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Information You Need To Know About - 

The Endangered Species Act

House Resource Committee to hold ESA Hearing on The Klamath Project - July 17, 2004  Press Release 


Testimony of Dan Keppen On Behalf of the Klamath Water Users Association - Submitted to the Subcommittee on Water and Power - July 17th Hearing 


Klamath Basin Farmer Bill Kennedy writes to Congressman Pombo:  Enhance the Endangered Species Act 

PERC Report:  Accounting for Species - The True Costs of the Endangered Species Act 


The Problems with the Endangered Species Act  By Dr. Michael S. Coffman

USF&WS:  Endangered Species Expenditure Reports  1996 - 2004  



What happens when a protected species starts eating another protected species?

"The Restoration Paradox" by Ed Hunt

Tidepool Feature Article

'Endangered Species' Cost USA Billions by Alan Caruba 
Commerce Clause Over-ruled (No Federal Power Within a State) plus 9th Circuit Court Ruling 

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) 

and the Human Dimension by Ric Frost, M.S. Agricultural Economics - New Mexico State University 

Webpage for all testimony on NEPA bill

House Resource Committee Reports: Examples of Species Delisted and Downlisted Because of Inaccurate Data 

Field or Empirical Data Often Proves
Original Data Inaccurate
(Taken from Recovery Plans)

Unspoken Issues of the Endangered Species Act (ESA)  by Ric Frost, M.S. Agricultural Economics - New Mexico State University 
Economics and the Endangered Species Act Julie Smithson:  The Many Facets of The Endangered Species Act (updated version)   August 27, 2005
GAO Report:  Endangered Species:  Despite Consultation Improvement Efforts in the Pacific Northwest, Concerns Persist About the Process USF&W State Maps of Endangered Species
The Center for Biological Diversity:  Since 1984 staff members of the Center have been successful in obtaining ESA protection for  329 species

Endangered? Property rights - from the Lima, Ohio News 1/02/04

HR 1662 (Walden, R-OR) Endangered Species Act revisions. Will add a greater role for the states and require more thorough biological evidence of a species being endangered before it can be listed as endangered. Sound Science for Endangered Species Act Planning Act of 2003 - .pdf file  

S. 369 To amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to improve the processes for listing, recovery planning, and delisting, and for other purposes. Companion bill to Walden's H. 1662

S 2009 (Smith, R-OR) Sound Science for Endangered Species Act Planning Act of 2004

HR 1965 (Gibbons, R-NV) Proposes to amend the Endangered Species Act to limit its application on military land or private land and to provide incentives for voluntary habitat maintenance.

HR 1299 (109th Congress) Critical Habitat Enhancement Act of 2005

GAO Report:  Endangered Species:  Fish and Wildlife Service Uses Best Available Science to Make Listing Decisions but Additional Guidance Needed for Critical Habitat Designations.  GAO-03-803, August 29,2003

GAO Report:  Endangered Species:  More Federal Management Attention Is Needed to Improve the Consultation Process  GAO-04-93 March, 2004 .pdf  

U.S. Fish Wildlife Service (USFWS) Endangered Species Information

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Recovery and Delisting of Endangered Species Programs

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Endangered Species Information
The ESA at 30: A Mandate for Modernization by Richard Pombo  H.R. 2933 To amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to reform the process for designating critical habitat under that Act. 
Another View:  ESA Scandal - from the Colorado Springs Gazette May 3, 2004 The American Enterprise: Reining in the Endangered Species Act By Marni Soupcoff 

Biodiversity Discovered - Solving the Mystery of the Global Species Count and Exploding the Myth of the Sixth Extinction by Thomas W. Kral

"At most, there are 3.63 million species and the extinction rate is 3 to 5 species annually . . . ." 

NWI Report: Conservation Under the Endangered Species Act: A Promise Broken  "The Act's inadequate scientific standards and its non-scientific definition of species lead to subjectivity, inconsistency and erroneous decisions that impede success of the endangered species program" 
Congressman Walden Shares Views with the National Water Resources Association (NWRA) on Improving Endangered Species Act  The Heartland Institute - Mouse that Cost Economy $100 Million May Never Have Existed - by Jay Lehr, Ph.D. 
Endangered Species Act needs revising by Stanislaus County Supervisors Grover & Mayfield  House Resource Committee: Frivolous environmental lawsuits hurt economy, environment, and taxpayer  
USGS:  Endangered and Threatened Species Recovery Program Report to Congress - 1992

USGS:  Recovery Program: Endangered and Threatened Species Report to Congress - 1994

Jim Beers:  Amending the Endangered Species Act November 11, 2004 
PLF:  PLF Launches Sweeping Lawsuit Challenging Critical Habitat for 48 Species in California  November 15, 2004  Delta Farm Press, Savannah, GA:  Efforts made to improve endangered species rule  Nov 15, 2004  
Grist Magazine:  GOP has set its sights on revamping the Endangered Species Act    

Jim Beers:  Reforming the Endangered Species Act

Jim Beers:  Species  

Jim Beers:  Trojan Horses 

Jim Beers:  Seals Ahoy!  Analyzing Propaganda 

Jim Beers:  Reforming the ESA - Stay Awake  

Jim Beers:  Endangered Species Today - February, 2005

Center for Environmental Education:  Internet database focuses on endangered species   Possible Supreme Court Case Could Gut the ESA!  January 26, 2005 
Annapolis:  Group making a point with 'endangered' snakehead  January 26, 2005

Capital Press:  Is ESA broken? Reform efforts under way in Congress  March 11, 2005

1980 US Court of Appeals decision that States, not Federal Agencies Should Manage Resident Species  

1979 Alaskan Case - States Should Manage Resident Species

1994 Wyoming Case - States Should Manage Resident Species

1996 Wyoming Case - States Should Manage Resident Species  

Beers: Eastern Spotted Owl - the ginseng plant

Sarah Young-Teskey:  Common Sense Needed in the Endangered Species Act February 21, 2005

Pacific Legal Foundation:  Endangered Species Act Finally Meets the Fifth Amendment  February 21, 2005 National Center for Policy Analysis:  Private Initiatives Preserve Species .pdf

Paula Easley:  Endangered Species Act . . . Wildlife law is an 800-pound gorilla 

March 1, 2005

The Monitor:  Double Standard: Eco groups silent on federal fish kill March 15, 2005
PERC:  Nature Undisturbed - The Myth Behind the Endangered Species Act  March 23, 2005 Peyton Knight:  Endangered Species Act: 30 years of Endangering People and Animals is Enough!  March 23, 2005
CA Farm Bureau:  Commentary: 'ESA has a zero percent rate of success'  by Richard Pombo April 6, 2005 Blue Planet:  How goes the ESA?  By Dan Whipple April 6, 2005
Jay Lehr, Ph.D.:  How to Fix the Endangered Species Act  April 7, 2005 Washington Times:  Westerners see poetic justice in saving snakehead  April 11, 2005
Henry Lamb:  How to 'improve' the Endangered Species Act  April 23, 2005 Eric Englund:  The Hypocrisy of Environmentalism  April 25, 2005
Herald and News:  OIT to host (Miller Lake) lamprey meeting tonight  April 26, 2005

Information about the Miller Lake Lamprey

House Resource Committee:  GAO Endangered Species Report: Little Reason to Expect Poor Recovery Record To Improve April 26, 2005

GAO Report:  Endangered Species: Fish and Wildlife Service Generally Focuses Recovery Funding on High-Priority Species, but Needs to Periodically Assess Its Funding Decisions GAO-05-211

PLF:  Activists Must Prove Harm to Species, Not Just Allege It, to Invoke Endangered Species Act  April 26, 2005

Seattle PI Special Report Series: A License to Kill:  Flaws in habitat conservation plans threaten scores of species

Some see politics in habitat planning

Pioneer conservation plan falls short

Toad's fate in landowners' hands

Lands lose guardian when trust goes bust

State could log trees they previously fought to preserve  May 3, 2005

Seattle PI Special Report Series: A License to Kill: The public often has little role in the drafting of habitat plans

Idle preserves turn to eyesores

Montana's bull trout runs threatened

Too often, inadequate science hampers habitat planning

Lone voice challenges 'no surprises'

May 4, 2005

Seattle PI Special Report Series: A License to Kill:  Scientists fault state habitat plan

Big thinking is required to overhaul habitat program

'Political realities' helped shape urban preserve

Lessons learned elsewhere put to good use in Arizona

Best-laid plans can't foresee all  May 5, 2005


Capital Press:  Industries call for streamlining of aged federal NEPA policy May 6, 2005

Seattle Times:  Panel's goal is to make environmental law better  May 9, 2005

Mineweb:  Miners, NGOs square off on NEPA reform  May 19, 2005

TipSheet:  Key Environmental Law Eroding On Many Fronts  May, 2005

Delta Farm Press:  Lawsuits, lack of incentives hamstring Endangered Species Act May 13, 2005 Greenwire:  Norton has harsh words for enviros, critical habitat lawsuits  May 20, 2005

Washington Examiner Editorial:   Endangered species, endangered sense May 26, 2005

Liberty Matters News Service:  Pombo Set to File ESA Reauthorization Bill  May 27,2005
Capital Press:  Local control fits some cases, not others  May 27, 2005 EcoFreedom:  GAO's Robin M. Nazzaro ESA Testimony Before Sub Committee on Fisheries, Wildlife  June 1, 2005
Washington Examiner:  Endangered priorities - Livestock Weekly: 
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  NOAA's ESA Salmon, Steelhead 'Status Review' Likely Delayed   June 10, 2005 Eugene Register-Guard Editorial:  Strengthen species act: Promising bipartisan effort under way in Senate May 28, 2005

SOSA:  Response to Register-Guard Editorial  June 13, 2005

Dr. Michael Coffman:  New ESA Audio/Visual Presentation  June 15, 2005 Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance:  

Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Water and Power - Committee on Resources

United States House of Representatives:  

