: Politics stalls wilderness designation, again  June 1, 2011
AP:  Obama abandons wilderness plan  June 2, 2011
Ecotrope:  Conservationists' measured stance on wild lands  June 2, 2011 Capital Press Editorial:  Reveal the invisible price tag  June 3, 2011 
AllVoices:  Efforts underway to grant America's wolves permanent Federal protection  June 4, 2011 Christian Science Monitor:  Wolf wars: Can man and predator coexist in the West?  June 3, 2011
Utah Daily Herald Editorial:  Don't relax on wildlands  June 5, 2011 Denver Post:  Editorial: A fishy reversal on "wild lands" policy  June 5, 2011  
Standard Examiner:  OUR VIEW: Wilderness reversal welcome  June 6, 2011  Fox Business:  Taxpayers Pay People to Sue the US  June 6, 2011
Jim Beers:  Comments on Wolf Working Group Review Draft Alternative 2. Revised Preferred Alternative
Draft Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington  June 6, 2011
Julie Kay Smithson:  New DOI Logo  June 8, 2011 Environmental News Service:  American Rivers Head Tapped for Assistant Secretary Fish, Wildlife and Parks  June 8, 2011   
Jim Beers:  Wolf on the Loose  June 9, 2011
Casper Star-Tribune Opinion:  Congress should create a balanced approach to wilderness  June 10, 2011
Dept of Interior Press Release:  Salazar Takes Next Steps In Push for Bipartisan Wilderness Agenda  June 10, 2011
New York Times:  Interior Chief Promises Major Push in Congress for New Wilderness Package  June 10, 2011
CNS News:  Economic Study Shows EPA Regulations Increase Prices, Kill Jobs  June 10, 2011  Eugene Register-Guard:  Full rivers, dams create abundance of power - high flows making more electricity than consumers can use  June 12, 2011
Los Angeles Times:  Western snowpack: Thick snowpack in the West's high country holds water — and potential peril  June 12, 2011 Idaho Statesman:  Wyoming lawmakers' bills want to cap attorneys' fees in federal lawsuits  June 13, 2011
Op Ed News:  Another Death Nail for Democracy Kills 1700 Endangered Wolves  June 13, 2011 Washington Times:  White House to cut access to half of federal websites  June 13, 2011
York Times-News Editorial:  Time to hold EPA accountable  By Senator Mike Johanns  June 15, 2011
Tom DeWeese:  Attack of the NGOs  June 14, 2011 
Off Road Hub:  U.S. interior secretary launches new plan to designate Wilderness  June 14, 2011
Arizona Republic:  Federal legislation pits environment vs. security  June 15, 2011 New York Times:  Conflict Over Northern Rockies Delisting for Wolves Extends to Pacific Northwest  June 16, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  EDITORIAL: Cooperation trumps blame in efforts to solve depredation  June 16, 2011
Jim Beers:  To The Pro-Wolf Media - Too Clever by Half  June 19, 2011
New York Times:  House Panel Fast-Tracks Bill to Divest EPA of Regulatory Power Over Water  June 22. 2011  New York Times:  EPA warns House bill would 'overturn' clean water law  June 23, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  10-Year Study Of Top Predators In California Current Could Help Develop Ocean Protection Strategies  June 24, 2011  
Spokesman Review:   Wolf's delisting could imperil other species  June 27, 2011
Great Falls Tribune:  Some say delisting wolves sets bad precedent  June 27, 2011 
Human Events:  Disorder at the Border  June 27, 2011  AP:  Opinion varied on wolf management  June 27, 2011
Family Farm Alliance:  June Monthly Briefing  June 29, 2001 
Idaho Mountain Express and Guide:  Scientists: Remove Snake River dams   June 30, 2011   Jim Beers:  Good News, Bad News  June 30, 2011
Dept of Interior Press Release:  Salazar Applauds Senate Confirmation of Daniel M. Ashe as New Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  June 30, 2011 Public News Service:  OR Wolf Bill Eyed in Idaho  June 30, 2011 
The Republic Wolf meeting between Salazar, Ashe, Mead set for Thursday in Cheyenne  July 1, 2011
Jim Beers:  Neither a Lawyer Nor Scientist Be  July 1, 2011
Jim Beers:  To Fish or Cut Bait?  July 2, 2011
Jim Beers:  A Worthy Target - Bond v. U.S.  July 3. 2011
Jim Beers:  Speaking of Species, Speaking of Wolves  July 4, 2011
Jonathan Emord, Attorney:  The Meaning of Independence Day  July 4, 2011
Jim Beers:  Wolves and Deadly Disease  July 5, 2011
U.S. Department of the Interior:  Law Library Spokesman Review:  Fourth breeding wolf pack confirmed in Washington  July 5, 2011
Seattle Times:  Call of the wild: wolves and grizzlies in Washington state  July 6, 2011   House Appropriations Committee:  Appropriations Committee Releases the Fiscal Year 2012 Interior-Environment Appropriations Bill  July 7, 2011
TreeHugger:  DOI Appropriations Bill Is Declaration of War On America Basic  July 7, 2011  The Hill:  Appropriators move bill sending strong ‘message’ to EPA  July 7, 2011
College of William & Mary:  Beijing conference explores property rights on a global scale  July 7, 2011
Jim Beers:  Animal Attacks as Metaphor  July 7, 2011
Sheridan Media:  (Wyoming) Governor and Feds Agree in Principal on Wolf Management  July 8, 2011
Oregonian:  Broad interests voice opinions on ocean policy  July 8, 2011
Jim Beers:  A Propaganda Lesson - Bear Propaganda  July 8, 2011   TreeHugger:   New Wyoming Wolf Management Plan Proposes Killing Half of States' Wolves  July 8, 2011
Natural Resources Defense Council:  Why We Need Judicial Review: The (Newest) Wolf Rider  July 8, 2011 Christian Science Monitor:  South's 'extreme drought' could be felt at supermarkets soon  July 8, 2011
Columbia Basin Herald:  Wolves, other wild critters abound  July 8, 2011 Seattle Times A summer of counting pups and hunting hair  July 8, 2011
