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Information You Need To Know About -

Wolves in Oregon

Wallowa County Chieftain    Editorial: Time's up for wolves  May 13, 2010 Capital Press:  Another wolf attack reported in Eastern Oregon  May 14, 2010  Attention All States: Prepare to be Sued Over Wolves  July 21, 2010 OPB:  Wolf-Watching Range Rider Quits  Sept 16, 2010
Capital Press:  Cattlemen: Relax wolf protections  Sept 17, 2010 Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Press Release:  Fish and Wildlife Commission to consider wolf plan, mandatory hunter orange, and 2011 Big Game Regulations  Sept 21, 2010
Capital Press:  Wolves kill 10th calf in Oregon  Sept 30, 2010 Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Press Release:  Commission adopts updated Wolf Plan  Oct 1, 2010
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Commission revises Oregon Wolf Management Plan  Oct 2, 2010 myCentralOregon:  Wolf Killed In NE Oregon  Oct 6, 2010
Casper Star-Tribune Opinion:  Don't expect Congress to delist wolves  Oct 6, 2010 OPB News:  Male Wolf Found Dead In Northeastern Oregon  Oct 6, 2010
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  Reward Offered in Wolf Shooting  Oct 8, 2010  Conservation bounty: $10000 offered for info on wolf killing  Oct 9, 2010
The Spokesman Review:  $10000 in rewards offered in killing of Ore. wolf  Oct 9, 2010 Wallowa County Chieftain:  Feds probe wolf killing as ranchers struggle  Oct 15, 2010
Albany Democrat Herald:  Mailbag: Wolves vs. ranchers  Oct 17, 2010 Oregonian:  On wolves, Oregon has a chance to get it right  Dec 14, 2010
Capital Press Editorial:  ESA lawsuit aids lawyers, not wolves  Dec 29, 2010  The Oregon Catalyst:  Living with Wolves and No Right of Protection  Jan 3, 2011
Oregonian:  The debate over Oregon wolves spills into what to call them: gray wolves or Canadian gray wolves  Jan 16, 2011 Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife Press Release:  Gray Wolves and Cougars Topic of Presentation on Feb. 16 in Portland  Jan 19, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  ODFW Says Imnaha Wolf Pack May Have Increased By Six Pups In 2010  Jan 21, 2011  East Oregonian:  Wolf pack confirmed in Umatilla County  Jan 31, 2011
Seattle PI:  Endangered gray wolf starts Oregon migration  Feb 1, 2011 McClatchy Washington Bureau:  Lawmakers aim to delist gray wolves as endangered  Feb 2, 2011
Oregonian:  Budget bill would lift wolf protections in West  Feb 14, 2011 The Spokesman Review:  Wolf de-listing bill on fast-track in DC  Feb 15, 2011
Pacific Legal Foundation Press Release:  Suit seeks review of gray wolf's status, as required by law and sound science  Feb 16, 2011 Senator Doug Whitsett's Newsletter:  Wolves  Feb 18, 2011
Wallowa County Chieftain:  Wolves at the door in Oregon  Feb 24, 2011 East Oregonian:  Wolves may be in parts of area  Feb 28, 2011
East Oregonian:  Electrified, flagged fencing installed to deter wolves  Feb 28, 2011 The Republic:  Ore. wildlife biologists collar 3 more wolves in NE Oregon's Imnaha pack  Mar 1, 2011
Seattle Times:  Wolf from Ore. pack fitted with collar found dead  Mar 2, 2011  Oregonian:  NW Environmental news: Wallowa County wolf found dead  Mar 3, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  More Imnaha Wolves Collared, Pack Count Now At 14; One Wolf Found Dead March 1  Mar 4, 2011  Salem Statesman Journal:  Former wolf hunter turns advocate in new book  Mar 5, 2011
NBC Montana:  MT Speaker Urges Congress To Remove Wolf From Endangered Species Act  Mar 5, 2011 Medford Mail Tribune:  Cattle ranchers' concerns: water, wolves, public lands  Mar 10, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Anti-wolf protest marches to ODFW headquarters  Mar 11, 2011 Oregonian:  Dozens of protesters make stand in La Grande against wolves  Mar 11, 2011
East Oregonian:  Commissioners approve wolf predation compensation plan  Mar 14, 2011 East Oregonian:  CALF will compensate for wolf damage  Mar 15, 2011
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Cause of Imnaha wolf's death unclear  Mar 16, 2011 OPB News:  ODFW Unable To Determine Wolf's Cause Of Deat  Mar 16, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Salem next target in (wolf) protest  Mar 17, 2011 Capital Press:  Wolf bills on agenda  Mar 24, 2011
AP:  (Oregon) Ranches seek right to shoot wolves  Mar 29, 2011 Oregon Natural Resources Report:  Wolf bills get hearing in Ore. Legislature on Wednesday  Mar 29, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Anti-wolf group taking message to Salem  Mar 30, 2011 Statesman Journal:  Testimony heard on wolf debate  Mar 30, 2011
Oregonian:  Ore. ranchers want compensation from wolf damage  Mar 31, 2011 OPB News:  Cattlemen Seek Solutions In Face Of Wolves' Return  Mar 31, 2011 
Oregonian:  On wolves, legislative overkill  Mar 31, 2011
Capital Press:  Ranchers pack Capitol for wolf bills  Mar 31, 2011 Capital Press Editorial:  ESA fleeces America for wolves  April 1, 2011