Oversight Hearing on Environmental Regulations and Water Supply Reliability  

June 22, 2005  

Julie Smithson:  Comment letter on Reforming the ESA - Endangered Species Act Reform ... REPEAL  June 18, 2005 William Jud:  Comment letter on Reforming the ESA - Endangered Species Act Reform  June 18, 2005
House Resource Committee Report:  Implementation of the Endangered Species Act of 1973  .pdf NCPPR: ESA Can't Work Without Property Rights Protections  June 21, 2005
Peyton Knight:  Group Calls for End to the Endangered Species Act  June 21, 2005  The June 16, 2005 American Policy Center  letter  .pdf
Denver Post:  Scientists protest species rules H.R. 1299:  To amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to reform the process for designating critical habitat under that Act.
Christian Science Monitor:  Endangered Species Act under fire from two directions  June 28, 2005 Center for Biological Diversity:  Press Release - Pombo's Endangered Species Bill Revealed  June 28, 2005
Pombo:  Staff Discussion Draft of Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005 (TESRA 2005) .pdf CBD:  Wants ESA to protect salamanders in Southern Oregon and N. California  June 20, 2005
SacBee:  Tracy Press:  Wildlife protection effects on water programs probed  June 22, 2005
Union Democrat: Endangered species fight builds  June 24, 2005 Lacrosse Tribune: Commentary - Clear thinking on endangered species  June 26, 2005
Red Nova News:  NOAA Scientists Say Reports Altered  June 28, 2005 Jamie Rappaport Clark:  INSIGHTS: The Vital Importance of the Endangered Species Act  June 27, 2005
Chico Enterprise Record:  Report reveals cost of critical habitat designation for vernal pool species - $992 million  June 29, 2005 San Joaquin:  Pombo on verge of unveiling new species law  June 29, 2005
Tracy Press:  Species law reform summary worries both left and right  July 1, 2005 Pombo:  Staff Discussion Draft of Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005 (TESRA 2005) .pdf
Wall Street Journal:  Endangering Species July 1, 2005 New York Times:  Legislation aimed at weakening Endangered Species Act  July 4, 2005
Defenders of Wildlife:   Assault On Endangered Species Act  July 5, 2005 Redding Record Searchlight: Herger wants ESA changed  July 6, 2005
LA Times: National Environmental Policy Act Is 'at a Crossroads'  July 7, 2005 Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.:  Letter to Representative Pombo (re: Property Rights in TESRA 2005)  June 15, 2005
Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.: Whither the Endangered Species Act  June, 2005 Tracy Press:  Proposal changes could kill Endangered Species Act July 10, 2005 
ONRC's Regna MerrittProtect the Endangered Species Act  July 10, 2005 Natural Resources Defense Council:  House Bill Would Downsize Endangered Species Act  July 12, 2005
Tom DeWeese:  ESA: A Clearing of the Air  July 12, 2005 NAHB:  Builders Urge Congress To Update Endangered Species Act  July 13, 2005
AFBF:  Foutz Suggests Changes to ESA Before Subcommittee  July 13, 2005 SD Ag Secretary Larry Gabriel:   Does the king have clothes?
U.S. Newswire:  Pelosi Statement on Endangered Species Act  July 20, 2005 Henry Lamb:  Endangered Species Act debate is heating up  July 23, 2005
Houston Chronicle: Endangered Species Act embroiled in court battles July 23, 2005 Reason: The Endangered Species Act keeps on not saving endangered species July 27, 2005
The National Center for Public Policy Research:  Pombo Proposal Wouldn't Gut the Endangered Species Act:  It Could Give it Formidable New Teeth  July 26, 2005 High Country News:  Will the real Mr. Pombo please stand up?  July 26, 2005
Liberty Matters:  ESA Stalled… For Now  July 28, 2005 Livestock Weekly:  ESA Has Always Been About Land Use Control, Not Species Aid  July 28, 2005

The International Association of Fish and Wildlife AgenciesState Wildlife Grants: The Nation’s Core Program for Preventing Wildlife from Becoming Endangered  July, 2005

Jay Lehr, Ph.D.:  How to Fix the Endangered Species Act  Aug. 1, 2005
Morrison: Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up   Aug. 5, 2005 CQ Today:  Republicans in Both Chambers Preparing to Tackle Endangered Species Act  August 17, 2005
Daily Arizona News: Law protecting one species from another cries out for reform  August 21, 2005 Jim Beers:  Wolves Coming to New England   August 20, 2005
CBD:  Conservationists Seek Protection for S. OR/ N. CA Salamanders  August 24, 2005 AP:  Western lizard species subject of lawsuit  August 24, 2005
Capital Press: Congressman rallies rural backing for coming ESA fight  August 26, 2005 Peyton Knight: Pombo's Endangered Species Act Reform Proposal Would Do More Harm Than Good, Analysis Says  August 31, 2005
The Stockton RecordPombo expects approval of species act revision  Sept 1, 2005 Robert T. Fanning:  Repeal Endangered Species Act   Sept 1, 2005
Tom DeWeese: The tyranny of the ESA and the threat of Kelo 2  Sept 6, 2005 SeattlePI:  Congress has the Endangered Species Act in its sights this fall  Sept 6, 2005
American Farm Bureau Federation: Better Endangered Species Incentives Needed  Sept 15, 2005 CBD:  Pombo’s Anti-Endangered Species Bill Leaked Again  Sept 16, 2005
Environmental News Service:  Pombo Seeks to Modify Endangered Species Act  Sept 16, 2005 PFUSA Grange: The Endangered Species Reform Act (TESRA) 2005  Sept 17, 2005
AP:  Lawmakers seek to eliminate protections for wildlife species  Sept 19, 2005 HRC:  House Resources panel prepares for debate, votes on ESA  Sept 19, 2005
Congressman Greg Walden:  Walden Backs Bipartisan ESA Modernization Measure; Says "32-Year-Old Law Needs Fixing"  Sept 19, 2005 Congressman Greg Walden:  32-Year-Old ESA Needs Modernization  Sept 19, 2005
House Resource Committee:  White Paper on The Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005  Sept 19, 2005 Herald and News:  Species act critics float new bill  Sept 20, 2005
Competitive Enterprise Institute:  Pombo's ESA Bill Will Protect Property Owners  Sept 20, 2005 Family Farm Alliance Response to TESRA Bill  Sept 19, 2005
Seattle PI: The battle begins over Endangered Species Act  Sept 22, 2005 East Oregonian: Early returns show support for Walden’s ESA proposal  Sept 22, 2005
HRC:  TESRA of 2005 Approved Overwhelmingly by Committee  Sept 22, 2005 Congressman Greg Walden:   House Panel Passes Bipartisan Measure to Improve Endangered Species Act   Sept 22, 2005
AP:   Panel OKs rewrite of Endangered Species Act  Sept 22, 2005 Washington Post:  Rewrite of Endangered Species Law Approved; House to Vote Soon; Senate Could in 2006  Sept 23, 2005
Las Vegas Review Journal Opinion:  Property owners would get their due under species law rewrite  Sept 23, 2005 HRC:  Links to HR 3824 TESRA Amendments  Sept 22, 2005
PLF: F&WS Agrees to Perform Status Reviews for 194 Species in California  Sept 20, 2005
Rodney Stubbs:  Research indicates there is much more going on than what appears in Pombo’s HR 3824 TESRA  Sept 23, 2005 HRC:  Defending ESA Failures Sept 27, 2005
Wall Street Journal:  Re-Origin of the Species (Act)  Sept 29, 2005 Defenders:  Environmental Groups Applaud Efforts to Secure Strong ESA  Sept 29, 2005
CA Farm Bureau Ag Alert:  House Resources Committee OKs ESA legislation  Sept 28, 2005 HRC:  Pombo's Opening Statement on H.R. 3824 in Committee  Sept 21, 2005
House Congressional Record:  Pombo in the House on Property Rights - HR 3824  Sept 29, 2005

Read the entire September 29, 2005, transcript of the House Congressional Record concerning the Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005.

The National Center for Public Policy Research:  Environmental Activists Target Small Property Owners While Calling the Fifth Amendment a “New Entitlement”   Sept 29, 2005
The Modesto Bee:  Pombo-Cardoza wildlife bill corrects any flaws by Jeff Grover  Sept 29, 2005 H.R. 3824, TESRA (Committee Post Markup) .pdf

H.R. 3824, TESRA (as sent to the US Senate)  Sept 30, 2005

The House of Representatives Roll Call Vote on H.R. 3824, "The Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005" (TESRA) Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate for TESRA - 2005 HR 3824 .pdf
Contra Costa Times:  Miller bill seeks to counter Pombo's  Sept 29, 2005 HRC:  House Passes Historic ESA Improvement Bill  Sept 29, 2005
Earthjustice:  House Passes Bill Aimed at Gutting Endangered Species Act  Sept 29, 2005 Scripps Howard News Service:  House votes to revamp Endangered Species Act  Sept 29, 2005
NY Times:  House Votes for New Limits on Endangered Species Act   Sept 30, 2005 LA Times:  U.S. House Votes to Revamp Endangered Species Act  Sept 30, 2005
Tacoma News Tribune:  Endangered Species Act could face big changes   Sept 30, 2005 Free New Mexican Editorial:  Congressional delegation: Repel pro-extinction effort  Sept 30, 2005
Herald and News Editorial:  Good science, peer review vital for ESA  Sept 30, 2005 Congressman Greg Walden Press Release:  House of Representatives Passes Bipartisan Legislation to Strengthen ESA    Sept 30, 2005
Scripps Howard News Service:  Species act changes could cost taxpayers  Sept 30, 2005
Sierra Club:  Congress Takes Step Toward Razing Endangered Species Act  Sept 30, 2005 Habitat For Humanity  Sept 30, 2005
The National Center for Public Policy Research:  Cleveland Plain Dealer:  Strange bedfellows working to save act that protects endangered species  Oct 1, 2005
Tracy Press:  Educated Pombo gets his reforms  Oct 1, 2005 St. Louis Post Dispatch:  Property rights gain traction in overhaul of Endangered Species Act  Oct 2, 2005
Corvallis Gazette:  DeFazio explains his voting on HR 3824  Oct 2, 2005 The Olympian:  Species act backers pin hopes on Senate  Oct 3, 2005
WSJ:  Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Bad  Oct 4, 2005
Ukiah Daily Journal, CA:  Thompson says protection' rewrite would threaten more species  Oct 4, 2005
Richard W. Pombo: Endangered Species Act fails test of time  Oct 5, 2005 North Bay Bohemian:  Fall of the Wild  Oct 5, 2005
California Farm Bureau:  Historic ESA overhaul clears major hurdle  Oct 5, 2005
Oct 5, 2005
Minnesota Daily:  Critical act now endangered  Oct 5, 2005
Christian Science Monitor:  A growing regional divide over species act  Oct 5, 2005
emagazine:  "Fixing" the Endangered Species Act  Oct 7, 2005 Twin Falls, ID Editorial:  New ESA reforms wisely enlist private land owners  Oct 7, 2005
Grist:  Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Species  Oct 7, 2005  NY Times Editorial:  Pombo's reform of the ESA is wholly misguided  Oct 9, 2005
Washington Post Editorial: Species reform bill is an entitlement package for landowners  Oct 10, 2005 Bob Lando:  Revised species act erodes consensus  Oct 10, 2005
Tidepool:  House takes an ax to the ESA  Oct 11, 2005 Dan Bacher:  Fishermen, Farmers Protest Assault On ESA  Oct 19, 2005
Buchal:  Why Pombo's ESA Reform Bill Is Step Backwards  Sept 29, 2005 Virginia Land Rights Coalition:  TESRA: Wolves dress not in sheep's clothing  Oct, 2005
Bozeman Daily Chronicle:  ESA close to reform  Oct 23, 2005
Julie Smithson:  TESRA, the ESA and the Truth   Oct 24, 2005
Norm Semanko, Idaho Water Users Association executive director:  Updated ESA restores balance  Oct 17, 2005
Cattle Network Editorial:  The Endangered Species Act  Oct 2005 Roseburg News Review:  Lawyer: Species act needs changes  Oct 28, 2005
NY Times Editorial:  Pombo Time Oct 30, 2005 St. Mary's, GA Editorial:  The most dangerous man in America (Pombo) Oct 31, 2005
F&WS Press Release:   Norton Announces States Have Submitted Wildlife Action Plans  Nov 2, 2005 LA Times:   Habitats May Shrink by Leaps, Bounds  Nov 4, 2005
AP:  Groups say U.S. lags in species protection  Nov 8, 2005 Chicago Tribune:  Endangered Species Act in cross hairs  Nov 8, 2005
Mother Jones:  Endangering the Act  Nov 8, 2005 Indian Country Today:  Endangered species controversy rages on the Klamath River  Nov 14, 2005
Times-Standard:   Dozens of North Coast species in decline  Nov 16, 2005
Orlando Sentinel:  Suit: Some species no longer endangered  Nov 20, 2005
Steven Geoffrey Giesler:  Government hurts many by ESA violations  Nov 26, 2005
Baxter Black:  Potential new endangered species act a hit  Dec 3, 2005 US Senate:  Crapo, Lincoln Introduce Collaborative ESA Bill  Dec 15, 2005
Rep. Richard Pombo:   Statement on Crapo, Lincoln ESA Bill  Dec 15, 2005 National Center for Public Policy Research:  Senator Crapo's Endangered Species Act Reform Effort Bad for Property Owners   Dec 16, 2005
Newswise:  OR/WA Fish, Wildlife Commissions Move to Protect Green Sturgeon  Dec 16, 2005 Wall Street Journal:  Saving Law From Extinction  Dec 24, 2005
S. 2110:  `Collaboration for the Recovery of Endangered Species Act' North Coast Times:  Overhaul of Endangered Species Act taking shape  Jan 4, 2006
LA Times:  Alito May Quickly Affect Laws  Jan 15, 2006 Missoulian Opinion:  Make NEPA better, not weaker  Jan 15, 2005
The Monitor View:  Protecting the Species  Jan 18, 2006  E&E:  Inhofe expects ESA markup before spring  Jan 19, 2006
USF&WS:  2004 Report on Endangered Species Act Spending  Jan 24, 2006 Tom DeWeese:  A Bad Law Must Be Repealed  Feb 2, 2006
USF&WS:  Bush Budget Includes $2 Billion for FWS  Feb 6, 2006 USFWS:  Reopens Comment Period on Removing the Bald Eagle from the ESA  Feb 13. 2006
Mary Stump:  Endangered Sciences  Feb 15, 2006