Inside Tucson Business:  Tucson: the environmental litigation factory capitol of America  July 8, 2011 New York Times:  An Advocate for Hunters Speaks About Wolves  July 8, 2011  
Brandon Smith:  The Essential Rules Of Liberty  July 6, 2011
Jim Beers:  Promise Her Anything - We Wanted The Moon  July 10, 2011
DC Daily Caller Editorial:  Recent Supreme Court decision a major blow to environmentalists  July 12, 2011 
EPA Statement:  Office of Mgmt. & Budget: Statement of Administration Policy: H.R. 2018 - Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act  July 12, 2011 John Steele Gordon:  Obama: Unneeded Income Belongs to the Government  July 12, 2011   
Politico:  House votes to block EPA on water pollution  July 13, 2011 McClatchy Newspapers:  U.S. House Republicans seek to limit environmental laws   July 14, 2011
Capital Press:  Farm funds sliced by lawmakers  July 14, 2011
NOAA News:   Annual stock report shows steady progress toward rebuilding  July 14, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  USFWS Pacific Region Appoints Assistant Regional Director For Science Applications  July 15, 2011 
Ag Weekly:  Groups Applaud Work to Delist Remaining Wolf Populations  July 15, 2011
Julie Kay Smithson:  Save Our Farmers Fishermen Timberers Ranchers Miners Recreationists Freedom!  July 17, 2011
Western Farm Press:   ESA may force EPA to strengthen pesticide permits  July 18, 2011 USF&WS Press Release:  Gregory Sieckaniec Appointed New Deputy Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  July 20, 2011  
Seattle Times:  Wilderness Awareness School to host a seminar on wolves and wildlife of Washington  July 20, 2011
High Country News:  Ed Bangs looks back at his work on wolves in the West  July 21, 2011 Bloomberg:  Cattle Herd Shrinks to Smallest Since 1973 as Drought Scorches U.S. South  July 23, 2011 
Beef Producer:  Costly, Job Stifling Overregulation Still Top Concern in Rural America  July 21, 2011  Jim Beers:  Science as God  July 23, 2011
Seattle Times:  Biologists confirm a fifth wolf pack in Washington  July 23, 2011 Post & Email:  The Coup d’etat on January 21, 2009 - And why does Congress stand by and do nothing?  July 23, 2011 US House Republicans propose to eliminate migratory bird conservation act  July 25, 2011 
High Country News Globalization captures West's resources  July 26, 2011 AP:  Former Interior secretary criticizes House bill on public lands  July 26, 2011
New York Times:  Wolves Move From Endangered to Hunted in Rural Mont  July 28, 2011
Cattle Network Editorial:  Back to court for western wolves  July 28, 2011
Fast Company:  Hidden In The Budget: The End Of Almost Every Major Environmental Regulation  July 28, 2011
Family Farm Alliance:  July 2011 "Monthly Briefing"  July 29, 2011
H.R. 1581:  Summary: Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011  April 15. 2011 H.R. 1581:  Full Text  April 15. 2011
S. 1087:  The Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act of 2011
Kern Valley Sun:  Wilderness Release Act a 'Great Outdoors Giveaway'  July 28, 2011
Michael LeMieux:  Citizens Protection Act of 2011  Aug 1, 2011 Frosty Wooldridge:  Water: The Next Great Predicament for America  Aug 1, 2011
Spokesman Review:  Idaho wolf seasons set, but drama builds in federal courtroom  Aug 2, 2011   Washington Post:  Obama’s record on the environment  Aug 2, 2011
Washington Post Severe US drought sets another record; costs to US economy upward of $1.5 billion  Aug 2, 2011 Stephen L. Wilmeth:  Border Wilderness and the National Security Threat - Wilderness is Causative  Aug 2, 2000
New York Times:  Senate Democrats Confident They Can Keep Anti-EPA Bills at Bay in Fall  Aug 3, 2011
Spokesman Review:   Judge Rejects Enviros Wolf Lawsuit  Aug 3, 2011 
Jim Beers:  Wolves – Ticks & Disease  Aug 4, 2011  OPB News Ranchers Worried About Compensation Under WA Wolf Plan  Aug 4, 2011
New West Editorial:  What Next for Delisted Wolves?  Aug 4, 2011 Capital Press Editorial:   80 years of 'help' enough  Aug 4, 2011
Oregonian:  Views: Every Oregonian has a stake in water protection  Aug 5, 2011  Jim Beers:  A Debt Reduction Plan  Aug 6, 2011
Agricultural Research Magazine:  Growing Crops and Saving Water in the West  Aug 2011 
New York Times:  Battle Over Delisting Wolves Heads to Federal Appeals Court  Aug 8, 2011 Montreal Gazette:  Wolf cull outrages wildlife groups  Aug 9, 2011
Nature:  US launches eco-network  Aug 10, 2011 National Center for Public Policy Research:  Obama's Wild Lands Will Hasten America's Decline  Aug 10, 2011
Treehugger:  The Fight for Protecting Wolves Heads to San Francisco's Federal Appeals Court  Aug 10, 2011  Courthouse News Service:  Bid to Protect Gray Wolf Heads to 9th Circuit  Aug 11, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Appeal Challenges Congressional Rider That Stripped Wolves of Protection - Groups Call for Expedited Hearing to Halt Wolf Slaughter in the Rockies This Fall  Aug 11, 2011 San Francisco Weekly:  Environmental Groups Fight to Put Gray Wolf Back on Endangered Species List  Aug 12, 2011
Jim Beers:  Ignorant, Naive, or Evil?   Aug 15, 2011
Capital Press:  Administration pushes environmental agenda, member of Congress says  Aug 17, 2011
Field and Stream:  Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior:  Why We Must Race to Conserve our Wild Areas Now   Aug 17, 2011
Natural Resources Defense Council:  Wolf Recovery in the Pacific Northwest   Aug 17, 2011
Capital Press:  Ranchers gets boost in sage grouse protection   Aug 18, 2011