East Oregonian:  Cattlemen pack wolf hearing  Apr 1, 2011 Seattle Times:  Groups ask Congress to steer clear on wolves  Apr 4, 2011
Eugene Register-Guard:  Wolves in the crosshairs  Apr 5, 2011
Oregonian Opinion:  Learning to live with wolves  Apr 6, 2011 Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Protesters call for wolf eradication in Oregon  Apr 6, 2011
Hermiston Herald:  Ranchers speak their piece on wolves  Apr 8, 2011  Blue Mountain Eagle Local rancher urges county to step up predator control  Apr 8, 2011  
OPB News:  Wolves Face Delisting As Part Of Federal Budget Battle  Apr 12, 2011 New York Times:  Congress, in a 1st, removes wolves from ESA  Apr 12, 2011
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Editorial: Hearings shine spotlight on wolf concerns  Apr 13, 2011 Capital Press Editorial:  States' futures hang on management of packs  Apr 14, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Local advocate testifies about wolf status in EO  Apr 14, 2011 Oregon Natural Resources Report:  Congressman Walden on gray wolf de-listing  Apr 20, 2011
Capital Press Editorial:  Wolves meet political destiny  Apr 21, 2011 Wallowa County Chieftain:  EDITORIAL: Idaho provides cautionary tale  Apr 21, 2011
Oregonian:  What the federal delisting for wolves means for Oregon's packs, ranchers  Apr 22, 2011 Oregonian Opinion:  What the wolf bill says about politics in Oregon Legislature  Apr 23, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Wolf kill 'probable' near Crow Creek Road  Apr 28, 2011   Capital Press Letter:  Killing wolf saved livestock  Apr 28, 2011 
Wallowa Valley Online: Calf Kill near Joseph Confirmed as Wolf Depredation  May 2, 2011  Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Lawsuit Filed to Stop Unlawful Killing of Endangered Wolves in Oregon  May 3, 2011 
AP:  Conservationists challenge plan to kill Ore wolves  May 4, 2011  OPB News:  Conservation Groups Sue To Stop Wolf Killing  May 5, 2011
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  Calf Kill near Joseph [Oregon] Confirmed as Wolf Depredation - Chronic Situation Warrants Move to Lethal Control  May 2. 2011 Courthouse News Service:  Groups Fight to Save Oregon Wolves  May 4, 2011
OPB News:  Q&A: Wolves Off The Endangered List In Eastern Oregon And Washington  May 4, 2011 Mid Columbia Tri City Herald:  Feds say they will review gray wolf status in NW  May 5, 2011
ODFW News:  ODFW to kill two wolves in response to repeated livestock losses  May 5, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  ODFW To Kill Two Wolves From Imnaha Pack After Repeated Livestock Losses  May 6, 2011  NE Oregon Wolves To Be Killed  May 6, 2011  AP:  Oregon issues wolf-kill permits to 8 Oregon ranchers  May 11, 2011
Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife Press Release:  Wolf killed in Wallowa County in effort to reduce livestock losses  May 17, 2011  OPB News:  ODFW Officials Kill Second Wolf In Wallowa County  May 19, 2011
Statesman Journal:  Wolf symposium is June 4 in Portland  May 19, 2011 Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife Press Release:  Imnaha alpha male wolf re-collared  May 19, 2011 
Ecotrope:  Meet the alpha male of the Imnaha wolf pack  May 23, 2011 Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife Press Release:  ODFW may kill additional wolf from Imnaha pack: Livestock loss confirmed as wolf-caused  June 6, 2011
Oregonian Oregon plans to kill third wolf after weekend calf death  June 6, 2011 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Wildlife Advocates Call on State to Suspend Wolf Killing, Prioritize Recovery  June 6, 2011
OPB News:  Keeping tabs on wolves  June 9, 2011 KTVZ Groups Challenge E. Oregon Wolf Deaths  June 14, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Wolf compensation moving forward  June 16, 2011 Blue Mountain Eagle:  Wolf compensation bill moves to House floor  June 21, 2011
AP:  Ore. House votes to pay ranchers for wolf kills  June 22. 2011 Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Letter: Unconstitutional  June 23. 2011
AP:  Governor praises Ore. wolf compensation bill  June 24, 2011 Chinook Observer:  Growing wolf numbers threaten elk populations  June 28, 2011 
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  COMMENTARY: Falsehoods mar debate on wolves   June 30, 2011 Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Wolf comp bill passes  June 30, 2011
Eugene Register-Guard:  A good session for wolves  July 5, 2011 Oregon Public Broadcasting:  Oregon to pay ranchers for wolf predation  Aug 3, 2011
OPB News:  Governor Kitzhaber Signs Oregon Wolf Compensation Bill  Aug 3, 2011 ODF&W Press Release:  Pup for Imnaha wolf pack, other members leave for Idaho and Wheeler County  Aug 8, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  'Unknown' predator cited in another kill  Aug 11, 2011 Wallowa County Cheiftain:  County officials say ODFW's cattle death investigations fall short  Aug 11, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain Two Imnaha pack wolves disperse  Aug 11, 2011 Capital Press Letter:  Wolves don't have seniority  Aug 11, 2011