Richard Pombo:  Update the Species Act  Feb 15, 2006

Oregonian:  A winter sky alive with bald eagles  Feb 19, 2006

Jim Beers:  Responds to the Oregonian's 'A winter sky alive with bald eagles'  Feb 20, 2006

HRC Press Release:  Pombo, Cardoza: Keystone Center Reaffirms Need to Update and Modernize ESA  Feb 22, 2006 Sacramento Bee Opinion:  Bob Irvin (Defenders of Wildlife): Pombo's 'all-out assault'  Feb 22, 2006
Stockton, CA Record:  Report a boost for Pombo's ESA goals  (Keystone Report)  Feb 23, 2006 Tidepool:  Richard Pombo's Long Winter  Feb 21, 2006
AP:  One out of four endangered species dollars goes to salmon  Feb 25, 2006 National Center for Public Policy Research:  Protect Private Property Rights, 85 Groups Tell Senate, in Endangered Species Act Reform  Feb 27, 2006
Tidepool:  Accounting 101 for Endangered Species  March 1, 2006 Christian Science Monitor:  Endangered, but on road to recovery  March 2, 2006
WA Cathy McMorris:  New Legislation to Require ESA Cost Transparency  March 2, 2006 Julie Kay Smithson:  ESA Repeal for the Meek  March 10, 2006
New Scientist:  Doubts cast on superstar woodpecker's return  March 13, 2006 Fallon, NV Eagle:  Endangered Species Act: Time to reform old law  March 14, 2006
New West:  Key Environmental Law Ever-Tangled in Litigation  March 15, 2006 FWS:  Norton Announces Funding to States To Prevent Wildlife from Becoming Endangered   March 31, 2006
FWS:  Norton Announces Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Apportionments to States   March 31, 2006 GAO:  Endangered Species:  Time and Costs Required to Recover Species Are Largely Unknown .pdf   April 6, 2006
Center for Biological Diversity:  Scott Bar Salamander Petitioned for Protection Under CA ESA   April 6, 2006 House Resource Committee Press Release:  GAO Report Shows Agencies Fail to Plan Adequately for Species Recovery   April 7, 2006
AP:  Prospects dimming for Senate passage of endangered species bill   April 8, 2006 Dennis Avery:  Native Stewardship?  April, 2006
New West:  Defining Environmental Justice, Finding a Common Voice   April 13, 2006

Working Group on Environmental Justice

Rep. Richard Pombo:   Act Has Not Performed Its Mission   April 21, 2006 Eureka Reporter:  NEC to hold annual dinner and auction to educate about health of the Klamath River   April 25, 2006
USFWS:  Service finds protections for Siskiyou Mountains and Scott Bar salamanders adequate   April 25, 2006 Center for Biological Diversity:  Siskiyou Mountains and Scott Bar Salamanders Illegally Denied Protection   April 25, 2006
Medford Jim Beers:  Nessie The Woodpecker   April 30, 2006
Center for Biological Diversity:  The Road to Recovery -  100 Success Stories for Endangered Species Day 2006   May 9, 2006 Center for Biological Diversity:  Wildlife Advocates Oppose Kempthorne for Interior Secretary   May 9, 2006
Tom DeWeese:  Landowner's Coalition Demands Repeal of ESA   May 10, 2006 Fallon Eagle OpinionThe endangered landowner   May 10, 2006
San Diego, CA:  Spotlight on species - Endangered Species Day  May 10, 2006 NCPA:  Need For ESA Reform - Current Act Threaten Both Property Owners & Wildlife   May 10, 2006
AP:   Senate panel backs Kempthorne for Interior   May 10, 2006

House Resource Committee Press Release:   ESA Education   May 11, 2006

Idaho Statesman:  Hold placed on Kempthorne's nomination  May 11, 2006 Denver Post:  If confirmed, interior choice plans to overhaul species law   May 11, 2006
Washington Post:  Climate Is Cited as Key to Extinctions    May 11, 2006 Margaret ByfieldIt's Not About the Animals!   Feb 2006
Register-Guard OpEd:  ESA in the crosshairs: Kempthorne plans to overhaul law   May 13, 2006 USF&WS:  Extends Comment Period on Removing the Bald Eagle from ESA   May 18, 2006
Chris Vargas:  Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity file suit against Mother Nature   May 23, 2006 Trent Loos:  The real Endangered Species  May 29, 2006
Washington PostThe Interior Department's 'Relief Pitcher'   June 1, 2006 Planet Ark:   Arctic "Noah's Ark" Vault to Protect World's Seeds   May 31, 2006
Monitor, TX OpEd:  ESA reform on the brink of extinction   June 2, 2006 The Monitor Op/Ed:  Specious Species? Mickey Mouse science undermines ESA   June 8, 2006
CA Farm BureauCommentary: Forestry may hold key to spotted owl's existence    June 14, 2006 John StosselReligious fanatics terrorize American farmers   June, 2006
Delta Farm Press:  Updating the Endangered Species Act - backache for farmers   June 14, 2006 Washington State Congressman Doc Hastings Press Release:  Hastings, McMorris Hold Congressional Hearing - “Electricity Costs and Salmon:  Finding a Balance.”   June 21, 2006
House Resource Committee:  Give Consumers The Right To Know How Much The Endangered Species Act Is Costing Them   June 21, 2006 House Resource Committee:  H.R. 4857 - Endangered Species Compliance and Transparency Act of 2006   March 2, 2006
Fact Sheet:  H.R. 4857 The Endangered Species Compliance and Transparency Act of 2006   June 21, 200
CBD Press ReleaseConservation Groups Sue to Protect Rare Siskiyou Salamanders   July 6, 2006