Southwest Farm Press ESA mega-lawsuit could disrupt agriculture nationwide   Aug 18, 2011
Jim Beers:  Real Stimulus  Aug 18, 2011
AP:  New study says species moving north faster than previously thought   Aug 19, 2011
CNS News:  Gov't Paying Farmers, Ranchers $112M to Protect Bird Too Numerous to be Threatened   Aug 19, 2011
Inside Tucson Business:  How much does Center for Biological Diversity receive from taxpayers for litigation?  Aug 18, 2011  Sucker-ing California  Aug 23, 2011
Business World:   Farming overhaul vital for security: UN  Aug 24, 2011  Delta County Independent Letter:  The truth about the Wilderness, Roadless Area Act  Aug 24, 2011
Reuters:  Court denies stay of wolf hunts in Idaho, Montana  Aug 25, 2011
Courthouse News Service:  Eastern Wolf's Territory Labeled as Gray Wolf's  Aug 26, 2011  NW Fishletter:  50-Percent Chance Of Another La Niña This Winter  Aug 26, 2011
Oregonian Editorial:  Punching holes in the concrete  Aug 27, 2011
Spokesman Review:  Washington wolf plan hearing attracts testimony from 75 citizens  Aug 30, 2011  New Scientist:  Grey wolf hunt gets legal backing, again  Sept 1, 2011
NBC Montana:  Wolf Advocates Boycotting Montana Products & Travel  Sept 1, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Study: Wolf Population Increase May Aid Other Threatened Species, Stream Ecosystems  Sept 2, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  California Biologists Say Sea Lions Responsible For Killing Pelicans In San Luis Obispo  Sept 2, 2011 
AP:   Obama halts controversial EPA regulation  Sept 2, 2011
Family Farm Alliance:  Monthly Briefing  Aug 31, 2011
Boise Weekly Fish and Wildlife: Wolves Killing More Idaho Cattle and Sheep  Aug 31, 2011 
StandardNet:  Wolf sightings more common in Northwest  Sept 3. 2011 Washington Times:  PICKET: '05 Kelo decision a failure; CT site remains a dump   Sept 3. 2011
Wall Street Journal:  Can the World Still Feed Itself?   Sept 3. 2011 Jim Beers:  Anatomy of Tyranny  Sept 3, 2011
Jim Beers:  Three Scenarios  Sept 5, 2011
Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund (R-CALF):  EPA Declares Hay a Pollutant in Effort to Antagonize Small and Mid-Sized U.S. Cattle Feeders  Sept 1, 2011
OPB News:  National security trumps environment in proposed US bill Sept 7, 2011
Crosscut:  Can a shaky conservation plan protect WA wolves?  Sept 7, 2011  Indian Country Today Separation of Church and State? Not When Indians are Concerned  Sept 7, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle:  Republicans attack EPA regulations as job killers  Sept 7, 2011  Capital Press:  Protecting food supply a priority  Sept 7, 2011
Idaho Statesman:  Boise hunter bags a brace of wolves  Sept 7, 2011 Voice of America:  Analysts: Southwestern US Drought Might Raise Global Food Prices  Sept 8, 2011
Summit Daily News, Frisco, CO:  Writers on the Range: Save the land by saving the rancher  Sept 8, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Cleaning Up Large Debris In Preparation For Condit Dam Breaching; Reservoir To Empty In 6 Hours   Sept 9, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  USGS’ New Online ‘Decision Support’ Models Aimed At Reducing Excessive Nutrients In Rivers, Estuary  Sept 9, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Innovative Ocean Floats Assist Scientists In Measuring Ocean Acidification Impacts On Marine Life   Sept 9, 2011
Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report:  Homeland Security: Actions Needed to Improve Response to Potential Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters Affecting Food and Agriculture.  GAO-11-652  Aug 19, 2011 Government Accountability Office (GAO) Testimony:  Homeland Security: Challenges for the Food and Agriculture Sector in Responding to Potential Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters, by Lisa Shames, director, natural resources and environment, before the Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia, Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.  GAO-11-946T   Sept 13, 2011
AP:  Government to expand E. coli tests in meat  Sept 13, 2011 OPB News:  As dams come down, a look at new hydropower  Sept 13, 2011
McClatchy Newspapers:  U.S. House bills would require Congress to OK new national monuments  Sept 14, 2011
New Scientist:  Views: Stamp out anti-science in US politics  Sept 15, 2011
Salem-News.Com:  Family Farmers and Ranchers: 'Enough Is Enough' - of Obama Administration  Sept 15, 2011
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California Farm Bureau:  Your Guide to Legislation that Impacts California Family Farmers and Ranchers  Sept 20, 2011  
New York Times:  More Interior Scientists Are Taking Heat  Sept 21, 2011
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NW Fishletter:  La Niña Back Again, Says NOAA  Sept 22, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Study Details Timber Harvest Impacts On Stream Temperatures; Private Lands Warmer  Sept 23, 2011
Salem-News.Com:  Two Imnaha Pack Wolves to be Killed After Another Confirmed Livestock Loss  Sept 23, 2011 Oregonian:  State's largest wolf pack on move around the region as overall wolf numbers fall  Sept 24, 2011
Seattle Post Intelligencer:  Kill order means initial wolf pack may not survive  Sept 26, 2011 Huffington Post:  Commentary on Comments: Wolves, Pipelines, and Dams, Oh My  Sept 26, 2011
Jim Beers:  Two Americas  Sept 27, 2011
American Thinker:  Obama's Interior Chokehold on America  Sept 27, 2011