East Oregonian:  Wallowa wolf tracked all the way to Fossil Aug 15, 2011 ODFW News:  Walla Walla wolves and new wolf seen on trail camera footage  Aug 22, 2011
East Oregonian:  Three new wolves spotted in Umatilla County  Aug 22, 2011 AP:  Northwest ranchers uneasy living among wolves  Sept 10, 2011
OPB News:  Ranchers Skeptical Over Wolf Compensation Program  Sept 12, 2011 OPB News:  Who should decide if wolves are the culprits?  Sept 19, 2011
OPB News:  ODFW Will Winnow Wolf Pack Down To Two  Sept 24, 2011 OPB News:  State Will Kill More Wolves After Livestock Losses  Sept 26, 2011
Albany Democrat Herald:  Editorial: Oregon's wild wolf policy  Sept 27, 2011 Salem-News.Com:  Pups for Walla Walla Wolf Pack of Northern Umatilla County  Sept 27, 2011
Oregonian Editorial:  Howls aside, stick to the wolf plan  Sept 27, 2011 Statesman Journal:  Animal rights protesters block ODFW building  Sept 27, 2011
AP:  Police arrest 2 protesters of plan to kill wolves  Sept 27, 2011 East Oregonian:  Population of wolves drops, but packs are expanding  Sept 28, 2011
East Oregonian:  OSU scientist argues wolves are a key to healthy habitat  Sept 28, 2011  Register-Guard:  EDITORIAL: Wolves under fire  Sept 29, 2011
Oregonian:  Oregon's wolf population: Agency puts politics ahead of conservation  Sept 30, 2011‎ Oregonian:  Hunters asked to report (only) wolf sightings in Oregon  Oct 1, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Wolf population dropping despite packs' expansion  Oct 5, 2011 Oregonian:  Court orders state to halt hunt for two wolves of Imnaha pack in NE Oregon  Oct 6, 2011
East Oregonian:  Wildlife groups file to stop wolf kill  Oct 6, 2011 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Court Stays Execution of Two Oregon Wolves  Oct 6, 2011
Statesman Journal:  Wolves still alive in Oregon when orders to hold off killing them issued  Oct 6, 2011  AP:  State biologists fire at wolf, but miss  Oct 8, 2011
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Lone wolf roams into Strawberry Mountains  Oct 11, 2011  Statesman Journal:  Balance must be found with growing wolf population  Oct 12, 2011
Petside:  Help Save Oregon's Gray Wolves  Oct 12, 2011 OPB News:  Oregon officials confirm another wolf depredation  Oct 12, 2011
Crosscut:  Oregon's wolves: still facing a firing squad?‎  Oct 13, 2011 La Grande Observer:  Death of 550-pound calf southeast of Joseph confirmed as wolf kill  Oct 13, 2011
East Oregonian:  Wolves kill another calf as appeals continue  Oct 13, 2011 East Oregonian:  Court ruling allows wolf hunt  Oct 19, 2011 
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Eastern Oregon counties back plan to kill 2 wolves  Oct 20, 2011 East Oregonian:  Umatilla County stands behind wolf kills  Oct 20, 2011 
Oregonian:  Wolf recovery: Reducing conflict and conserving Oregon wildlife  Oct 22, 2011 ODFW News:  New wolf pack in Snake River Unit; Walla Walla wolf collared  Oct 24, 2011
The Wildlife News:  Another Oregon wolf pack!  Oct 24, 2011 La Grande, OR KTVZ:  Two Wolves Migrate to Central Oregon  Oct 24, 2011  
East Oregonian:  First Walla Walla wolf caught and collared  Oct 25, 2011 Oregon Natural Resources Report:  New wolf pack activity in NE Oregon area  Oct 25, 2011
Eugene Register-Guard Oregon has new wolf pack in Snake River country  Oct 26, 2011 Blue Mountain Eagle:  State argues wolf kills will help pack  Oct 27, 2011
Bend Bulletin:  Hunters support killing of wolves  Oct 27, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  ODFW Says New Wolf Pack In Northeast Oregon; 23 Wolves Now Known Minimum Number  Oct 28, 2011 
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  State argues killing wolves aids wolf recovery  Oct 28, 2011 East Oregonian:  State too quick to kill wolves, groups say  Oct 28, 2011
The Wildlife News:  NE Oregon . . . get friendly with wolf watchers and lose your property rights  Oct 31, 2011
Medford Mail Tribune:  Migrating wolf enters southwest Oregon  Oct 31, 2011 OPB News:  Gray Wolf Tracked To Southwest Oregon  Nov 1, 2011
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Counties weigh in on wolf kills  Nov 1, 2011 Eugene Register-Guard:  Wolf crosses Cascades into Western Oregon  Nov 2, 2011
Medford Mail Tribune:  Journey of a lone wolf nears Jackson County  Nov 2, 2011  Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Nine counties make case for killing wolves  Nov 2, 2011
Medford Mail Tribune:  On the trail of the wolf known as OR-7  Nov 6, 2011 Blue Mountain Eagle:  Cattlemen back wolf kill order  Nov 8, 2011 
AP:  Hunters groups support Oregon order to shoot wolves  Nov 8, 2011 Wildlife News:  News about Oregon wolves  Nov 8, 2011
Oregonian:  Oregon order to shoot wolves backed by three hunters groups  Nov 8, 2011 AP:  Oregon wolf treks 280 miles, headed toward California  Nov 9, 2011
Sacramento Bee:  Ore. wolf hits Klamath County, 280 miles from home  Nov 9, 2011 Idaho Statesman:  Wolf makes a name for himself in Oregon  Nov 11, 2011 