Redding Record Searchlight:  Salamander ruling disputed   July 7, 2006

Register-Guard Opinion:  Latest 'pombomination'   July 6, 2006 Western Farm Press:  America seeking ‘modernization’ of Endangered Species Act   July 7, 2006
San Diego Union Tribune:  Helping species that may not be there   July 16, 2006 Tracy Press:  Pombo's plan won't solve problems   July 16, 2006
San Luis Obispo Tribune:   Rewriting species act is his   July 17, 2006
House Resource CommitteeFull Committee Hearing on H.R. 4857   March 15, 2006 House Resource Committee:  Resources Committee passes Endangered Species Compliance and Transparency Act   July 19, 2006
Ithaca, NY Journal:  Natural Resource Committee chair fighting endangered species act   July 27, 2006 Kelly BoggsEndangered humans   July 28, 2006
Washington Times:  Pombo - Endangered species repair required   July 28, 2006 Las Cruces Sun-News:  Gila trout no longer endangered species   July 19, 2006
AP:  House Report Calls for Changes to Environmental Law   Aug 1, 2006 North Carolina Times:  SDSU-led team finds habitat conservation plans overstate benefits for endangered species   July 29, 2006
Julie Smithson:  Rural property rights, safety of people are what's endangered   Aug 3, 2006 Center for Biological Diversity:  USF&WS Director to Illegally Deny Protection for 152 Imperiled Species   Aug 3, 2006
Idaho Mountain Express: Court overturns ruling on endangered species   Aug 2, 2006 USF&WS:  State Wildlife Agencies Receive Grants to Work With Landowners to Conserve At-risk Species   Aug 7, 2006
Chattanoogan:  Georgia Governor Testifies on Endangered Species   Aug 8, 2006 PERC:  Environmental Bounty-Hunting - green groups abuse the legal system   Aug 9, 2006
AP:  Meeting on Bush enviro proposal draws disparate views   Aug 10, 2006 AP:  Judge orders Interior to take bald eagle off endangered list   Aug 11, 2006
Slate:  Why conservation laws can kill the animals they're supposed to protect   Aug 19, 2006 NOAA:  Conducting Survey on Options for Protecting Steller Sea Lions   Aug 22, 2006
Julie Smithson:  Wolves as Real Estate Agents: Proof Positive   Sept 1, 2006 Prime Zone:  New Book Pokes Fun at Endangered Species   Sept 11, 2006
US Fish and Wildlife Service:  Updates List of Candidates for Endangered Species Act Listing   Sept 12, 2006 Andy Caldwell:  The Endangered Species Act (& the CBD)   Sept 14, 2006
Washington Times:  Dooming woods and wildlife   Sept 17, 2006 USFWS Press Release:  Secretary Kempthorne Announces $67 Million in Grants to Support Land Acquisition and Conservation Planning for Endangered Species   Sept 26, 2006
Deseret Morning News:   Water leasing proposed to aid trout   Oct 1, 2006 Ontario, CA Daily Bulletin:   Public tells its concern on fly   Sept 30, 2006
U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave:  Endangered Species Act has flaws   Oct 1, 2006 Texas Monitor:  Editorial - Efforts to save species backfire   Oct 4, 2006
Defenders of Wildlife:  Defenders of Wildlife Report Spotlights 10 National Wildlife Refuges Threatened by Global Warming   Oct 5, 2006 AP:  Scientist Warns of Species' Extinction   Oct 6, 2006
The Philadelphia Inquirer:  Endangered list is `where species go to die,' critics say   Oct 6, 2006 AP:  Kempthorne returns to Idaho to 'listen,' gets earful on ESA   Oct 10, 2006
Idaho Statesman:  Kempthorne lends an ear to Idahoans' conservation views   Oct 10, 2006 Idaho Mountain Express:  Wolf howls prompt wilderness evacuation - Frightened Forest Service employees extracted   Oct 11, 2006
Sac Bee:  Pombo stymied over Species Act   Oct 16, 2006 San Diego Union Tribune:  Vernal pool protections must be readdressed   Oct 23, 2006
Washington Post:  Bush Appointee Said to Reject Advice on Endangered Species   Oct 30, 2006 New Scientist:  White House again accused of distorting science   Nov 1, 2006
Chico Enterprise Record:  Judge tosses out decision to reduce vernal pool habitat   Nov 4, 2006
Felice Pace:  California officials propose California Endangered Species Act Exemption for Klamath River   Nov 5, 2006 Jim Beers:  Thanking Russia:  Wolves - Russian Realities & American Artifice   Oct 29, 2006
Jim Beers:  More on Worldwide Wolves - Kindred Concepts   Oct 29, 2006 Defenders of Wildlife:  Court Invalidates U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Exclusion of Nearly 900,000 Acres of Vernal Pool Critical Habitat   Nov 4, 2006
E&E News:  ENDANGERED SPECIES: Effort to overhaul law sinks with its chief sponsor   Nov 8, 2006 Mountain States Legal Foundation:   Remarks of William Perry Pendley before the Wyoming Water Association's Annual Meeting and Educational Seminar on ESA   Oct, 2006
US Fish & Wildlife Service Press Release:  Service Seeks Proposals from States for 2007 Endangered Species Grants   Dec 6, 2006 US Newswire:  Senators Crapo, Lincoln, Baucus, Grassley Praised by National Environmental Leaders for Introducing Bill to Help Save Endangered Species on Private Lands   Dec 7, 2006
Fresno Bee:  Pombo's ouster puts easterner in charge of resources panel   Dec 9, 2006
Julie Smithson:  Important Fishy Definitions   Dec 14, 2006
Government Accounting Office:  Report on USDA Conservation Programs   Dec 14, 2006 Washington Post:  Bald Eagle to Be Taken Off Endangered List   Dec 25, 2006
US Fish & Wildlife Service Press Release:  Interior Secretary Kempthorne Announces Proposal to List Polar Bears as Threatened Under Endangered Species Act   Dec 27, 2006 Senator James Inhofe Press Release:  Polar bear proposal shows ESA is broken   Jan 4, 2007
Kieran Suckling, CBD:  An icon for climate change: The polar bear   Jan 4, 2006 Missoulian:  What's good for critters seems good for us   Jan 8, 2007
Grist Magazine:  Supreme Court to examine Endangered Species Act  Jan 9, 2007 AP:  Judge restores Klamath River salamander to threatened species list   Jan 12, 2007
Grand Junction Sentinel:  Fight brewing over endangered fish   Jan 14, 2007 Time-Standard:  Salamander dilemma: split or lump?   Jan 18, 2007  The Forgotten Mammal  - Humans   Jan 26, 2007 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Briefings Debate How Hatchery Salmon Fit With ESA Listings   Jan 26, 2007
Indybay:  The Struggle for the Siskiyou Mountains Salamander   Jan 25, 2007 Pacific Legal Foundation:  Lawsuit Targets Feds’ Proposed "Endangered" Listing of American Fisher in California and Pacific Northwest   Jan 11, 2007
New York Times:  For Wolves, a Recovery May Not Be the Blessing It Seems   Feb 5, 2007 USF&WS Press Release:  More than $2.1 Billion Requested by President Bush for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service   Feb 5, 2007
USF&WS Press Release:  Bald Eagle Deadline; June 29 New Date  Feb 8, 2007 Capital Press:  ESA reform likely 'road kill' says Walden   Feb 9, 2007
Capital Press:  Agricultural spokesmen: West needs ESA reform   Feb 9, 2007
USF&WS Press Release:  Oregon Zoo Establishes Endangered Species Justice Fund   Feb 8, 2007
USF&WS Press Release:  Interior Department Approves Plans by 56 U.S. States and Territories to Keep Species from Becoming Endangered   Feb 16, 2007 PEER:  Federal Wildlife Enforcement is Leaderless and in Decline    Feb 20, 2007
Cattle Network:  NCBA: Ranchers Applaud Introduction of ESA Reform Bill   Feb 21, 2007 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Craig Introduces Endangered Species Reform Act   Feb 23, 2007
Farm Bureau News:  Farm Bureau Supports Endangered Species Recovery Act   Feb 28, 2007 Casper Star Tribune:  Gov calls for tighter wildlife protection   Feb 28, 2007
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Crapo's ESA Tax Incentive Bill Has Bipartisan Support   Mar 2, 2007 Center for Biological Diversity:  Conservation Group Calls Baucus-Crapo Endangered Species Tax Bill Historic   Mar 2, 2007
Press Release NewsWire:  Bald Eagle Makes a Comeback; Proof at Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge   Mar 4, 2007 Great Falls Tribune Editorial:  Bill would help the Species Act itself recover   Mar 7, 2007
Marilyn Crockett:  Testimony of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association  to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Proposed Listing of Polar Bear as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act   Mar 1, 2007 Tina Cunning:  State of Alaska Testimony in Alaska to review listing the polar bear as an endangered species   Mar 1, 2007
Carl Portman:  Testimony of Carl Portman concerning the polar bear population in Alaska Testimony of Carl Portman Deputy Director, Resource Development Council To U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Proposed Listing of Polar Bear on Endangered Species Act   Mar 1, 2007 Paula Easley:  Will polar bears block development?    Mar 3, 2007
Earth Justice:  Earthjustice supports listing of polar bear as threatened   Mar 5, 2007 Polar Bear Guest Editorial:  Polar Bears Understand 'the Service'    Mar 6, 2007
Times-Standard:  Thompson launches species recovery bill  Mar 9, 2007 Capital Press Editorial:  Time to make ESA reform high priority   Mar 9, 2007
London Telegraph:  Polar bears 'thriving as the Arctic warms up'    Mar 9, 2007 David Rubenson, Dean Millot, Marc Dean Millot, Gwen Farnsworth, Jerry Aroesty:  More Than 25 Million Acres? DoD As a Federal, Natural, and Cultural Resource Manager .pdf  1996
Denver Post Editorial:  ESA Not quite as endangered now with Pombo gone   Mar 14, 2007 Eugene Register-Guard:  Group threatens suit over Willamette's fish   Mar 15, 2007
AP:  Endangered Species Act getting narrower limits   Mar 17, 2007 Dept of Interior Office of the Solicitor:  The Meaning of "In Danger of Extinction Throughout All or a Significant Portion of its Range"  .pdf  Mar 16, 2007 
New York Times:  All Creatures Great, Small ... and Endangered   Mar 18, 2007 Dept of the Interior Memo:  Species Protections Should Be Based on Current, Not Historic Range   Mar 2007
California Progress Report:   Judge Orders California Water Project Shut Down Because of Violation of California Endangered Species Act   Mar 23, 2007 AP:  Interior chief: Energy development needn't hurt wildlife   Mar 23, 2007
Nebraska Farm Bureau:  Adopt the carrot approach to endangered species recovery   Mar 7, 2007 EarthJustice PR:  Earthjustice Defends ESA at Supreme Court   Mar 27, 2007
Western Roundtable: Alert: ESA Reform May Be Close!   Mar 27, 2007 Seattle PI:  Proposal could weaken species protection   Mar 27, 2007
EarthJustice PR:  Bush Administration Moves to Gut Endangered Species Act   Mar 27, 2007 Center for Biological Diversity PR:  Bush Administration Unleashes Staggering Attack on Endangered Species Act   Mar 27, 2007
Science Now:  Endangered Species Rewrite Underway   Mar 27, 2007 LA Times:  Endangered Species Act changes in the works   Mar 28, 2007
Save Our Wild Salmon Press Release:  New Attack on Endangered Species Act Poses Direct Threat to Pacific Northwest Salmon Recovery Efforts   Mar 28, 2007 AP:  Government Eyes Changes in Species Protection   Mar 28, 2007
Seattle PI:  Democrats move to protect species act   Mar 29, 2007 Center for Biological Diversity PR:  Rare Salamanders Will Finally Be Considered For Endangered Species Act Protection   Mar 29, 2007
New West:  ESA: Too Broke to Fix?   Mar 29, 2007 Ayn Rand Institute: The Endangered Species Act Should Be Revoked   Mar 29, 2007
Seattle PI Editorial:  Endangered Species Act: Don't weaken law   Mar 29, 2007 CQ:  Congress Likely to Halt Proposal to Alter Endangered Species Act   Mar 27, 2007
Capital Press:  Major overhaul of ESA proposed   Mar 30, 2007 New York Times:  A Law Not to Be Trifled With    April 2, 2007   
Daily Astorian Editorial:  Wait! There's more   April 2, 2007 New West:  Leaked Document Could Change Endangered Species Act   April 2, 2007
Earth Justice Press Release:  Court Ruling Protects Salmon and Clean Water from Harmful Logging   April 2, 2007 Former Congressman Bob Barr:  Why put fish above our civil liberties?   April 4, 2007
USFWS Press ReleaseUSFWS Awards Grants to States to Conserve Imperiled Wildlife   April 4, 2007 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:   Polar Bears Draw Record Public Response to Endangered Species Listing   April 10, 2007
AP:  Effort to Catalog Species Tops One Million   April 10, 2007 Oregonian:  Even with help, life tough for endangered rabbits    April 12, 2007
U.S. News & World Report:  Is the Endangered Species Act in Danger?   April 15, 2007 Family Farm Alliance:  Alliance Supports Rep. Thompson's ESA Bill   April 13, 2007
Denville , NJ Post Chronicle:  Russia To Make Polar Bear Hunting Legal   April 17, 2007 Billings Gazette:  USFWS holds final public hearing on wolf delisting   April 19, 2007
Salt Lake Trib :  Delicate balance Attack on Endangered Species Act outrageous  April 19, 2007 Tracy Press:  Pete McCloskey:  Pombo’s ghost and the heroism of Chafee  April 20, 2007
US Dept of State:  Key U.S. Environmental Law Helps Save Species from Extinction   April 20, 2007 Scientific American:  Slide Show: Hundreds of Troubled Species Await Official Protection  April 23, 2007
Mike Deering, American Farm Bureau:  Wildlife conservation just makes sense  April 24, 2007 S. 700:  Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2007   Feb 28, 2007  

H.R. 1422:  Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2007 

Kevin Mooney:  "Scientist" Group's Funding Comes with Liberal "Strings Attached"  April 25, 2007 Reuters:  Senators question Bush endangered wildlife plan   April 25, 2007
Washington Times:  Democrats demand a say in changes to species protection  April 26, 2007 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Timber Industry Uses Draft Bush Endangered Species Act Regulations  April 30, 2007
New Scientist:  Changes to US laws threaten endangered species  April 30, 2007 Michigan Technological University :  Legal ruling may put endangered species in danger  May 1, 2007
AP:  Scientists Protest New Reading of ESA  May 2, 2007 Christian Science Monitor:  Canadian controversy: How do polar bears fare?   May 2, 2007
AP:  US must focus on species's survival, Interior Secretary says  May 3, 2007 AP:  Interior Secretary Says U.S. Must Focus on Preventing Species from Becoming Endangered  May 4, 2007
Center for Biological Diversity:  Bush Sets Record for Denying Protection to Endangered Species: Zero New Listings in Past Year  May 9, 2007 AP:  Scientists Work on Encyclopedia of Life  May 9, 2007
House Committee on Resources:  Oversight Hearing: “Endangered Species Act Implementation: Science or Politics?”  May 9, 2007 Medford Mail Tribune:  Ashland ecologist will testify before Congress about science vs ...  May 9, 2007
Jackson Hole NewsFormer Interior official testifies today  May 9, 2007 Jackson Hole Guide:  House listens to science concerns  May 10, 2007
North County Times:  Democrats assail Bush administration over science meddling  May 10, 2007 Montana Forum:  Critics say feds ignored sound science  May 10, 2007
SacBee:  Data-tinkering review vowed  May 10, 2007 AP:  Dems slam Interior over science meddling  May 10, 2007  Pombo back in land-use battles  May 10, 2007 Arizona Republic :  Arizona tribes want bald eagle status reversed  May 11, 2007
Arizona Republic :  Arizona congressmen also want bald eagle back on species list  May 11, 2007 National Center for Policy Analysis Project:  Grizzly Bear Removal From Endangered List Cause For Celebration  May 3, 2007
EOL Press Release:  A Leap for All Life: World’s Leading Scientists Announce Creation of “Encyclopedia of Life”  May 9, 2007 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  100 Success Stories for Endangered Species Day 2007  May 15, 2007
Vancouver Sun:  Earth losing 3 species an hour, UN says  May 23, 2007 AP:  Interior secretary scraps proposed changes to endangered species law  May 25, 2007
Center for Biological Diversity:  Kempthorne at one year: ESA disaster  May 26, 2007 SacBee Opinion:  Tax incentives offered to help endangered species  May 27, 2007
McClatchy Washington Bureau:   Interior secretary tries to balance natural treasures, energy ...  May 27, 2007 Live Science:  Endangered Species Protection Sought for Bigfoot  May 25, 2007
Oregonian:  Rachel Carson's alarm still echoes  May 27, 2007 World Wire:  Federal Court Hears the Ticking of a Biodiversity Time Bomb May 28, 2007
Anchorage Daily News:  New Interior boss may soothe both sides  May 29, 2007 Center for Biological Diversity:  Environmental Protection Agency Sued Over Pesticide Use Harmful to ...  May 29, 2007
National Center for Policy Analysis:  Endangered Species Act Has Harmed Endangered Species  May 18, 2007 AP:  New protections proposed for bald eagles  June 1, 2007
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Protection Sought for Dusky Tree Vole in Oregon's Tillamook : Study Finds 215 At-Risk Species  June 19, 2007 Jim Beers:  Wolves As Indicators  June 19, 2007
USFWS Press Release:  Service Seeks Proposals from States for 2008 Endangered Species Grants  June 25, 2007 Environmental News Service:  Supreme Court Limits the Endangered Species Act  June 25, 2007
World Wildlife Fund Press Release:  Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on the Endangered Species Act  June 25, 2007 AP:  Business prevails in environmental case  June 25, 2007
Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Press Release:   Inhofe Prauses Supreme Court Endangered Species Act Ruling  June 25, 2007 Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Press Release:  Boxer Statement on Supreme Court ESA Decision  June 26, 2007
Nebraska Attorney General Press Release:  Nebraska AG Applauds U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling on Key Environmental Laws  June 26, 2007 Stoel Rives ESA Law Alert:  The Supreme Court Decides That the Endangered Species Act Does Not Trump the Clean Water Act   June 26, 2007
Casper Star-Tribune:  Wyoming, feds settle suit over mouse  June 26, 2007 Pacific Legal Foundation:  Rat-related restrictions on landowners scaled back, thanks to PLF lawsuit  June 26, 2007
USFWS Press Release:  Service Releases Draft Economic Analysis for Proposed Designation of Critical Habitat for the Marbled Murrelet  June 26, 2007 Boulder Daily Camera:  USFWS decision on bald eagles expected Friday  June 27, 2007
Arizona Republic :  Efforts continue to keep Arizona eagles on threatened list  June 27, 2007 AP:  Conservative group prepared to challenge new rules on bald eagles    June 26, 2007
Washington Times Commentary:  Bald eagle recovery falls short  June 27, 2007 USF&WS Press Release:  Bald Eagle Soars Off Endangered Species List  June 28, 2007
Oregon Public Broadcasting:  Eagles May Be Recovered, But Not Out Of The Woods  June 29, 2007  Idaho Statesmen:  Eagle recovery is reason to support ESA  June 29, 2007
Marc Morano:  Inhofe praises Supreme Court Endangered Species ruling  June 29, 2007 Gretchen Randall:  Supreme Court Curbs Endangered Species Act Abuse  June 29, 2007
Northwest Fishletter :  Supreme Court Says ESA Is No Trump Card  July 2, 2007
Los Angeles Times:  Critics say species list is endangered  July 5, 2007
Science Daily Press Release:  Critics attack Bush wildlife record  July 5, 2007