Fort Worth Star Telegram:  Combs: Federal regulations are too often based on flawed or nonexistent science  Sept 28, 2011  Jim Beers:  An Astonished Old Man  Sept 28, 2011 
The Olympian:  Elwha flows past partly removed dam  Sept 28, 2011 Spokesman Review:  Wolf plan heads wildlife panel's Oct. 6 agenda  Sept 28, 2011
State of Alaska, Office of Governor Sean Parnell:  Alaska Files Brief Supporting Property Rights  Sept 30, 2011
Orange County Register:  Editorial: It didn't pass the smelt test - Judge pushes back on environmental extremism that has cut water to California farmers  Sept 30, 2011
New York Times:  From the Fish and Wildlife Service: Protecting Wolves  Oct 3, 2011  DOI News Release:  Interior Report Assesses Scientific Water-Monitoring and Modeling Systems and Calls for Modernization to Help Sustain Water Supplies - Improvements Needed to Help Water Managers Address Impacts of Climate Change and Other Stressors on Water Resources  Oct 3, 2011
Salt Lake Tribune:  Listeria outbreak confirms need for food-tracking system in the U.S.  Oct 4, 2011 Natural Resources Defense Council:  Of Wolves and Wolf Hunting Season: It's True, and It's Tragic  Oct 4, 2011
High Country News:  Down with the "National Insecurity and Federal Lands Destruction Act"  Oct 5, 2011  
USDA ERS report:  Nitrogen in Ag Systems: Implications for Conservation Policy  Sept 15, 2011 National Journal:  Salazar: Western U.S. Facing Future Water Shortages  Oct 5, 2011  
Bakersfield Californian Letter:  Plenty of protected lands  Oct 5, 2011 Barry R. Clausen, Investigative Journalist:  The High Cost of Environmental Extremism  Oct 7, 2011
Portland Tribune:  OR Gov recommends areas for new wilderness  Oct 12, 2011
Western Farm Press:  CBD deserves its own Rubber Dodo Award  Oct 11, 2011 Energy Facts Weekly:  Raising Electricity Prices Hurts Everyone  Oct 12, 2011
Siskiyou Daily News Letter:  Enviro bashing: It’s more than just sport!  Oct 14, 2011
Sacramento Bee:  Ranchers beef over obstacles to local meat  Oct 16, 2011
Los Angeles Times:  Emergency halt to wolf hunts sought in Montana and Idaho  Oct 17, 2011 Seattle Times:  Field Notes | It took many people to bring down Condit Dam  Oct 18, 2011
High Country News:  Rhetoric around wolves clouds reality  Oct 19, 2011  USDA ERS Charts of Note:  Energy-related expenses vary across crops  Oct 20, 2011
Capital Press:  Students trace food from farm to school  Oct 21, 2011 Capital Press OpEd:  Dire predictions spark conversations but usually fail test of time  Oct 21, 2011
Oregonian:  1st OR republican gets perfect environmental rating  Oct 21, 2011 Crosscut:  There is no such thing as 'pristine wilderness'  Oct 21, 2011
OPB News:  OR, WA in Top 10 states for energy efficiency  Oct 21, 2011 Wall Street Journal:  Farmers Sense End of Big Boom  Oct 22, 2011
AP:  Vilsack outlines needs in 2012 Farm Bill  Oct 24, 2011 Oregonian:  A White Salmon River free of Condit Dam  Oct 24, 2011
Sacramento Bee:  Lewis & Clark Launches World's First Advanced Degree in Animal Law  Oct 24, 2011
The Columbian:   Our View: Business Decision - Wednesday’s scheduled work at Condit Dam was determined by economic factors  Oct 25, 2011 Discover Magazine:  Wolves May Not Need to be Smart to Hunt in Packs  Oct 26, 2011
The Hill:  The high price of EPA regulations  Oct 24, 2011 Voice of America:  US Drought Could Trigger Higher Beef Prices  Oct 28, 2011
Capital Press Deadline looms, but few details emerge on farm bill  Oct 28, 2011  Family Farm Alliance:  October 2011 "Monthly Briefing"  Oct 29, 2011
Stephen L. Wilmeth:  Controlling Nature Legislatively  Oct 29, 2011
Vancouver Sun:   ‘Truth effect’ explains why misinformation spreads  Nov 2, 2011 New York Times:  Corporations on a path to use less water  Nov 2, 2011
Capital Press:  EAJA loophole attacked  Nov 3, 2011
Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D:  FDA and global elites are destroying food supply and farms  Nov 4, 2011 
Jim Beers:  Why They Like Predators  Nov 5, 2011
Seattle,  Oregon's wolf challenge, Washington's future?  Nov 7, 2011
Chuck Baldwin:  HR 1505: Giant Land Grab For The Police State  Nov 3, 2011 NOAA:  October warmer than average in the United States  Nov 8, 2011
Seattle Times:  Views: Ocean acidification is urgent threat  Nov 8, 2011 AP:  New study suggests that 'megadroughts' may be recurring feature in US Southwest  Nov 9, 2011
Eugene Register-Guard:  GUEST VIEWPOINT: Set aside the guns and traps and let the gray wolf recover  Nov 9, 2011 Lee Duigon:  How Pure Crapola Becomes Settled Science  Nov 10, 2011
Money Morning:  Crop-Killing Drought to Push Food Inflation Even Higher  Nov 14, 2011 Julie Kay Smithson Names don't make it so  Nov 15, 2011
Los Angeles Times:  Carl Pope steps down as leader of Sierra Club  Nov 19, 2011 Spokesman Review:  Wolf plan inadequate  Nov 19, 2011
AP:   Courts put huge California water pact in limbo  Nov 20, 2011
Porterville, CA Recorder:  Study finds farmers efficiently use water  Nov 21, 2011
Capital Press:  Future of farm bill up in the air  Nov 23, 2011
Capital Press:  Weather guru predicts normal winter  Nov 23, 2011 Central Valley Business Times:  California voters could be asked to scrap environmental laws  Nov 23, 2011
Baxter Black:  Agriculture touches all of our lives  Nov 24, 2011  Capital Press:  Children connect with agriculture  Nov 25, 2011
Vancouver Sun:  Extreme weather driving up food prices  Nov 26, 2011
Idaho Statesman:  Environmental programs fall victim to budget cuts  Nov 27, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle Algae blooms’ sudden spread stumps scientists  Nov 28, 2011