Medford Mail Tribune:  Region's lone wolf OR-7 might receive a new name  Nov 11, 2011  Oregon Wild Launches 'Name the Wolf' Contest  Nov 10, 2011 
Medford Mail Tribune:   Are wolves a worry?  Nov 12, 2011 Statesman Journal:  Readers chime in on wolves in Oregon  Nov 13, 2011
Medford Mail Tribune:  Wolf crosses into Jackson County  Nov 14, 2011 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Court Extends Ban on Killing Oregon's Endangered Wolves  Nov 15, 2011
Seattle PI:  Court stays kill order for cattle-killing wolves  Nov 15, 2011 Ontario Argus Observer:  Ranchers advised on dealing with wolves at meeting  Nov 15, 2011
East Oregonian:  Cattlemen appreciate commissioners' action  Nov 16, 2011 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Court Extends Ban on Killing Oregon's Endangered Wolves  Nov 16, 2011
East Oregonian:  Stay on wolf kills holds up  Nov 16, 2011 Blue Mountain Eagle:  County ordinance no match for wolves  Nov 22, 2011
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Stay on wolf kills holds up  Nov 22, 2011 AP:  Wandering wolf inspires hope and dread  Nov 26, 2011 
Metro:  Lone wolf outfoxes hunters in 1000km quest for mate  Nov 28, 2011 Bend Bulletin:  "Wolf's search for love, independence has attracted public's affection, scorn"  Nov 29, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Imnaha wolves strike again  Nov 29, 2011 OPB News:  Imnaha Wolves Strike Again  Nov 30, 2011
Capital Press:  Wolf plan leaves all sides on edge  Dec 1, 2011  Herald and News:  Wolves are not what they have been made out to be  Dec 4, 2011
Medford Mail Tribune:  OR-7 now a media sensation  Dec 4, 2011 Blue Mountain Eagle:  Wolf meeting coming up in John Day  Dec 6, 2011
Sacramento Bee:  Will cry of the wolf return to California?  Dec 10, 2011 Teri Murrison:  Bee Asks: Wolves in California? Count on it  Dec 11, 2011 
Oregonian:  OR-7 -- Oregon's wandering wolf -- captures imagination of worldwide audience  Dec 11, 2011 Oregonian:  Wolves in Imnaha pack kill cow in Wallowa County east of Joseph  Dec 13, 2011
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Integrating a new predator  Dec 14, 2011 Oregonian:  Oregon wolves kill second cow this week, say state wildlife officials  Dec 14, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Ranchers say ODFW too hesitant to call wolf kill  Dec 14, 2011 East Oregonian:  Ranchers keep right to shoot killer wolves  Dec 14, 2011
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Grant County ranchers contemplate living with wolves  Dec 15, 2011 Redding Record-Searchlight:  Male wolf could remain in Oregon  Dec 17, 2011 
Contra Costa Times:  Lone wolf wanders near California border; last known wolf in state killed in 1924  Dec 17, 2011 East Oregonian:  Wolf warning  Dec 17, 2011
Medford Mail Tribune:  On the trail of OR-7  Dec 18, 2011 Oregonian:  Celebrity wolf OR-7 leaves big tracks, but keeps out of view near Crater Lake  Dec 18, 2011
Albany Democrat Herald:  Editorial: The wolf story turns hi-tech  Dec 19, 2011 Oregonian:  Conservation groups protest Wallowa County's wolf compensation committee  Dec 20, 2011
Oregonian:  Good wolf, bad wolf  Dec 20, 2011 AP:  Balancing wolves and livestock in Oregon - Cattle rancher is point man in the field  Dec 20, 2011
Redding Record-Searchlight:  Editorial: State has little time to prepare for wolves' return  Dec 20, 2011 Oregonian:  Rename OR-7: 5 finalists for Oregon's wandering wolf, and some also-rans  Dec 21, 2011
Eugene Register-Guard:  Wolf lacks mate, but closes in on name  Dec 21, 2011 Redding Record-Searchlight:  Wolf sightings -- experts are skeptical  Dec 22, 2011
ODFW:  Monthly Wolf Program Update  Nov 2011 Upper Rogue Independent:  Wolf spotted: Hwy. 140 and Meridian  Dec 23, 2011
OPB News:  Imnaha Wolf Gains Big, Bad Reputation  Dec 23, 2011 San Jose Mercury News:  Lone wolf knocking on Calif's door would be first  Dec 23, 2011
Los Angeles Times:  A lone wolf heralds the return of a mythic predator  Dec 24, 2011 AP:  Lone wolf a symbol of hope for species  Dec 24, 2011
Capital Press:  (Oregon) Wolf fund frozen, at least for now  Dec 26, 2011
Oregonian:  Camera captures new wolf pup, bringing Oregon's wolf population to 25  Dec 27, 2011
OPB News:  Wolf pack issues birth announcement via trail camera  Dec 28, 2011 East Oregonian:  Perspectives: A rancher's view on wolves  Dec 26, 2011
East Oregonian:  Perspectives: An environmentalist's view on wolves  Dec 26, 2011 East Oregonian:  Oregon offers prime wolf habitat  Dec 26, 2011 
East Oregonian:  Tribes formulate wolf policy  Dec 26, 2011 Wildlife News:  At year's end 25 wolves in Oregon  Dec 28, 2011
Herald and News:  OR-7 puts area ranchers on edge - Should wolf predate livestock, Klamath County producers have little recourse under law  Dec 29, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  After 85-year Absence, Wolves Return to California  Dec 29, 2011  Oregonian:  OR-7 heads into California -- the first wolf to return to the Golden State since 1924  Dec 29, 2011