Plenty Magazine:  Nearly 300 Species Await Endangered Species Act Protection  July 11, 2007

Houston Chronicle:  Endangered Species Act misused at times  July 11, 2007 AP:  Federal agency must catch up on endangered species reviews  July 12, 2007
Michael Kraft:  Commentary: Endangered Species a La Gore  July 20, 2007 Frederick Schmidt, Jr.:  Commentary: A species saved — but at what cost to property owners?  July 20, 2007
AP:  Preble's meadow mouse may end up back on endangered species list  July 20, 2007 Albany Democrat Herald:  'Science' again trumps sense  July 20, 2007
USFWS Press Release:  Service to Review 8 Endangered Species Decisions  July 20, 2007 Salem News:  Wyden Calls for More Review of Possible ESA Tampering  July 20, 2007
Houston Chronicle Editorial:  Political strong-arming of endangered species list shows need for transparency   July 25, 2007 USF&WS Press Release:  Bald Eagle Leaves Endangered Species List  Aug 8, 2007
Spirit of the Sage Council Press Release:  D.C. District Court Rules Against Recovery of Endangered Species in Habitat Plans  Aug 31, 2007 AP:  Judge OKs Rule That May Endanger Species  Aug 31, 2007
San Luis & Delta Mendota Water Authority Press Release:  Farmers lose water to fish   Aug 31, 2007 Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife Press Release:  Fish and Wildlife Commission to meet in Klamath Falls   Aug 31, 2007
John R. Lott, Jr. and Sonya D. Jones:  The Endangered Species Act Out of Control  Sept 1, 2007 CA Farm Bureau:  Decision to save smelt means cuts for farm water  Sept 5, 2007
AP:  Study: Wrong Fish Used to Save Species  Sept 6, 2007 Colorado Springs Gazette:  And now, Julie MacDonald's side of the endangered species story  Sept 7, 2007  
Reuters:  World Conservation Union:16,300 species threatened  Sept 12, 2007 Washington PostNearly 200 more species listed as near extinction  Sept 13, 2007
Desert Dispatch Opinion:   Fishy science hampers endangered species efforts  Sept 17, 2007 Natural Resources Defense Council Press Release:  Peer-Reviewed Study by NRDC Scientist Reveals Problems in the Use of Genetic Studies by Federal Wildlife Agencies - Lack of Federal Guidelines Results in Questionable Studies with Outsized Influence  Sept 20, 2007
National Center for Policy Analysis:  Endangered Species Act Does More Harm Than Good  Sept 25, 2007 San Francisco Chronicle:  Lawsuit claims Interior Dept. behind on assessing peril to animals  Oct 5, 2007
European Science Foundation:  Nitrogen – the silent species eliminator  Oct 12, 2007 Western Farm Press:  The danger in being an endangered species  Oct 12, 2007
Duluth Weekly, GA:  GA Delegation Introduces Legislation to Alleviate Water Crisis  Oct 16, 2007 Gainsville GA Times:  Endangered Species Act targeted during drought  Oct 17, 2007
Plenty Magazine:  U.S. Drought Spells Bad News for Endangered Species  Oct 17, 2007 Stephen Littau:  The Endangered (Species) People Act  October 18, 2007
LA Times:  Why we should save the delta smelt  Oct 21, 2007 Bloomberg:  Bush Visits Refuge to Tout Plan to Save Birds, Fish  Oct 20, 2007
Devvy Kidd:  The State of Georgia 's Control of Their Own Water  Oct 22, 2007 Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Water fight is man vs. man, not mussels  Oct 21, 2007
Atlanta Daily Report:  Animal law is key to water fight  Oct 22, 2007 Investor's Business Daily:  When Man Is Endangered  Oct 23, 2007
Atlanta Journal-Constitution:  Feds weigh drinking water vs. mussels  Oct 23, 2007 AP:  Mass-extinction study casts cloud on future  Oct 24, 2007
Oregonian, Steve Duin:  Stuck in denial as the river runs dry  Oct 25, 2007   Washington Post:  States Compete for Water From Shrinking Lake Lanier   Oct 27, 2007
Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Mussels' fate could affect us, too  Oct 28, 2007 USF&WS Press Release:  Service Seeks Public Comment on New Conservation Program  for Threatened and Endangered Species  Nov 2, 2007
The NarcoSphere:  Chertoff declares open season on endangered species  Nov 2, 2007 Arizona Republic :  Strange bedfellows  Nov 8, 2007
Center for Biological Diversity:  Lawsuits Challenge Political Corruption in Seven States; Could Protect 55 Species, 8.7 Million Acres   Nov 16, 2007 Felice Pace:  California officials propose California Endangered Species Act Exemption for Klamath River   Nov 5, 2007
Amy Ridenour:  Some of Us Support Species, While Others Support the Endangered Species Act  Nov 2007 AP:  Indians say they should be allowed to kill bald eagles  Nov 17, 2007
Christian Science Monitor:  Politics undercut species act, suits say  Nov 20, 2007 Alan Caruba:  Loons and Bears vs. Eskimos and oil  Nov 20, 2007
Environmental Law Institute:  Mitigation of Impacts to Fish and Wildlife Habitat : Estimating Costs and Identifying Opportunities  Nov 20, 2007 Center for Biological Diversity:  Conservationists Challenge Controversial New Rules for Forest Wildlife  Nov 20, 2007
Christian Science Monitor:  Northwest's dams endanger salmon and orcas  Nov 28, 2007 Reuters:  More than 1/4 of US birds threatened - report  Nov 28, 2007
eFluxMedia:  The Endangered Species Act Will Be Revised  Nov 28, 2007 Fresno Bee:  Species face tough road despite protections  Nov 28, 2007
AP:  Reversal of Endangered Species Rulings  Nov 28, 2007 Rocky Mountain News:  Politics influenced seven species rulings, says wildlife agency  Nov 29, 2007
Alaska Public Radio:  U.S. Interior finds problems with alleged species act interference  Nov 29, 2007

Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance :  Two Sides To Every Story - Former Deputy Assistant Interior Secretary Julie MacDonald Responds to Allegations  Sept 20, 2007