Tom DeWeese:  An Effective Campaign to Eradicate Poverty  Nov 28, 2011
Capital Press:  Jenson airs wolf bill concept  Nov 29, 2011 New York Times:  Views: Keep the Clean Water Act strong  Nov 29, 2011
NPR:  Complaint Tests Rule Protecting Science From Politics  Nov 29, 2011 Capital Press:  Feds generate most issues, Farm Bureau members told  Nov 30, 2011
Family Farm Alliance:  November Monthly Briefing  Nov 30, 2011  Pacific Institute Report:  Water for Energy: Future Water Needs for Electricity in the Intermountain West  Nov 3, 2011
Capital Press Editorial:  Work continues on farm bill - in open  Dec 1, 2011 
AP:  WA commission approves wolf management plan  Dec 3, 2011
OPB News:  WA Fish & Wildlife OKs Wolf Plan  Dec 3, 2011  Phil Kerpen:  The REINS Act ends unchecked bureaucratic power  Dec 4, 2011
Jim Beers:  Human Life & Predators  Dec 6, 2011
JB Williams:  Is Defense Authorization Act Treasonous?  Dec 6, 2011  
Wolf Crossing:   DNA samples confirm wolves killed Southwest Alaska teacher  Dec 7, 2011   AP:  Court upholds landmark California water pact  Dec 7, 2011
Capital Press:  Wolf plan raises hackles of hunters, ranchers  Dec 8, 2011   Capital Press Editorial:  Ideology cannot feed the world  Dec 8, 2011 
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Washington Adopts Wolf Management Plan; Recovery Objective Set At 15 Breeding Pairs  Dec 9, 2011 Laurie Roth:  Military can arrest and hold US citizens  Dec 9, 2011
Pie N Politics:  How government Destroyed Science in Columbia River Dam  Dec 8, 2011 The Intel Hub:  S.1867 the End of the Constitution and America As We Know It  Dec 8, 2011
Spokesman Review:  Updated: More reaction to adoption of WA wolf plan  Dec 9, 2011
Bellingham Herald:  OUTDOORS: Wolves now have a plan and future  Dec 9, 2011
Attorney Jonathan Emord:  Battlefield America  Dec 12, 2011
Paul McGuire:  I Dreamed of the Future and Woke up Screaming  Dec 12, 2011  Washington Times:  MILLOY: Time to leash Obama's EPA  Dec 12, 2011
Idaho Mountain Express and Guide:  Wolves aren't the problem  Dec 13, 2011
Forbes:  Why Are Indian Reservations So Poor? A Look At The Bottom 1%  Dec 13, 2011 
Oregonian:  What is ‘sustainable consumption?  Dec 14, 2011
Santa Maria Times:  Environmental extremists vs. jobs  Dec 14, 2011 Eric Peters:  We Have Crossed the Rubicon  Dec 15, 2011
Casper Star-Tribune:  Yellowstone wolf research team studies predator vs. prey  Dec 15, 2011 Washington Examiner:  Big Green's endangered species money machine  Dec 15, 2011
Sarah Foster:  Is This the End of the US Constitution?  Dec 15, 2011 The Wildlife News:  “Worst Congress in history” falls short in its efforts to savage our environment  Dec 16, 2011
Salem Statesman Journal:  Senators introduce Oregon wilderness bill  Dec 16, 2011  Wolf suspected in vicious attack on family pet  Dec 20, 2011 
The Hill:  Interior removes wolves in Midwestern states from endangered species list  Dec 21, 2011
Federal News Radio:  Federal websites suffering from lack of consistency, standards  Dec 20, 2011 Washington Post:  How many .gov sites exist? Thousands.  Dec 20, 2011
Sarah Foster:  Congress Approves Presidential Empowerment Bill  Dec 21, 2011  An inconvenient truth is still a truth  Dec 23, 2011
Oregon Public Broadcasting:  Researchers, fishing fleets ready for OR’s first marine reserve  Dec 26, 2011
Devvy Kidd:  Overlooked language in NDAA (H.R. 1540 & S. 1867)  Dec 26, 2011
BLM Press Release:  BLM Issues Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Guidance  Dec 27, 2011 Seattle Times:  The Elwha River transformed  Dec 28, 2011
Pie N Politics:  A country boy can survive!  Dec 28, 2011
Family Farm Alliance:  December 2011 "Monthly Briefing"   Dec 30, 2011  Happy New Year: Obama Signs NDAA, Indefinite Detention Now Law of the Land  Jan 1, 2012  Obama’s Signing Statement on NDAA: I have the power to detain Americans… but I won’t  Jan 1, 2012
Washington Post:  Spaceship Earth: A new view of environmentalism  Jan 1, 2012
AP:  FDA limits some antibiotics in livestock  Jan 3, 2012 High Country News:  Tribes could turn the tables on water control  Dec 30, 2011
Realtor Magazine:  Property Rights at Root of EPA Supreme Court Case  Jan 4, 2012 Jim Beers:  Worshipping Science  Jan 4, 2012
Michael LeMieux:  NDAA Follow-up and Further Treasonous Acts  Jan 4, 2012  Pastor Chuck Baldwin:  Bill of Rights is No More - Americans Now Officially Live Under Military Rule  Jan 5, 2012
Capital Press:  Antibiotics rule jars ranchers  Jan 5, 2012  
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:  News Release: EPA Releases 2010 Toxics Release Inventory National Analysis  Jan 5, 2012  EPA’s dioxin dilemma puts farmers, ranchers in a pickle  Jan 5, 2012 OPB News:   3 breeding pairs, 27 wolves in WA  Jan 6, 2012
Larry Pratt:  (OR) Sheriffs Standing with the People against the Feds  Jan 7, 2012
Bellingham Herald:  Survey finds 3 pairs of breeding wolves  Jan 7, 2012
OPB News:  As farmland prices soar, not just farmers are buying  Jan 9, 2012
San Francisco Chronicle:  Who's afraid of the lone gray wolf? Ranchers, families  Jan 10, 2012
Capital Press:  High court hears landowners complaint against EPA  Jan 10, 2012
Capital Press Letter:  EPA is out of control  Jan 12, 2012  Pastor Chuck Baldwin:  First NDAA; Now Enemy Expatriation Act  Jan 12, 2012 
Wenatchee World:  Wolves confirmed on Colville Indian Reservation  Jan 12, 2012 Coos Bay World:  OR port says no to marine reserves  Jan 13, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Senator Urges Federal, State, Local Response Plan To Tsunami Debris Headed For Northwest Coast  Jan 13, 2012