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Former Imnaha pack wolf OR-7 enters California  Dec 29, 2011  OPB News:  Oregon's Wandering Wolf Moves Into California  Dec 30, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle:  Wolf's entry into Calif. major environmental step  Dec 30, 2011
KCRA Sacramento:  Ranchers Watch Wolf's Return With Wary Eye   Dec 30, 2011
San Francisco Chronicle:  Welcome back, wolves?   Dec 30, 2011
Los Angeles Times:  Gray wolf in the Golden State  Jan 1, 2012
Ashland Daily Tidings:  Photo of wolf 'likely' is OR-7, officials confirm  Jan 3, 2012  Capital Press:  Panel backs state biologists on wolf kill investigations  Jan 3, 2012
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Perspective: The rancher  Jan 4, 2012 Blue Mountain Eagle:  Perspective: The wolf advocate  Jan 4, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain Tribes only want wolves that are self-directed  Jan 4, 2012 Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Research: wolves beneficial to landscape  Jan 4, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Former Imnaha pack wolf OR-7 enters California  Jan 4, 2012 KVAL, Eugene:  Wandering wolf subject of protection campaigns  Jan 4, 2012
Sacramento Bee:  Lone wolf causes stir as it stays in California's far north  Jan 4, 2012 Oregonian:  ‘Journey’ new name for OR’s wandering wolf  Jan 5, 2012 
Capital Press:  Debate on wolves depends on facts  Jan 5, 2012 Capital Press:  Ranchers do their part in wolf management plan, officials say  Jan 6, 2012
Medford Mail Tribune:  Wolf bill is too complex  Jan 6, 2012 Redding Record-Searchlight:  Wolf stays the night in Shasta County  Jan 6, 2012
Redding Record-Searchlight:  Wolf on the move but staying in Shasta County  Jan 8, 2012 Redding Record-Searchlight:  Editorial: Lone wolf means little, but signals what is to come  Jan 8, 2012
The Republic:  As wolves approach central Oregon, a debate ensues  Jan 8, 2012 NBC Montana:  Wolf Arrival Sparks Debate In Central Oregon  Jan 8, 2012
OPB News:  Wolves Kill First Livestock Of Year East Of Joseph  Jan 11, 2012  San Francisco Chronicle:  Wolf update: He's in Lassen County  Jan 11, 2012
San Francisco Chronicle:  Gray wolf moving east in northeastern Calif.  Jan 12, 2012  Capital Press Letter:  Wolf celebrity not Hollywood variety  Jan 12, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News Letter Armstrong should educate herself about wolves  Jan 12, 2012
Medford Mail Tribune:   OR-7 may be looking for love in wrong places  Jan 15, 2012 Press Release:  California Welcomes Wild Wolf for First time in 87 Years  Jan 18, 2012 AP:  OR wildlife officials think wolves killed mule  Jan 18, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Wolves kill mule east of Joseph  Jan 18, 2012 OPB News:  Track Oregon's Wandering Wolf In California... Online  Jan 18, 2012
OPB News:  A tax credit for wolf kills in OR?  Jan 19, 2012  La Grande Observer:  Wolves and compensation - Ranchers won't be reimbursed for wolf-caused livestock losses until state releases frozen funds  Jan 19, 2012
East Oregonian:  Wolves 'probable' cause in mule death  Jan 20, 2012
ODF&W:  December 2011 Wolf Update  Jan 24, 2012
LA Observed:  Wolf OR7 still in California and moving fast  Jan 24, 2012  Sacramento Bee:  Wandering wolf OR7 tracked in same area as California's last wild wolf, in 1924  Jan 24, 2012
NBC Bay Area:  Cali's Lone Wild Wolf Stops Wandering  Jan 25, 2012  Sacramento Bee:  Experts weigh in on wolf's journey into California  Jan 25, 2012
Capital Press Letter:  Most Californians welcome wolves  Jan 26, 2012 Capital Press Letter:  Wolves should be relocated  Jan 26, 2012
Capital Press:  Wolf issues raise hackles in session  Jan 26, 2012
Oregonian:   Wolves: The view from the ranch  Jan 29, 2012
San Jose Mercury News:  Wolf apparently gives up search for mate in Nev.  Jan 29, 2012 
The Wildlife News:  Time Magazine does a feature on wolf OR7, “Journey”  Jan 30, 2012 AP:  Bill would make it easier to kill Ore. wolves  Feb 1, 2012
Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife:  January 2012 Wolf Update  Feb 4, 2012
Eugene Register-Guard:  EDITORIAL: Kill anti-wolf legislation  Feb 4, 2012
Summit County Citizens Voice:  Oregon ranchers declare war on wolves  Feb 5, 2012
Capital Press:  Clem expects wolf bills to clear House (OR)  Feb 6, 2012
East Oregonian:  Wolf collar fails on Imnaha's alpha male  Feb 7, 2012
Capital Press:  OR Committee backs tax credit for livestock losses  Feb 9, 2012
East Oregonian:  Wallowa seeks $30000 from wolf fund  Feb 9, 2012 Salem Statesman Journal:  We need to find a balance in living with wolves  Feb 9, 2012
Oregonian:  Male wolf OR-9 from Imnaha pack killed by Idaho hunter with expired tag  Feb 10, 2012 Capital Press:  (OR) Wildlife official believes state has authority to kill wolves  Feb 10, 2012
Capital Press:  (OR) Wolf bill meets opposition  Feb 10, 2012 Redding Record-Searchlight:  Wild wolf returns to Shasta County  Feb 13, 2012
Capital Press:  Wolf 'caught-in-the-act' permits ineffective, ranchers say  Feb 13, 2012  News Radio 1310 KLIX:  Otter to Oregon Gov: Have Some More Wolves  Feb 13, 2012