Environment News Service:  US Endangered Species Program Burdened by Political Meddling  Nov 29, 2007 Durango Herald:  Politics don't belong in endangered-species decisions  Nov 30, 2007
Capital Press Editorial:  More than one to blame on ESA rulings reversal  Nov 30, 2007 Seattle PI Editorial:  Endangered Species: Political assault   Dec 2, 2007
USF&WS Press Release:  Fish and Wildlife Service Updates ESA List of Candidates  Dec 6, 2007 Daily Green:  Bush Administration Faces Endangered Species Lawsuits  Dec 23, 2007
Center for Biological Diversity Press ReleaseSecrecy Over Agency Corruption: Lawsuit Filed to Gain Information ...  Dec 27, 2007 AP:  Citizens sue for information about species rulings  Dec 28, 2007
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Ocean Waters off California and Oregon on Track for Protection;  Dec 28, 2007 W. Scott Jorgensen:  Supreme Court: ESA Can Be Trumped  Jan 14, 2008
ODF&W Press Release:  Radio-collared gray wolf verified in Northeast Oregon  Jan 24, 2008 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Study Looks at How Rapid Change in Ecosystems Impacts Species Survival  Feb 1, 2008
USF&WS News Release:  Interior Department Removes Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves from Endangered Species List  Feb 21, 2008 Oakland Tribune:  Rancher sees his kind as endangered species  Feb 25, 2008
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Center for Biological Diversity Editor Writes Critically Acclaimed Novel About Extinction  Feb 26, 2008 The Heartland Institute:  U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Whether ESA Listing Exceeds Federal Power  April 1, 2008
USF&WS Press Release:  Secretary Kempthorne Announces $57.9 Million in Grants to Support Land Acquisition and Conservation Planning for Endangered Species - More than $12 million awarded to projects in the Pacific Region  Mar 20, 2008 Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife Press Release:  What federal wolf delisting means for Oregon ’s livestock producers  Mar 21, 2008
Washington Post:  Since '01, Guarding Species Is Harder  Mar 23, 2008 AP:  Oregon Lawmakers Want More Time on Marine Reserves  Mar 24, 2008
Daily Inter Lake Editorial:  Manufacturing a new enviro-crisis  Mar 25, 2008 Salem Statesman Journal:  Wolf actions elsewhere won't affect Oregon rules  Mar 26, 2008
Oregon Public BroadcastingLand Set Aside in Oregon For Endangered Butterfly  Mar 26, 2008 USF&WS Press Release:  Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves Removed From Endangered Species List as of March 28, 2008   Mar 28, 2008
Jim Beers:  Wolf Propaganda  Mar 28, 2008 Washington Post:  Wolves Are Back. Humans Are Howling.  Mar 30, 2008
Jim Beers:  Wolves & the 2nd Amendment  Mar 29, 2008 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  New Federal Report Promotes Building Marine Protected Areas  April 4, 2008
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf Delisted; Includes Eastern Washington , Oregon   April 4, 2008 ODF&W Press Release:  OPAC Receives Public Response to Marine Reserve Proposal  April 4, 2008
Columbia Basin Bulletin:   USFWS Begins ESA Status Review For Western Sage-Grouse in Oregon, Washington, Idaho   May 2, 2008   Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Bush Sets Record: Two Years Since Any U.S. Species Listed As Endangered  May 12, 2008
GOA Testimony:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:  Endangered Species Act Decision Making  May 21, 2008 AP:  US Official: Interior rulings subject to meddling  May 22, 2008
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Government Accountability Office Finds Illegal Political interference in Endangered Species Decisions Is Widespread  May 22, 2008 Missoulian:  GAO report: Four other Interior officials had role in ESA decisions  May 22, 2008
Salt Lake Tribune:  Report criticizes Interior Dept.'s work on MacDonald's ESA decisions  May 22, 2008 San Francisco Chronicle:  Four Interior Employees May Have Thwarted Species Protection  May 22, 2008
Missoulian:  Views: Revamp Endangered Act As World Warms  May 22, 2008 Steve Thompson, Sacramento Bee Opinion:  Another view: Myths of species law  June 1, 2008
EarthTimes Press Release:  NEWSWEEK Cover: The Politics of Endangered Species  June 1, 2008 Triple Pundit:  The Lacey Act: Protecting American Wildlife  June 2, 2008
Newsweek:  The Race for Survival  June 9, 2008 Plenty Magazine:  Wildlife lawsuits, as far as the eye can see  June 2008
Julie Kay Smithson:  New Endangered Species List  June 8, 2008   Julie Kay Smithson:  The Vital Species Act (VSA)  June 8, 2008
Kristine Cook, San Joaquin Valley:  A Judges Ruling Devastated Thousands Because of an Endangered Little Fish  July 4, 2008 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Protections Stripped From Endangered Species in Wyoming: Bush Administration Still Putting Politics Before Science  July 10, 2008
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Feds Move Delta Smelt Toward Endangered Status  July 10, 2008 New York Times:  Fish Affect California Water Supply  July 11, 2008
New West:  Wolf Protections Restored in Northern Rockies, Hunting Halted  July 18, 2008 Defenders of Wildlife Press Release:  District Judge Reverses Gray Wolf Delisting Throughout Northern Rockies  July 18, 2008
ODF&W Press Release:  Wolf pack with pups confirmed in northeastern Oregon  July 21, 2008 LA Times:  A look at the 'tough' Montana judge in the gray wolves case  July 21, 2008
USF&WS Press Release:  Endangered Species Act Protections Reinstated for North Rocky Mountain Wolf Population  July 22, 2008 Missoula Missoulian:  Agencies, Ranchers Shift Gears With Wolf Re-listing  July 22, 2008
Idaho Statesman:  Idaho hunters frustrated by federal decision on wolves  July 22, 2008 Casper Star-Tribune:  Wyoming will continue to compensate ranchers for wolf-related losses  July 23, 2008
Twin Falls Times-News:  Idaho wolf foe says decision will aid his wolf-removal initiative  July 23, 2008 USF&WS Press Release:  Service Seeks Proposals from States for 2009 Endangered Species Grants  July 23, 2008
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  USF&WS Announces Changes in Pacific Region Leadership Positions  Aug 1, 2008
Department of the Interior Press Release:  Secretary Kempthorne Proposes Narrow Changes To ESA Consultation Process  Aug 11, 2008
National Wildlife Federation:  Analysis of Proposed Bush Administration Changes to ESA {PDF}  Aug 9, 2008
National Wildlife Federation:  Bush Administration to Launch Sneak Attack on Endangered Species Act  Aug 11, 2008 AP:  Bush to relax protected species rules  Aug 11, 2008
Think Progress:  The Bush Administration's Plan To Make The Endangered Species Act Extinct  Aug 11, 2008 AP:  Kempthorne defends proposed changes to species law  Aug 11, 2008
Power Line:  Rule Changes May Reduce Damage Caused By Endangered Species Act  Aug 11, 2008 Seattle PI:  Bush administration targets changes for Endangered Species Act  Aug 11, 2008
UK Guardian:  US accused of 'sneak attack' on wildlife protection  Aug 11, 2008 Washington Post:  Endangered Species Act Changes Give Agencies More Say  Aug 11, 2008
New York Times:  Changes in Environmental Reviews Are Sought  Aug 11, 2008 Oregonian:  Northwest conservationists bristle over US move on species act  Aug 11, 2008
Wall Street Journal:  Bush Seeks to Limit Species Law  Aug 12, 2008 Plenty Magazine:  Bush proposes slashing endangered species protections  Aug 12, 2008
LA Times:  Are proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act illegal?  Aug 12, 2008 MarketWatch Lame Duck White House Launches Assault on Endangered Species Act  Aug 12, 2008
Truthdig:  The Endangered Species Act is Endangered  Aug 12, 2008  Who Likes Endangered Species?  Aug 12, 2008
Seattle PI Editorial:  Endangered Species Act: Who needs laws?  Aug 12, 2008 The Christian Science Monitor:  Are They Really Going to Gut the Endangered Species Act?  Aug 12, 2008
Casper Star-Tribune:  Endangered Species Act changes should be made by Congress  Aug 13, 2008 Time:  Endangered Species: In More Danger  Aug 13, 2008
U.S. News & World Report:  Bush to Environment: First Do More Harm  Aug 13, 2008 New York Times:  An Endangered Act  Aug 13, 2008
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Bush Administration Proposes Draft Regulations Gutting Protections for Nation's Endangered Species  Aug 11, 208 The Washington Independent:  Endangered Species Act Threatened  Aug 12, 2008
World Socialist Web Site:  Bush administration proposes major cut to endangered species protections  Aug 13, 2008 Casper Star-Tribune Editorial Don't change the ESA through the back door  Aug 13, 2008
AP:  Senate contenders differ on endangered species plan  Aug 13, 2008 AP:  Obama opposes Bush's endangered species proposal  Aug 13, 2008
Federal Register:  Interagency Cooperation Under the Endangered Species Act   Aug 15, 2008 California Sportfishing Protection Alliance Press Release:  Act NOW to Stop Bush from Gutting Federal Endangered Species Act!  Aug 15, 2008
The Hill:  Boxer calls out Interior Department  Aug 15, 2008 U.S. News & World Report:  Bush to Environment: First Do More Harm  Aug 15, 2008
Las Vegas Sun:  Endangered Species Act is safe and sound  Aug 15, 2008 Salt Lake Tribune:  New wildlife rules: Effects remain unclear  Aug 16, 2008
Dept of Interior Press Release:  Kempthorne Approves $140 Million in Conservation, Recreation and Capital Improvements for Nevada and Lake Tahoe  Aug 16, 2008 Idaho Statesman:  Proposed reform to Endangered Species Act gets cool response  Aug 17, 2008
Minneapolis Star Tribune Opinion:  Politics behind gutting of Endangered Species Act  Aug 18, 2008 Los Angeles Times:  Interior starts counting off 30-day comment period on Endangered ...  Aug 18, 2008
Red, Green, and Blue:  The Proposed Neutering of Our Endangered Species Act  Aug 18, 2008 Washington Post:  Endangered Process  Aug 19, 2008
Environmental Action Blog:  Endangered Species on the Auction Block  Aug 19, 2008 Rocky Mountain News:  Bush administration goes too far on Endangered Species Act  Aug 20, 2008
Juneau Empire:  Views: Endangered Process: Changes to Species Act Could do Lasting Harm  Aug 20, 2008 Daily Inter Lake: Gutting species act invites trouble  Aug 19, 2008
Environment News Service:  'Sneaky' Bush Attack on Endangered Species Angers Conservationists  Aug 21, 2008 Reno News & Review:  Endangered ESA law  Aug 21, 1008
DOI Dirk Kempthorne More Protection, Less Red Tape  Aug 21, 2008 Brownsville Herald:  Environmentalists warn of a future where laws no longer apply  Aug 23, 2008
RedOrbit:  Species Law Shift a Gift to Bush Cronies  Aug 24, 2008 Washington Post:  Protecting Species When Necessary  Aug 24, 2008
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Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Center for Biological Diversity, Others Assail Bush Administration 'Sneak Attack' on Endangered Species Act  Sept 5, 2008 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Penguins Marching Toward Endangered Species Act Protection; Court Deadline Set For 10 Species  Sept 9, 2008
The Hill:  Battle of Endangered Species Act changes heats up  Sept 9, 2008 Uprising:  Bush’s Last-Ditch Effort to Gut Endangered Species  Sept 12, 2008
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AP:  Experts warn species in peril from climate change  Oct 2, 2008 Environment News Service:  Bush Administration Peppered With Endangered Species Lawsuits  Oct 2, 2008
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Reuters:  One in four mammals risks extinction  Oct 6, 2008 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Polar Bear Critical Habitat to be Designated  Oct 6, 2008
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US Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Reopens Public Comment Period on 2007 Proposal to Delist Northern Rocky Mountain Population of Gray Wolves Under the Endangered Species Act  Oct 24, 2008 Helena Independent Record:  Delisting process begins again  Oct 25, 2008
Wall Street Journal:  Bush Administration Rushes Regulatory Changes Before Time Is Up  Oct 25, 2008  Wall Street Journal:  Bush Administration Rushes Regulatory Changes Before Time Is Up  Oct 25, 2008 
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AP:  Species rule takes short cut  Dec 11, 2008 Washington Post:  Administration Loosens Species Protections  Dec 11, 2008
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Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Conservation Groups Deliver 52,000 petitions to Salazar Requesting He Rescind Bush Regulations That Weaken ESA  April 17, 2009
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Capital Press Editorial:  States fight to manage their wildlife  Oct 28, 2010
All Headline News:  World Bank Starts Programs To Conserve Natural Resources, Save Endangered Species  Oct 29, 2010
Pierce County Herald:  Endangered Species Act may be re-written due to legal challenges  Nov 15, 2010 DOI News Release:  Salazar, Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Announce Completion of Sage-Grouse Habitat Map in the West - Critical to Conservation Efforts for Western Bird  Nov 23, 2010
The Hill:  Interior finalizes 'critical habitat' for polar bears threatened by climate change  Nov 24, 2010 Cordova Times:  187000 square miles designated as polar bear critical habitat  Nov 25, 2010
The Hill:  Alaska gov: Interior's polar bear decision hinders oil drilling  Nov 25, 2010 Alaska Dispatch:  Alaska governor to fight polar bear habitat designation  Nov 25, 2010
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New York Times:  Supreme Court Decides Against Intervening in 'Critical Habitat' Designations  Feb 22, 2011 Bisbee, Arizona Daily Review:  Endangered species listing process wastes taxpayer cash, attorney says  Feb 21, 2011
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Herald and News:  Lawmakers, conservationists at odds  Feb 25, 2011
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Klamath County Republican Central Committee:   ESA Letter sent to the Klamath Irrigation Groups  Mar 25, 2011
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New York Times:  Interior Unveils Plan to Address Listing of More Than 250 Species  May 10, 2011 
Reuters:  Deal aims to cut endangered species red tape  May 10, 2011 East Oregonian:  Congress undermines ESA  May 10, 2011  Settlement May Speed Endangered Species Protection  May 11, 2011 Western Farmer-Stockman:  Approach to Endangered Species List Changing  May 11, 2011 
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AP:  Center for Biological Diversity files lawsuit to put species settlement on hold  May 17, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Judge Halts Settlement Over Hundreds of Endangered Species, Orders Parties Back to Negotiations  May 17, 2011 
Live Science Species Extinction Rates Grossly Overestimated  May 18, 2011
Christian Science Monitor:   New study says species take longer than estimated to go extinct   May 20, 2011
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Tucson Citizen:  Endangered Species Act--Habitat Conservation Plans  May 23, 2011 Department of Interior Press Release:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA Fisheries Launch Effort to Improve Implementation of the Endangered Species Act  May 26, 2011
OPB News:  Agencies Want To Improve Federal Endangered Species Act  May 26, 2011 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  USFWS, NOAA Fisheries Look At Identifying, Implementing ‘Administrative’ Changes To ESA  June 3, 2011   
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Dan Bacher Environmental and fishing groups contest Westlands claims  June 25, 2011 Dan Bacher:  Splittail and salmon losses could be 5 to 10 times 'salvage' numbers  June 25, 2011
The Atlantic: Endangered Species: The Environmental Issue for 2012  June 27, 2011
Spokesman Review:  Hastings calls for ESA revamp, says he's working with Idaho Rep. Simpson  June 30, 2011  Spokesman Review:  Editorial: Protect ESA from peril of legislative assaults  July 2, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  House Spending Bill Halts Protections for Species, Rewards Polluters  July 6, 2011 MYfox, LUBBOCK.COM:  West Texas lizard might become an endangered species  July 6, 2011
Natural Resources Defense Council June Threats to the Endangered Species Act  July 7, 2011
Inside Tucson Business:  Tucson: the environmental litigation factory capitol of America  July 8, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Historic Agreement Moves 757 Imperiled Species Toward Endangered Species Act Protection: Walrus, Wolverine, Albatross, Fisher, Mexican Gray Wolf, Sage Grouse, Golden Trout Among Those Fast-tracked for Protection  July 12, 2011  Polar bears to be listed as species at risk  July 13, 2011