Global Warming:  Obama's Commerce Secretary Wants Higher Energy Prices  Jan 13, 2012  Sacramento Bee:  California's lone wolf can be tracked online  Jan 13, 2012
AP:  Colville tribe to manage wolves on reservation  Jan 13, 2012 Oregonian:  Obama consolidation plan would bump NOAA's salmon regulators into same department as dam builders  Jan 13, 2012
Science AAAS:  Why NOAA Is in the Commerce Department  Jan 13, 2012
Science Now:  What Would Wiping Out the Commerce Department Mean for Science?  Jan 13, 2012  With a jab at Nixon, Obama proposes moving NOAA to Interior  Jan 13, 2012 Natural Resources Defense Council:  NOAA Protects Salmon in Fresh and Saltwater and We Should Keep it That Way  Jan 14, 2012  
Capital Press:  WA Legislation would regionalize wolf plan  Jan 14, 2012   Jonathan Turley:  The US Is No Longer the Land of the Free  Jan 15, 2012
Devvy Kidd:  36 States Did Not Ratify 17th Amendment - What Will States Do?  Jan 16, 2012 Idaho Mountain Express and Guide:  Wolves do kill people  Jan 17, 2012
Capital Press Editorial:  EPA actions disregard due process  Jan 19, 2012 
House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings:  Guest Opinion: Ocean policy reaches far beyond the sea  Jan 20, 2012 Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D:  All who signed the NDAA bill should be impeached  Jan 20, 2012
Las Vegas Review-Journal:  Forget the landowner -- save the fish!  Jan 22, 2012
OPB News:   Video: The dirt on the Elwha  Jan 22, 2012
Western Farm Press:  EPA hunting bullfrogs with shotgun in Sackett case  Jan 23, 2012 
Jim Beers:  Once Upon a Time - Bamboozling America  Jan 24, 2012 Senator Doug Whitsett's Newsletter:  The United States Constitution  Jan 24, 2012
Deutsche Welle:  World's dams reveal a mixed environmental record  Jan 24, 2012 Grist:  Can healthy food come from unhealthy workers?  Jan 25, 2012  Gray Wolf Management  Jan 25, 2012
OPB News:  EPA chief hosts town hall at UW  Jan 26, 2012
Sacramento Bee:  Viewpoints: Wolf can help us balance our approach to nature  Jan 28, 2012
Jim Beers:  The Happiness of (wolf) Experts  Jan 29, 2012 Family Farm Alliance:  January Monthly Briefing  Jan 30, 2012
Monsters and  Wolves attack, corner residents of Russian town  Jan 31, 2012
Jim Beers:  Catholics & Wolves  Feb 1, 2012 Jim Beers:  Meeting Them Halfway - Compromise, 2012 Style  Feb 2, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Tsunami Debris: If Comes To NW Fall-Winter Will Go North; Spring-Summer Will Land In Oregon, Calif.  Feb 3, 2012 Dennis Cuddy:  The Disarmament of America, Part 3  Feb 6, 2012
Missoulian:  Montana professor creates sensor to track chemical changes in oceans   Feb 11, 2012
Arizona Republic Opinion:  Bray: Agencies to blame for lack of solution for wolf problems  Feb 11, 2012 Washington Post:  Obama weighs environmental rules vs. political cost  Feb 13, 2012
Jim Beers:  Rabies, Wolves & Tyranny  Feb 15, 2012
Idaho Statesman:  Wolf infected with parvovirus killed near Hailey  Feb 15, 2012 Courthouse News Service:  Enviros Raise Alarm on Dam Removals  Feb 16, 2012
Jim Beers:  Local Control of Wolves  Feb 17, 2012
Jim Beers:  Check Your Pockets - Cost?  What Cost?  Feb 18, 2012
Jim Beers:  Wolf "Seasons"   Feb 20, 2012 OPB News:  Goodbye big fish, hello small fish  Feb 20, 2012
Capital Press:  Cougar bill still alive in Oregon Legislature  Feb 20, 2012 JB Williams:  No Constitution = No Union, No Federal Government  Feb 20, 2012   Property rights are under attack again in Oregon  Feb 21, 2012 AP:  Oregon OKs new marine reserves  Feb 22, 2012
Jim Beers:  WSJ & the 800 lb. Gorilla  Feb 22, 2012
Jim Beers:  Letter to the St. Paul (MN) Paper - What Were They Thinking?  Feb 24, 2012
Visalia Times-Delta:  William Tweed: The story of wolves in California not obvious  Feb 24, 2012 Texas Supreme Court:  The Edwards Aquifer Authority and the State of Texas v. Burrell Day and Joel McDaniel 08-0964 - "Groundwater rights are property rights subject to constitutional protection, whatever difficulties may lie in determining adequate compensation for a taking."  Feb 24, 2012
AP:  Tiny delta smelt still provokes water fight in Central Valley  Feb 24, 2012 Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D:  No to NDAA and it's enforcement and NO to forced RFID Chips  Feb 24, 2012
Jim Beers:  An Australian Lesson - A Lesson From "Down Under"  Feb 25, 2012 Jim Beers:  Conversation with a Critic  Feb 26, 2012
Seattle Times:  NW researchers dive deeper into acidification  Feb 28, 2012
Appleton, Wisconsin Post-Crescent:  GAO report: Billions spent on duplicate federal programs  Feb 28, 2012
U.S. Congressman Steven Palazzo Press Release:  Bill Restoring Property Rights Passes in the House  Feb 28, 2012 Twin Falls Times-News:  Idaho potato producer gets federal funds to track spuds from field to table  Feb 29, 2012
Jim Beers:  States "Managing" Wolves  Feb 29, 2012 USDA Press Release:  USDA Unveils the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass - New Web Resource Maps USDA Support for Local and Regional Food Projects, Highlights Business Opportunities for Farmers, Ranchers and Growers  Feb 29, 2012
Capital Press OpEd:  Labor rules choke farms  Mar 1, 2012
Fox News:  UN to propose planetary regulations of water, food  Mar 1, 2012
USDA Press Release:   Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces New Conservation Reserve Program Initiative to Restore Grasslands, Wetlands and Wildlife - Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces New Conservation Reserve Program Initiative to Restore Grasslands, Wetlands and Wildlife  Mar 2, 2012   Barry R. Clausen:  Environmentalists and Government Extremism  Mar 2, 2012