Washington Times Idaho gives Oregon 'apology,' gets no snarling over wolf  Feb 14, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  CHIEFTAIN: Wolf comp pie can't meet counties' needs  Feb 15, 2012
East Oregonian:  (Grant) County applies for wolf funding  Feb 15, 2012
Capital Press:  (OR) Committee backs tax credit for predator losses  Feb 16, 2012
Redding Record-Searchlight:  Rancher claims wolf living in Shasta County killed his cattle  Feb 16, 2012 La Grande Observer:  Bill to allow wolf-killing heads to House vote  Feb 17, 2012
Oregonian:  Oregon House passes bill to ease killing wolves that attack cattle  Feb 17, 2012 Salem Statesman Journal:  State House votes to ease killing of Oregon wolves  Feb 17, 2012
East Oregonian:  House votes: Two wolves can be killed  Feb 17, 2012 BlueOregon:  Why the rush to kill endangered wolves?  Feb 17, 2012
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Wolf Program Update:  January 2012 Wolf Update  Feb 18, 2012 Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Wolf Program:  2011 Annual Report – Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan  Feb 18, 2012 
Ontario Argus Observer:  Bill clarifies Oregon's wolf plan  Feb 19, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News:  Gray wolf back in Siskiyou County  Feb 21, 2012
Medford Mail Tribune:  Wolf may return to Oregon  Feb 21, 2012
Oregonians for Food and Shelter:  Action needed on HB 4158-A   Feb 22, 2012
Oregonian:  Oregon watches Idaho experience as wolves reduce elk population  Feb 24, 2012 Capital Press:  Wolf tax credit bill clears Ways and Means subcommittee  Feb 24, 2012
KTVB:  Oregon congressman talks wolves, economy, cyber attack on US  Feb 24, 2012  Bend Bulletin:  Wolf returns close to Oregon border  Feb 25, 2012
Sacramento Bee:  Wandering wolf's trek brings him close to Oregon  Feb 25, 2012  San Francisco Chronicle Lone wolf's arrival leads to protection petition  Feb 27, 2012
 P:  Wildlife groups ask for Calif. wolf protections  Feb 27, 2012 Los Angeles Times:  California wolf trek shows importance of wilderness  Feb 28, 2012  California's last gray wolf may spark plan for recovery  Feb 28, 2012  California's last gray wolf may spark plan for recovery  Feb 28, 2012
Portland Tribune:  Mapping the journey of Journey the celebrity wolf  Feb 28, 2012   La Grande Observer:  Oregon wildlife managers eye impact of wolves on Idaho elk ranks  Feb 28, 2012
The Republic:  Ore. Legislature backs wolf bill, but deal on big-ticket legislation elusive  Feb 29, 2012 Oregonian:  Oregon ranchers could get tax credit for livestock killed by wolves  Feb 29, 2012
Huffington Post:  It's Time to Return Wolves to the West Coast  Feb 29, 2012
CA Fish and Game Press Release:  Wolf OR-7 returns to Oregon  Mar 2, 2012 
ODFW News Release:  Wolf OR7 crossed back into Oregon March 1  Mar 2, 2012 
Oregonian:  OR-7 returns to Oregon apparently still looking for love  Mar 2, 2012 Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Far-journeying OR-7 crosses back into Oregon  Mar 2, 2012 
Capital Press:  Oregon Legislature approves tax credit bill for livestock killed by wolves  Mar 3, 2012
Jim Beers:  Witty Comments on a Facetious Article  Mar 3, 2012
Oregon Catalyst:  The Wild Gray Wolf―No Romance for Oregon Ranchers  Mar 3, 2012  La Grande Observer:  Wolves in Oregon: Bigger, badder than before?  Mar 5, 2012
La Grande Observer:  Ranchers closer to being compensated for wolf-kill losses  Mar 5, 2012  Redding Record-Searchlight:  Wild wolf back in California   Mar 5, 2012
Sacramento Bee:  Wolf OR-7 wandering back and forth across border  Mar 6, 2012 Capital Press:  Calif. cattlemen want seat at the table on wolf plans  Mar 9, 2012 
Capital Press:  ODFW confirms wolf depredation  Mar 9, 2012  East Oregonian:  Wolf pack accused of calf attack  Mar 10, 2012 
Seattle Times:  Eastern Ore. wolf pack blamed for 3 injured cattle  Mar 10, 2012  Wallowa County Cheiftain:  CHIEFTAIN: Legislature's failure on wolf bill a killer  Mar 14, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Heifer euthanized after wolf attack  Mar 14, 2012
Pie N Politics:  Wolves in Oregon meeting  Mar 15, 2012
Hermiston Herald:  ODFW investigating possible dead wolf near Cove  Mar 16, 2012
Medford Mail Tribune:  Celebrity wolf's hanging out in the Greensprings  Mar 17, 2012  Imnaha Wolf Pack Strikes ...  Mar 23, 2012
La Grande Observer:  Alpha male black wolf collared for third time  Mar 29, 2012
East Oregonian:  Pack leader recollared, but text alerts suspended  Mar 29, 2012 Wallowa County Cheiftain:  ODFW cuts back on wolf warnings  Mar 31, 2012
Oregonian:  Eastern Oregon counties get money for wolf damage to livestock  Apr 2, 2012 La Grande Observer:  Money for wolf-killed livestock released  Apr 2, 2012 
Capital Press:  State awards wolf funds  Apr 2, 2012 NPR:  Dept. Of Agriculture Awards Wolf Compensation Grants  Apr 2, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Wenaha pack member collared  Apr 2, 2012 Salem Statesman Journal:  Wolf captured, fitted with tracking collar in Wallowa County  Apr 3, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  CHIEFTAIN: OR-4's whereabouts should be reported  Apr 4, 2012