Oregonian Editorial:  Promise and peril in saving our frog  July 16, 2011 
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Science Now:  House Strikes Proposed Ban on Endangered Species Listings  July 28, 2011
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Capital Press Editorial:   ESA threatens to drain federal pocketbook  Aug 11, 2011
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Town Hall:  The Endangered American Act  Aug 24, 2011 New York Times:  Scientists take a stab at estimating number of Earth's species  Aug 24, 2011
New York Times:  FWS Must Restore 'Lost Credibility,' New Director Says  Aug 26, 2011
Houston Chronicle:  Study seeks to quantify cost of endangered species  Aug 26, 2011  Protecting Endangered Species from Congress  Aug 30, 2011
Earth Island:  Kieran Suckling, where all the lawsuits against America come from  Sept 1, 2011
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Capital Press Letter:  EPA, ESA are out of control  Sept 1, 2011
Capital Press Letter:  ESA should include cost  Sept 1, 2011 Human Events:  $35M for Mice, Fairy Shrimp, Mussels, and Beetles  Sept 2, 2011
OPB News:  How safe are species?  Sept 5, 2011
Courthouse News Service:  Hunters Say Protecting Species Could Hurt Them  Sept 6, 2011
Santa Ana Sucker Task Force - Western Farm Press:  US Fish and Wildlife Service often sued for failing to do homework  Aug 23, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:   Court Approves Historic Agreement to Speed Endangered Species Act Protection  Sept 9, 2011
OPB News:  Feds may label OR bumble bee as endangered  Sept 14, 2011 Spokesman Review:  Idaho lawmakers propose ESA changes on grizzlies  Sept 14, 2011
This Dish Is Veg:  Upcoming Congress anti-environmental agenda threatens endangered species act  Sept 15, 2011
Western Farm Press:  Key documents, emails buried in California's sucker ruling?  Sept 27, 2011 San Angelo Standard Times:  Sections of Endangered Species Act set back farmers  Oct 4, 2011  Confrontation is needed in Endangered Species Act process  Oct 10, 2011 Western Farm Press:  ESA mega-lawsuit stay continued  Oct 10, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Science Advisory Panel Urges, Comprehensive ‘Landscape Approach’ To Fish, Wildlife Restoration Oct 14, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Statement of Conservation Groups on Court Ruling Regarding Endangered Species  Oct 17, 2011
Summit County Citizens Voice:  Report: Endangered Species Act has 'room for improvement'  Oct 22, 2011  Popular Science:  Gallery: Harmonizing Disparate Streams of Data  Nov 4, 2011
San Francisco Examiner:  Jobs killed by unendangered species  Nov 7, 2011
Farm Futures:  Court Curbs Endangered Species Act Authority  Nov 28, 2011  US Rep. Doc Hastings ready to tackle Endangered Species Act  Nov 28, 2011
National Parks Traveler:  House Natural Resources Committee To Hold Hearing On Endangered Species Act  Nov 29, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Endangered Species Act 99 Percent Effective at Saving Imperiled Species  Dec 5, 2011 Summit County Citizens Voice:  Endangered species showdown in Congress  Dec 6, 2011
House Committee on Natural Resources Press Release:  Excessive Endangered Species Act Litigation Threatens Species Recovery, Job Creation and Economic Growth  Dec 6, 2011 National Parks Traveler:  House Natural Resources Committee Hearing On ESA Presents Diverging Viewpoints  Dec 7, 2011
AgraNet:  House Republicans eye Endangered Species Act reform, question role of litigation  Dec 8, 2011 Western Farm Press:  Endangered Species Act gets clarification upgrade  Dec 8, 2011
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Proposed Obama Policy on Endangered Species Act Is Recipe for Extinction  Dec 8, 2011 USF&WS Press Release:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA’s Fisheries Service Propose Policy to Improve Implementation of Endangered Species Act  Dec 8, 2011
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  New ESA Listing Policy To Clarify Definition, Use Of ‘Significant Portion’ Of Species’ Range  Dec 9, 2011  Columbia Basin Bulletin:  NOAA Releases New Scientific Integrity Policy To Protect Findings From Being ‘Suppressed, Distorted  Dec 9, 2011
House Committee on Natural Resources:  ESA Testimony of Karen Budd Falen  Dec 6, 2011   AP:  Obama: No more listing endangered species by state  Dec 9, 2011
El Defensor Chieftain:  Balancing economic development and conservation  Dec 9, 2011
Senator Doug Whitsett's Newsletter:   Endangered Species Act - NGO's line their own pockets at Taxpayers expense  Dec 12, 2011
National Parks Traveler:  Obama Administration Proposing Worrisome Change In Endangered Species Act  Dec 12, 2011 Motherboard:  The US Endangered Species List is Missing Hundreds of Animals  Dec 14, 2011
Capital Press:  House panel probes inner workings of ESA  Dec 14, 2011
Scientific American:  U.S. Exempts Species Classified as Endangered in the Rest of the World  Dec 14, 2011
Capital Press Editorial:  Fixing ESA will save farmers  Dec 22, 2011
Mid Columbia Tri City Herald:  Endangered Species Act review needs all sides  Jan 10, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News:  Guest opinion: The ESA cripples communities  Jan 11, 2012
My West Texas:  Endangered Species Act endangers America's economy  Jan 11, 2012
Wilson County News:  Western States petition Congress to fix Endangered Species Act  Jan 12, 2012
The Columbian:  In our view: Improve the Endangered Species Act  Jan 16, 2012
The Columbian:  Letter: Revise Endangered Species Act  Jan 19, 2012
Herald and News Letter:  Sage grouse listing would destroy industry  Jan 20, 2012
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  More Than 40000 Square Miles Protected for Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtles  Jan 21, 2012 San Francisco Chronicle:  Leatherback turtle sanctuary set up on West Coast  Jan 21, 2012
US Fish and Wildlife Press Release:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Welcomes Inaugural Class of Diversity Change Agents  Feb 3, 2012
Environment & Energy Publishing:  ESA worlds collide under proposed Interior merger  Feb 17, 2012
Bellingham Herald:   Rep. Hastings takes aim at Endangered Species Act  Feb 19, 2012
Summit County Citizens Voice:  Endangered species short-shrifted in federal budget  Feb 19, 2012
Oregonian:  Seen an Oregon spotted frog lately?  Feb 24, 2012 Santa Rosa Press Democrat:  GUEST OPINION: House bill would turn back environmental law clock 20 years  Mar 3, 2012
Eastern Arizona Courier:  Endangered Species Act needs revision  Mar 4, 2012
Herald and News Letter:  The ESA allows for endless funds  Mar 7, 2012 
Huffington Post:  Endangered Species Act: Proposed Changes Opposed By Conservation Groups  Mar 8, 2012
ODFW News Release:  Bald eagle soars off Oregon’s Endangered Species List  Mar 9, 2012 The State Column:  Rick Santorum: Endangered Species Act places 'critters above people'  Mar 12, 2012
Pacific Legal Foundation Press Release:  PLF files lawsuit to stop feds' “foot-dragging” on elderberry beetle de-listing  Mar 12, 2012 Mother Nature Network:  Endangered Species Act stirs new debates  Mar 13, 2012
TopNews:  Phrase of Endangered Species Act Under Fire  Mar 13, 2012 Environment News Service:  Feds, Conservationists Clash Over Endangered Species Act Definition  Mar 13, 2012
Western Farm Press:  EPA seeks to streamline ESA consultations  Mar 13, 2012
AP:  USFWS to allow tribe in Wyoming to kill two bald eagles this year  Mar 14, 2012 Central Valley Business Times:   Another endangered Delta fish?  Mar 29, 2012
Los Angeles Times US says Bay Area delta's longfin smelt could become extinct  Mar 30, 2012
Co.Exist:  Putting A Value On Endangered Species To Save Them  Apr 17, 2012 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Obama Administration Again Proposes Polar Bear Extinction Plan  Apr 17, 2012
Vancouver Sun:  Let's put the hysteria over polar bears on ice  Apr 18, 2012
Reno Gazette Journal:  Spotted Owl listing could pale in comparison to Sage Grouse  Apr 28, 2012
OPB News:  Mitigation Bank Protects Southern Oregon Vernal Pools  Apr 30, 2012 Statesman Journal:  Habitat set aside for threatened species  Apr 30, 2012
Sacramento Bee:  The killing agency: Wildlife Services' brutal methods leave a trail of animal death  May 2, 2012 Sacramento Bee:  Wildlife Services' deadly force opens Pandora's box of environmental problems  May 2, 2012
Sacramento Bee:  Environmental group sues to halt killing practices of federal wildlife agency  May 2, 2012
The Moral Liberal:  Playing God with “Endangered Species”  May 3, 2012
Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Federal Petition Filed to Protect Black-backed Woodpeckers in California  May 3, 2012
Washington Post:  US ramps up endangered-species actions  May 7, 2012
Jim Beers:  Move Along Little Doggies - More ESA Mayhem  May 8, 2012  Endangered Species Act change approved for further study  May 11, 2012 Huffington Post:  On Endangered Species Day, Stories of Unparalleled Success  May 17, 2012 
Science 2.0:  How Effective Is The Endangered Species Act?  May 17, 2012 Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Study: 90 Percent of Endangered Species Recovering on Time  May 17, 2012
Washington Times:   HASTINGS: Time to improve the Endangered Species Act - Too much money spent on lawyers rather than on threatened wildlife  May 18, 2012  Commentary: Celebrating or cursing Endangered Species Day  May 19, 2012
Idaho Statesman Opinion:  Warming climate expands need for species protection  May 21, 2012 Capital Press:  Farmers, foresters prepare to share ESA woes at hearing  May 21, 2012
Business Insider:  Humans Fit All Of The Government Criteria For 'Endangered Species'  May 21, 2012  Redding Record-Searchlight:  Bruce Ross' blog:  Lawyers vs. wildlife  May 21, 2012
Haliburton County Echo:  Endangered Species amendment gains traction  May 22, 2012
Wenatchee World:  WA bunnies find unexpected success in the wild  May 24, 2012
Family Farm Alliance:  Endangered Species Act Under Scrutiny  May 31, 2012 Pacific Legal Foundation:  Inflated Endangered Species Act “success stories” revealed  June 5, 2012 
House Committee on Natural Resources Press Release:   Oversight Hearing on “Taxpayer-Funded
Litigation: Benefiting Lawyers and Harming Species, Jobs and Schools”
  June 19, 2012  June 9, 2012
Outdoor Life Magazine:  How to Advocate for a Species: Fish and Hunt for It  June 8, 2012
Family Farm Alliance:  June 2012 "Water Review"  June 15, 2012 House Natural Resource Committee Press Release:  Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Spent on Endangered Species Act Litigation and Attorney Fees  June 19, 2012
House Natural Resource Committee Press Release:  Full Committee Oversight Hearing on "Taxpayer-Funded Litigation: Benefitting Lawyers and Harming Species, Jobs and Schools"  June 19, 2012  House Natural Resource Committee Press Release:  Litigation Drives Endangered Species Act to the Detriment of Species and People  June 19, 2012
San Francisco Chronicle:  Threatened California fox species found in Oregon  June 19, 2012
Dallas Observer:  Texas Declares War on Endangered Species Act  June 23, 2012 Barnstable Patriot:  Is Endangered Species program endangered?  June 23, 2012 
House Committee on Natural Resources Press Release:  DOJ Documents Confirm Center for Biological Diversity Received Millions in Taxpayer Funds from ESA-Related Lawsuits  June 27, 2012  Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Hastings Relies on False Information in Attacks on Endangered Species Cases  June 27, 2012
ODFW News Release:  Sage-Grouse Local Implementation Team meetings set for July and August  June 29, 2012  Center for Biological Diversity Press Release:  Protection Sought for Rare, Mink-like Carnivore in California and Oregon  July 2. 2012 
Capital Press Letter:  ESA threatens all Americans  July 5, 2012 
Scientific American:  Jaguars May Soon Get Critical Habitat in the U.S.  July 5, 2012 
infoZine:  Fish and Wildlife Service Routinely Ignored Scientific Experts, Study  July 9, 2012 Forest Industry Network:  DOJ Documents Confirm Center for Biological Diversity Received Millions in Taxpayer Funds from ESA-Related Lawsuits  July 10, 2012
Austin American-Statesman:  Who pays environmental lawyers, and do they get rich?  July 10, 2012 Legal News Line:  Environmental 'citizen lawsuits' are equivalent to ambulance chasing, critic says  July 10, 2012
San Angelo Standard Times:  ALEX MILLS: Closer look needed at Endangered Species Act's cost  July 13, 2012  The Endangered Species Act -- Success or Failure?  Aug 4, 2012
USGS Press Release:  North American Fish Extinctions May Double by 2050  Aug 10, 2012
Washington Examiner:  A legal phenom takes on an invented subspecies  Aug 10, 2012
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces More Than $33 Million in Grants to Support Land Acquisition and Conservation Planning for Endangered Species  Aug 14, 2012 
Phys.Org:  Democracy works for Endangered Species Act, study finds  Aug 16, 2012 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Study: Freshwater Fish Species Going Extinct At Rate 877 Times Faster Than Rate In Fossil Record  Aug 17, 2012  
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Northwest States Receive USFWS Grants Through Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund  Aug 17, 2012  
Capital Press:  Sage grouse listing would affect more than grazing  Aug 21, 2012 Huffington Post:  People Power Essential to Saving Endangered Species  Aug 22, 2012 
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries Service Propose to Simplify Review Process for Critical Habitat Proposals under the Endangered Species Act  Aug 23, 2012  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces $5.7 Million in State Wildlife Grants to Help Imperiled Species  Aug 23, 2012
Western Farm Press:  EPA seeks input on endangered species reform  Aug 28, 2012 Canada Free Press:  Endangered Species Act Quirks  Aug 29, 2012
Courthouse News Service:   Critical Habitat to Have Economic Analyses  Aug 29, 2012
 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  Service Declares Wyoming Gray Wolf Recovered Under the Endangered Species Act and Returns Management Authority to the State  Aug 31, 2012
Science Codex:  Continuing management needed for most threatened and endangered species  Sept 10, 2012
Opposing Views:  Uncle Sam Drags Feet on Protecting Seven Threatened Species in Nevada Desert  Sept 17, 2012 The Wildlife News:  Judge in Montana tells Feds to make a decision on ESA protection for wolverine  Sept 21, 2012
OPB News:  Marbled Murrelet On Endangered Species List 20 Years, But Still Declining  Oct 1, 2012
Washington Examiner:  Scalia slams reach of Endangered Species Act  Oct 3, 2012 High Country News:  Putting a price tag on existence  Oct 17, 2012
Houston Chronicle:  Putting a price tag on where endangered species live  Oct 20, 2012
Contra Costa Times:  Judge rules in favor of providing extra water habitat for Santa Ana sucker  Oct 22, 2012 Riverside Press Enterprise:  REGION: Water districts take hit on endangered fish lawsuit  Oct 22, 2012
Las Vegas Review - Journal:  Ruby natural gas pipeline may endanger protected fish species  Oct 22, 2012 OPB News:  9th Circuit Court Rules On Ruby Pipeline Case  Oct 22, 2012  St. Tammany Parish landowners intend to file lawsuit over frog habitat  Oct 24, 2012 KCET:  Santa Ana Sucker Wins One Against Inland Empire Water Agencies  Oct 24, 2012
Oregonian:  Feds to drop marbeled murrelets ‘critical habitat’?  Oct 24, 2012 EarthFix:  Conservation Groups Ask Obama Administration To Keep Murrelet Protections  Oct 24, 2012
Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries Press Release:  Reopen Public Comment Period on Process for Identifying Habitat Essential to Species Protected Under the ESA  Nov 7, 2012
Natural Resources Defense Council:  Water Woes - A New Report about Endangered Species and Water  Nov 14, 2012
Seattle Times:  CA farmers want orcas off endangered list  Nov 26, 2012
Capital Press:  Feds to consider delisting whale after PLF's petition  Nov 27, 2012 Courthouse News Service:  Agency Releases Annual Candidate Species List  Nov 27, 2012
The New American:  Obama Using “Endangered” Species to Kill Economy, Push Extreme Agenda  Nov 27, 2012 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  NOAA Fisheries Accepts Pacific Legal Foundation Petition To Review Killer Whale ESA Listing  Nov 30, 2012 
Reuters:  Ice-dwelling seals to get U.S. Endangered Species Act listings  Dec 21, 2012
Western Farm Press:  Endangered Species Act hits 40th birthday  Jan 15, 2013
AP:   USFWS to propose wolverine for listing on endangered species list  Feb 1, 2013 Washington Times:  Endangered Species Act's hidden costs  Feb 8, 2013
Jim Beers:  Polar Bear Mythology Redux  Feb 8, 2013