Jim Beers:  Some Wolf Q & A's - A Wolf Dialogue  Mar 2, 2012 Jim Beers:  “Taken” or “Stolen”?  The Difference  Mar 3, 2012
Oregon Natural Resources Report:  House approves fix to “Man-Made Drought” in California  Mar 4, 2012
Washington Examiner:  A big victory for restoring private property rights  Mar 4, 2012
Jim Beers:  Returning Wolves - Clever by Half  Mar 5, 2012 The Hill:  Obama: Conservation boosts economy  Mar 5, 2012
Oklahoma Water Resources Board:  The Role of a General Stream Adjudication  Feb 15, 2012 Jim Beers:  Bye Bye Sheep - Two Baa-mboozlements  Mar 6, 2012
OPB News:  With Condit Dam gone, development plans emerge  Mar 6, 2012 Los Angeles Times:   USFS, BLM could turn some federal lands over to states  Mar 7, 2012
Daily Caller:  Whose land is it?  Mar 7, 2012 USF&WS Press Release:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and State Agencies Release 2011 Annual Report for the Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf Population  Mar 7, 2012
Great Falls Tribune:  Wolf population increases in Northern Rockies under state management  Mar 7, 2012  Idaho Statesman:  Idaho wants federal reimbursement for wolves  Mar 8, 2012
Jim Beers:  Two Myths with Hidden Agendas  Mar 9, 2012
New York Times:  GOP presidential contenders clueless about value of public lands  Mar 9, 2012
Seattle Times:  Elwha River headed back to bed  Mar 12, 2012 
Klamath News & Commentary:  Sustainable Government  Mar 12, 2012 Los Angeles Times:  Free the American West - Get the federal government off public lands that are of no national importance  Mar 7, 2012
Oregonian:  Nearly a quarter of Oregon residents got food aid in January  Mar 12, 2012 NPR:  Record-high food prices boost farmers’ bottom lines  Mar 13, 2012
AP:  US appeals court allows wolf hunts  Mar 14, 2012 Grist:  How high do gas prices have to go?  Mar 14, 2012
Grist:  The only solution to high gas prices — with charts!  Mar 14, 2012 Los Angeles Times:  Free the American West - Get the federal government off public lands that are of no national importance  Mar 7, 2012
Fox News:  Federal appeals court allows wolf hunts to continue  Mar 14, 2012  The Missoulian:  9th Circuit clears amendment that shielded wolf delisting from court review  Mar 14, 2012
OPB News:  Federal Court OKs Removing Federal Wolf Protections  Mar 14, 2012 New York Times:  A reminder that science can override pressure  Mar 15, 2012
AP:  Schools will get to opt out of 'pink slime' beef  Mar 15, 2012 National Geographic:  Are We Running Out of Water?  Mar 15, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Appeals Court Rules Congress Within Its Rights To Amend ESA, De-List Wolves  Mar 16, 2012 House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands Press Release:  Witnesses Call for Increased Public Participation, Transparency in Federal Land Management Decision-Making Process  Mar 12, 2012
High Plains Journal:  Rancher testifies on effects of federal regulations  Mar 16, 2012
White House:  Executive Order: National Defense Resources Preparedness  Mar 17, 2012
National Finance Examiner:  President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources  Mar 17, 2012 The Centrist Point:  Why Did The DHS Just Order 450 Million Rounds Of .40 Caliber Ammunition?  Mar 17, 2012
Info Wars:  UN Environmental Constitution Aims to Establish Repressive Global Governance  Mar 17, 2012 The Columbian:  Dam-olition under way at Condit  Mar 17, 2012
The Kearney Hub:  The high price of not irrigating  Mar 17, 2012 
Jim Beers:  What is it?  Mar 18, 1012
Jim Beers:  You Can't Make This Up - How many hunters will want wolf permits?  Mar 19, 2012 White House:  Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness  Mar 16, 2012
Seattle Times:  Rush of freedom for Elwha as dam comes down  Mar 20, 2012 Seattle Times:  Water — a global and local concern  Mar 20, 2012
AP:  Court sides with Idaho property owners over EPA  Mar 20, 2012 Jim Beers:  Let Them Eat Cake - National Park Service studying possible responses to gray wolf population drop at Isle Royale  Mar 21, 2012 
US Supreme Court Decision:  Sackett v. EPA  Mar 21, 2012
Pacific Legal Foundation Press Release Historic Supreme Court ruling allows the Sacketts to fight EPA takeover of their land  Mar 21, 2012 Washington Times:  EDITORIAL: Ending EPA’s land grab - Supreme Court delivers lesson in humility to arrogant agency  Mar 21, 2012
The American Bar Association:  Alito Concurrence Decries 'Notoriously Unclear' Clean Water Act in Landowner Rights Case  Mar 21, 2012 Washington Times:  OLIVER: Deciding the future of the American West - Ruling on interstate water pacts to determine where economy flourishes  Mar 21, 2012
DC Bureau:  EPA Loses Major Supreme Court Decision on Wetland Enforcement   Mar 22, 2012 Ludwig von Mises Institute:  The Seven Rules of Bureaucracy  Mar 22, 2012
Bloomberg:  US Intelligence Says Water Shortages Threaten Stability  Mar 22, 2012 AP:  Washington state estimates up to 10 wolf packs  Mar 22, 2012 
Oregonian:  Local grocers join "pink slime" exodus  Mar 23, 2012  Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Can Earlier Societies Teach Us How To Manage Highly Productive, Sustainable Fisheries?  Mar 23, 2012 
BusinessWeek:  Wetland? Nah. More Like a Perfect Spot for a Dream Home  Mar 22, 2012 Salt Lake Tribune:  Herbert signs bill demanding feds relinquish lands in Utah - Legislation seeks state takeover of millions of acres of public lands  Mar 23, 2012