Modesto Bee:  Wild wolf OR7 is back in California  Apr 6, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News:  Wolf expert to speak in Yreka  May 1, 2012
OPB News:  ODFW Releases Update On Possible Wolf Killing  May 1, 2012 Wallowa County Cheiftain:  OSP: 'Criminal act' killed possible wolf  May 2, 2012
Blue Mountain Eagle:  Police order tests in reported wolf killing  May 2, 2012 Oregonian:  State police seek tips on who killed wolf in northeastern Oregon's Union County  May 2, 2012
Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife Press Release:  Sheep killed by wolf in northern Umatilla County  May 3, 2012
East Oregonian:  Four sheep confirmed dead in wolf attack outside Weston  May 4, 2012 Oregon Natural Resources Report:  Wolf kills four sheep in Umatilla  May 5, 2012
East Oregonian:  Traps set for killer wolf in Weston  May 5, 2012   Capital Press:  Wolf symposium set for May 12  May 7, 2012
San Francisco Chronicle:  Siskiyou County officials want to ban wolves  May 7, 2012 Redding Record-Searchlight:  Siskiyou supervisors asked to outlaw wolves; board takes no action on new proposal  May 8, 2012
Medford Mail Tribune:  OR-7 is in California's Modoc County and doing well  May 9, 2012
San Francisco Chronicle:  Siskiyou County orders study of wolves  May 9, 2012
Capital Press:  Expert warns against wolf 'hysteria', 'sensationalism'  May 11, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News:  Supervisors decline to vote on ordinance to outlaw gray wolves in county  May 11, 2012 Statesman Journal:  Oregon wolf gets first color photo  May 11, 2012
San Francisco Chronicle:  California's lone wolf seen mingling with coyotes  May 12, 2012
Capital Press:  Wolf status under review in western Oregon, Washington  May 14, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News:  Visiting expert calls wolves a 'limited threat'  May 14, 2012
The Wildlife News:  Niemeyer on wolves in California road trip  May 14, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News:  Guest opinion: Keeping cattle from the jaws of wolves  May 15, 2012 East Oregonian:  ODFW confirms second Umatilla County wolf attack  May 15, 2012
Seattle Times:  Second recent wolf attack kills NE Ore. sheep  May 15, 2012
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin:  NEW Wolves number in dozens in Wash., Ore  May 16, 2012
Capital Press:  More sheep killed by wolf in E. Oregon  May 16, 2012
La Grande Observer:  Umatilla County sheep attacked by wolves  May 18, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News Letter:  Stand up for rural California  May 24, 2012 Siskiyou Daily News Letter:  Coordinating dam, wolves  May 25, 2012
Capital Press Letter:  Always money for wolves  June 1, 2012
Capital Press:  Cattlemen refrain from seeking some wolf losses  June 5, 2012
Capital Press:  Wolf study probes effects on cattle  June 8, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  Wolf's attack on horses cut short  June 9, 2012
ODFW Press Release:  ODFW biologists radio-collar OR-13  June 11, 2012
Capital Press:  Wolf study documents diverse effects on cattle  June 14, 2012
Capital Press:  Two NE Oregon wolf packs have pups  June 15, 2012
Modoc Record:  County aims to take tough stand against wolf  June 14, 2012
Wallowa County Cheiftain:  'Canadian' wolves – How big and bad are they?  June 20, 2012
Capital Press:  CA Cattle group praises state's outreach over wolf  June 26, 2012
Record-Searchlight:  Carrie Wilson: Could OR7 breed with coyotes?  June 30, 2012
Redding Record Searchlight:  Lone wolf OR-7 returns to California, now in Butte County  July 9, 2012
AP:  Report: Oregon county 1 of 'deadliest' for predators  July 10, 2012
Chico News & Review:  The lone wolf - OR7 wanders into Butte County  July 12, 2012 San Francisco Chronicle:  3 sentenced in wolf poaching case  July 12, 2012
OPB News:  10 questions about wolves  July 13, 2012 Red Bluff Daily News:  Lone wolf ventures into, out of Butte County  July 13, 2012
Lassen County News:  Grey wolf returns to Plumas County  July 13, 2012 Plumas County Newspapers:  Gray wolf continues to roam Butte and Plumas counties  July 24, 2012
 Enterprise-Record:  Department of Fish and Game: Wolf back in Butte area  July 25, 2012
Herald and News:  Ranchers see conspiracy in big elk herds - They are convinced the animals are intended to be wolf food  July 31, 2012
Plumas County Newspapers:  The gray wolf OR7 still in Plumas County  Aug 1, 2012
Sacramento Bee:  Oregon agency posts video of wolf pup howling  Aug 3, 2012 Sacramento Bee:  Calif. recommends listing gray wolf as endangered  Aug 8. 2012
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  California Department of Fish and Game Approves Petition to Protect Gray Wolves  Aug 8. 2012
Opposing Views:  Saving and Protecting the Rare California Wolf  Aug 13, 2012