Information You Need To Know About - 

Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Field Oversight Hearing on Endangered Species Act Testimony August 23, 2004 In Casper, Wyoming

Opening Statement of Sen. Craig Thomas, Wyoming-R Statement of Julie MacDonald,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, United States Department of the Interior
Statement of Mark Rey,
Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment, United States Department of Agriculture
Statement of Representative Randall B. Luthi, Majority Floor Leader, Wyoming House of Representatives
Statement of Terry Cleveland, Director, Wyoming Game and Fish Department Statement of Sleeter Dover, Director
Wyoming Department of Transportation
Statement of Alden H. Prosser,
Commissioner, Platte County
Statement of Olin Sims, President,
Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts
Statement of Dru Bower, Vice President, 
Petroleum Association of Wyoming
Statement of Mark Winland, President,
Wyoming Wildlife Federation
Statement of Robert Wharff, Executive Director, Wyoming Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife Statement of Terry L. Anderson, Executive Director, Property and Environment Research Center (PERC


Information You Need To Know About - 

House of Representatives


Committee on Resources



Testimony Before the Committee


 and Sub Committee's On


 Reforming the Endangered


 Species Act and Other Matters:



Contact list for Members of the House Resource Committee


Water and Power Subcommittee Field Hearing - July 17, 2004 in Klamath Falls, Oregon:


KBB Notes and Quotes From The Hearing

July Klamath Congressional Field Hearing – What Was Learned? NWRA Interview with KWUA's Dan Keppen

Congressman Calvert:  Opening Statement

Statement of Dr. William M. Lewis, Jr. Professor and Director, Center for Limnology, University of Colorado at Boulder

Written Testimony of Jimmy Smith, 1st District Supervisor, County of Humboldt, California

Testimony of David A. Vogel, Senior Scientist , Natural Resource Scientists, Inc.

Testimony of Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa, Vice-Chair Assembly Natural Resources Committee, California State Assembly

Testimony of Ralph Brown, Vice-Chair, Curry County Board of Commissioners Testimony of David Carman on Behalf of the Tulelake Homesteaders
Written Testimony of Allen Foreman, Chairman of the Klamath Tribes Testimony of Bill Gaines, Director, Government Affairs, California Waterfowl Association

Written Testimony of Marcia H. Armstrong
Supervisor. District 5 Siskiyou County

Written Testimony of William Jud, Fredericktown, MO on ESA Impacts In Missouri (Indiana Bat)

Written Testimony of Julie Kay Smithson, London, Ohio:  The ESA and its REAL victims: My ESA Testimony 

Written Testimony of the Tulelake Growers Association

Written Testimony of Bill Pauli, President California Farm Bureau Federation

Written Testimony of Langell Valley Irrigation District and Horsefly Irrigation District .pdf



Testimony Before the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Agriculture, Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, Rural Development, and Research  - Field Hearing, Weld County Courthouse - Monday, July 26, 2004 - Greeley , Colorado



Testimony Before the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Forests and Forest Health - Field Hearing on Issues Affecting Rural Communities in the Southwest - National Forest Management and the Endangered Species Act - Eastern Arizona College - Thatcher, Arizona - September 20, 2004:


Harv Forsgren - Regional Forester, Region 3
USDA Forest Service
Dale Hall - Regional Director, Region 2
Fish & Wildlife, DOI
Honorable Jake Flake - Speaker, Arizona House of Representatives Mark Herrington - Member, Graham County Board of Supervisors
Peter Warshall, Ph.D. - Peter Warshall and Associates, Tucson, Arizona Jan Holder - Executive Director, Gila Watershed Partnership
Buddy Powell - Director, Mt. Graham International Observatory  






Other Matters:


March 5, 2003:  Oversight Hearing on the Bureau of Reclamation's Proposed FY '04 Budget March 19, 2003Subcommittee on Fisheries Conservation, Wildlife and Oceans' Oversight Hearing on
the Administration's Fiscal Year 2004 budget requests for the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
March 27, 2003:  Oversight Hearing on Water Supply and Reliability: The Role of Water Recycling (background information) April 29, 2003Joint Oversight Hearing with Subcommittees on Fisheries Conservation, Wildlife and Oceans, and National Parks, Recreation, and Public Lands on The Growing Problem of Invasive Species.
February 25, 2004:  Oversight Hearing on the Proposed Fiscal Year 2005 Budgets for the Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Geological Survey and the Power Marketing Administrations (PMA’s) March 11, 2004:  Oversight Hearing on the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2005 budget requests for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
March 24, 2004:  Oversight Hearing on “the Bureau of Reclamation’s Facility (BOR) Title Transfers: Lesson Learned and Future Opportunities” AND Legislative Hearing on “H.R. 3747 (Walden) to authorize the Bureau of Reclamation to participate in the rehabilitation of the Wallowa Lake Dam in Oregon, and for other purposes” March 13, 2002:  Statement of William M. Lewis, Jr., Ph.D., Chairman of the Committee on   "Scientific Evaluation of Biological Opinions On Endangered and Threatened Fishes in the Klamath River Basin  
September 30, 2004: House Resource Subcommittee on Fisheries Conservation, Wildlife & Oceans - Legislative Hearing on H.R. 4368, a bill to transfer the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to the Department of the Interior. 




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