Washington Times:  Taming the EPA monster  Mar 23, 2012
Dr. Laurie Roth, Ph.D:  Obama - The American people will win  Mar 24, 2012
Dave Hodges:  Obama's Legalization of Slavery and Systematic Population Reduction  Mar 24, 2012
Sacramento Bee:  California creeks, levees may be next battleground for public access  Mar 25, 2012  Stephen L. Wilmeth:  The Chameleon Paradigm - Breach of Legislative Intent  Mar 25, 2012
NW Fishletter:  Million Dollar Payday For Environmental Attorneys  Mar 27, 2012  Capital Press:  Quality, safety keep U.S. ag products in demand  Mar 28, 2012
Jim Beers:  Moose & Wolves  Mar 28, 2012
Capital Press:  Shallow roots betray misguided environmental movement  Mar 29, 2012  
Capital Press Editorial:  Court restores glimmer of rights  Mar 29, 2012 
Family Farm Alliance:  March 2012 Edition of the "Monthly Briefing"  Mar 31, 2012 Library of Economics and Liberty:  How Property Rights Solve Problems  Apr 2, 2012
U.S. Geological Survey:  Join Citizens and Scientists Tracking the Pulse of Our Planet  Apr 2, 2012     
Attorney Jonathan Emord:  Obama Imposes Martial Law  Apr 2, 2012
USDA ERS:  Major Uses of Land, by Class of Ownership  2002 Investors Business Daily:  Western States Want The Meddling Federal Government To Get Off Of Their Land   Mar 29, 2012
Townhall Magazine:  This Land is... the Government's  Apr 3, 2012
Western Farm Press:  Agroterrorists and Al Qaeda target US agriculture  Apr 5, 2012
Fox Small Business Center:  Tax Tips for Farmers  Apr 6, 2012
Redding Record Searchlight:  Dam-raising threat: Certain wildlife live only around the lake  Apr 7, 2012 
Capital Press:  Ag in the Classroom reaches out to teachers, students  Apr 10, 2012
Mother Jones:  Study: We're Screwed Without Wolves and Bears  Apr 10, 2012 The Daily Caller:  EPA's war on property rights  Apr 10, 2012
Pie N Politics:  Agencies’ dispute threatens water supplies  Apr 11, 2012 Grist:  Evidence links pesticides to honeybee losses  Apr 11, 2012
OPB News:  Researchers: Wolves’ appetite helps plants  Apr 12, 2012
DOI/USBR News Release:  Additional 1.5 Million Megawatt-hours of Renewable Energy Could Be Generated through Hydropower at Existing Reclamation Sites - Newest report shows hydropower generation at canal sites in Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming and other western states could power more than 30,000 homes  Apr 12, 2012  Columbia Basin Bulletin:  New Report Details Potential of Hydropower Generation At Existing Bureau Of Reclamation Canal Sites  Apr 13, 2012 
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Big Water Moving Through Hydro System: Involuntary Spill, Reservoirs Drafted To Prepare For Melt  Apr 13, 2012
San Jose Mercury News:  Wolves Return to California: the Journey Ahead  Apr 17, 2012 Jim Beers:  Wolf Talk in Montana - Where We Go From Here  Apr 18, 2012
Andrew Napolitano:  A Government of Waste  Apr 18, 2012 Indian Country Today:  Interior's Land Consolidation Plan Another 'Disaster' in the Making  Apr 19, 2012
NW Fishletter:  La Niña Now Nada, Say Aussies, As Equatorial Pacific Heats Up  Apr 20, 2012 NW Fishletter:  Treaty Group Wants Columbia River Ops To Favor Power Generation  Apr 20, 2012
Laurie Roth:  America Rise Up!  Apr 20, 2012 AP:  Congress begins uphill battle to pass farm bill  Apr 20, 2012
Fox News:  New federal agency OFR stirs 'Orwellian' fears  Apr 19, 2012 Late Erica Carle:  Who is in Charge of the "New World Order?"  Apr 21, 2012
Daily News Journal:  Property rights in dispute  Apr 21, 2012  Stephen L. Wilmeth:  Government Tyranny  Apr 21, 2012 
Jim Beers:  Four Things I Learned in Montana  Apr 23, 2012  
Seattle Times: On the Elwha, a lunar landscape emerges  Apr 24, 2012
Huffington Post:  Wolves Return to California: The Journey Ahead  Apr 25, 2012
Jim Beers:  Wild Mysteries & Bloated Government  Apr 26, 2012
AP:  Public lands on agenda of governors' meeting in Utah  Apr 26, 2012
U.S. House Committee  on Agriculture Press Release:  House Bill Halts Administration's Power Grab & Expansion of Water Regulation  Apr 27, 2012  Wolf Expert to Discuss the Animal's Re-entry to California  Apr 27, 2012 Peninsula Daily News:  The big muddy: Sediment plume pours out of newly freed Elwha River  Apr 28, 2012
Salt Lake Tribune:  Western governors urge united front on public lands, water issues  Apr 28, 2012  Environmental Restoration Creates Jobs: Dams Coming Down  Apr 30, 2012
AP:  Governors from 4 Western states discussing federal control of public lands  Apr 27, 2012 American Farm Bureau Federation Press Release:  New Bill Would Preserve Clean Water Act  Apr 30, 2012
AP:  USDA sued in Vegas over predator killing program  Apr 30, 2012 Family Farm Alliance:  April 2012 Edition of the "Monthly Briefing"  Apr 30, 2012 
Capital Press:  OSU, UC-Davis form ag economics partnership  May 2, 2012 Jim Beers:  US Senators and Property Rights  May 3, 2012
CBS News:  SciTech La Nina ends: Will drought, hurricanes also go? 2 of 9  May 3, 2012 Jim Beers:  Predators and the Gold Standard  May 4, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Surprising Results: Overall Stream Temperature Trends In NW Don’t Parallel Climate-Related Trends  May 4, 2012  JB Williams:  Why They Still Call Him President  May 4, 2012
Frontpage Magazine:  Obama Administration vs. Tombstone  May 1, 2012  Yes, The Re-Education Camp Manual Does Apply Domestically to U.S. Citizens  May 4, 2012 
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