Spokesman Review:  Conservation groups urge feds to keep wolves protected in Pacific NW  Aug 14, 2012 San Francisco Chronicle:  Lone California wolf's fascination with a wildfire  Aug 25, 2012
EarthFix:  Feds Looking At Oregon, Washington Wolf Populations  Aug 28, 2012
Oregonian:  New wolf pack confirmed in northeastern Oregon wilderness  Aug 30, 2012 Cal. Dept. of Fish and Game:  Gray wolves in California; an evaluation of historical information, current information, current conditions, potential natural recolonization and management implications  Dec. 2011 
AP:  Another wolf pack in northeast Oregon  Aug 31, 2012 
Pie N Politics:  Cattle ranchers explain why the wolf is bad in California  Sept 1, 2012 Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou Country Supervisor:  ESA coho, wolves and critical habitat  Sept 4, 2012
The Columbian:  Letter: Wolves incompatible with ranching  Sept 5, 2012
Herald and News:  Dorris seeks study before wolf listing  Sept 6, 2012
Pie N Politics:  Ranchers send letter to Modoc County requesting coordination on the wolf issue  Sept 9, 2012
Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife:  Gray Wolves in Oregon Update - September Report  Sept 10, 2012
Eugene Register-Guard Opinion:  Open season on wolves  Sept 11, 2012 
Herald and News:  Wolf expert to speak Thursday  Sept 18, 2012
KBC:  Soon-to-be former Siskiyou Supervisor insults ranchers of "big bad wolf hysteria", preceded by response by local ranchers  Sept 20, 2012
ODFW:  Wolf Program Updates  Sept 20, 2012
Red Bluff Daily News:  Wolf returns to Tehama County  Sept 22, 2012
Pie N Politics:  Butte Valley POP president responds to Siskiyou Co. Supervisor Dist. 1 Jim Cook’s letter  Sept 23, 2012
Capital Press:  ODA asks to continue wolf fund  Sept 25, 2012
The Wildlife News:  Famous lone wolf OR7 is being satellite tracked again  Sept 28, 2012
Seattle Times:  Ore. wolf back on grid after eluding satellite  Sept 29, 2012
Redding Record Searchlight:  State fish and game commissioners consider listing grey wolves as endangered  Sept 29, 2012 Huffington Post:  Noah Greenwald: A Pivotal Moment for California's Wolves  Oct 2, 2012 
Redding Record Searchlight:  Editorial: Wolves' return is trouble enough at nature's pace  Oct 3, 2012
Oregonian:  California officials to launch gray wolf protection study  Oct 3, 2012  
San Francisco Chronicle:  Bid to call state's lone wolf endangered  Oct 3, 2012 Capital Press Letter:  Wolf policy violates our rights  Oct 4, 2012
Seattle Times:  Wandering wolf from Oregon may get special protection  Oct 4, 2012 AP:  California's Lone Gray Wolf Gets New Protections From The State  Oct 4, 2012 
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  California Commission Decides To Review Gray Wolf For Future Listing Consideration  Oct 5, 2012   Red Bluff Daily News:  Vote clears way for wolf status study  Oct 5, 2012
Orland Press Register:  Lone gray wolf wanders into Tehama County  Oct 5, 2012 Natural Resources Defense Council:  Good News for California's Lone Gray Wolf  Oct 10, 2012
Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife:  Wolf Program Updates  Nov 2, 2012
The Oregon State Daily Barometer:  Wolf packs grow in the Pacific Northwest  Nov 8, 2012 
Oregonian:  OR-12 could be Oregon's latest celebrity wolf  Nov 21, 2012 Medford Mail Tribune:  DNA Confirms Oregon Wolf Packs Are Interbreeding  Nov 21, 2012
Spokesman Review:  Different wolf packs breeding in Oregon  Nov 23, 2012 Sacramento Bee:  Oregon wolf in California moves to lower ground  Dec 7, 2012
Portland Tribune:  Lets celebrate return of wolf packs  Dec 13, 2012
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Anniversary of OR-7's Arrival in California Inspires New Wolf Alliance  Dec 21, 2012
ODFW:  Wolf Program Updates  Dec 24, 2012
Los Angeles Times:  Gray wolf takes to California but is unlikely to find a mate here  Jan 1, 2013 AP:  OR-7 update: California says lone gray wolf still on the prowl one year later  Jan 6, 2013
Redding Record-Searchlight:  Wolf OR-7 back in Shasta County  Jan 7, 2013 
ODF&W:  Wolf Program Updates  Jan 16, 2013 
Oregonian:  Oregon wolves multiply to more than 50  Jan 16, 2013
Statesman Journal:  Number of wolves in state nearly doubled in 2012  Jan 19, 2013
The Wildlife News:  Oregon wolf population grows to 53 at end of 2012  Jan 19, 2013
OPB News:  Oregon Wolf Fatally Shot In Idaho  Jan 25, 2013 Redding Record-Searchlight Letter:  Peter Hufford: Wolves no longer belong in lower 48  Jan 25, 2013
Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife:  Oregon Wolf Update  Jan 29, 2013
Red Bluff Daily News:  Plans in works for grey wolves in California  Jan 30, 2013
KQED, Bay Area:  Modoc Coyote Hunt Raises Concerns About California's Lone Wolf  Jan 31, 2013  Sacramento Bee:  Groups trying to protect wolf oppose coyote hunt  Feb 1, 2013 
Capital Press:  Wolf attack gains attention in Legislature  Feb 5, 2013 
Capital Press:  Bill would allow ranchers to kill wolves attacking livestock  Feb 5, 2013


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