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Information You Need To Know About - 

The Invasive Species Act

Invasive Species: The Nation's Invasive Species Information System GAO Study on Invasive Species 
Invasive Species - Myths from the North Invasive Legislation - Citizens' Control Needed  by Kathleen Jachowski

 The Purpose of Invasive Species by Jim Beers

Migratory Birds & Invasive Species by Jim Beers 

Answers to 2 Questions Regarding Invasive Species Legislation from the US Senate  Will the real invasive species please stand up!  by Julie Smithson
S 525 - National Aquatic Invasive Species Act of 2003  S 536 - Creates a National Invasive Species Council. Companion bill to HR 266  HR 119 - The Invasive Species Act  HR 266 - National Invasive Species Council Act Julie Smithson:  "Invasive Species" Report  March 1, 2006
Jim Beers' Invasive Species Series

Invasive Species Update # 12 & # 13 from Jim Beers 

Invasive Species Updates from Jim Beers

Uncle Sam Needs You - To Fight Invasive Species - Jim Beers

Link to all of Jim Beers articles

A Means to an End - Jim Beers

Snuck into the SAFETEA Act, S. 1072, are provisions that allow for government to control your land using an ill-defined Invasive Species policy. Specifically, sections 1501, 1505 and 1601 hand the Interior Dept. authority to decide which plants, animals, fish, birds and insects are "invasive," or of foreign origin to a particular land area, and are therefore threatening to those species regarded as native. 

Biologist Rhoda Cargill speaks out on Invasive Species language in S. 1072

Helen Franklin:  The Origin, Revision and Possible Future of Invasive Species Legislation April 4, 2005 Cheryl Chumley:  The Attack of the Invasive Species April 4, 2005
Jim Beers:  Friends or Foes?  April 7, 2005 Jim Beers:  Under The Invasive Species Rock - Invasive Species Proposals Hide Many Agendas April 8, 2005
Register-Guard:  Invader species trigger state alert  April 7, 2005 Jim Beers:  The Invasive Species Mack Truck April 22, 2005
Jim Beers:  Invasive Species Joke Of The Year  April 28, 2005 Awesome Comment Letter regarding Section 166 of the Senate version of SAFE-TEA (the transportation bill)  June 15, 2005
Julie Smithson:  Language Deception and "Invasive" species in Pennsylvania Jim Beers:  Worrying About Invasives - A Letter to Oregon Ag Producers  June 28, 2008
Julie Smithson:  "Invasive Species" is Junk Science  Aug 4, 2005 Jim Beers:  The Native and The Invasive  Oct 11, 2005
AP:  Bill To Prevent Invasive Species Languishes in Congress  Oct 17, 2005 Salt Lake Tribune Opinion:  Managing Invasive Species: Breaking open the poisons doesn't make us safer  Jan 4, 2006
USGS News Release:  USGS-NASA Technology Helps Fight Invasive Species  Feb 15, 2006 Massachusetts Prohibited Plant List - Some common plants.  What is banded in your State?
Julie Smithson:  "Invasive species:" It depends on what your definition of "IS" is  March 19, 2006 Jim Beers: Invasive Species Scam - Part 1 Introduction  March 26, 2006
Jim Beers:  Invasive Species - The Scam  Part 2 of 4  March 26, 2006 Jim Beers:  Invasive Species - Current Activities Part 3 of 4  March 26, 2006
Jim Beers:  Invasive Species - What to Do?  Part 4  March 26, 2006
House Resource Committee Press ReleaseWalden statement on hearing to examine GAO report on invasive forest pests   June 21, 2006 National Policy Analysis:  Invasive Species: Animal, Vegetable or Political?   Aug 2006
NCPPR:  New Report Warns Against Expansive New Regulation of 'Invasive Species'   Sept 1, 2006 AP:  Invasive tui chub eliminated from Diamond lake   Sept 17, 2007
National Policy Center:  Nearly 70 Policy Groups Warn: Beware of 'Invasive Species' Regulations  Oct 24, 2006 Peyton Knight:  Forum: Beware of 'Invasive Species' regulations   Nov 5, 2006
Arizona Republic:  Aquatic hitchhikers alarm Arizona, California officials   Jan 23, 2007 Las Vegas Review-Journal:  U.S. House approves invasive-species legislation   Mar 20, 2007
Oregonian:  Invasive mussels edge nearer Northwest   April 1, 2007 San Francisco Chronicle:  Easy Target - Invasive Species  May 6, 2007
Izaak Walton League of America :  Alien Invaders: Invasive Species and Wetlands  May 8, 2007 Deseret News:  Utah County unleashes bugs on invasive weeds  July 9, 2007
ERS/USDA:   Program of Research on the Economics of Invasive Species Management Fiscal 2003-2006 Activities  July 16, 2007  Sex change wipes out invasive species  July 26, 2007
National Science Foundation Press Release:  There Goes the Neighborhood: Interbreeding Between Invasive and ...  Sept 18, 2007 Plenty Magazine:  Do Hybrid Species Have Value?  Sept 18, 2007
The National Academies:  Attempts to Control Invasive Species Grow  Sept 28, 2007 BYM Marine Environmental News:  USA House Passes Bill to curb invasive species devastating national wildlife  Oct 24, 2007
Salem Statesman-Journal:  Climate change helps invaders, harms natives  Nov 25, 2007 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Study Shows Western Streams Loaded With Non-Native Fish, Amphibians  Nov 30, 2007  
New York Times:  How to Handle an Invasive Species? Eat it  Feb 20. 2008 Environment News Service:  World's Coastal Waters Riddled with Invasive Species  Feb 24, 2008  
Las Vegas Review-Journal:  House-passed public lands bill allows pacts to fight invasive species  May 1, 2008 Vancouver Sun:  Views: Invasive Plants Degrade Habitats  May 1, 2008
USF&WS Press Release:  Refuge System Battles Invasive Species  May 1, 2008 Environmental Law Institute:   Laws Can Prevent Harmful Wildlife Invasions  April 29, 2008
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Scientists Detail Impacts Of Non-Native Fish (Bass, Walleye) On Native Salmonids  July 25, 2008 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Appeals Court Ruling Limits Ship Discharges Of Ballast Water Carrying Invasive Species  July 25, 2008 
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Oregon Invasive Species Council Report Looks At Economic Impacts  July 25, 2008 U. S. Department of Interior Press Release:  Secretary Kempthorne Announces New Members of Invasive Species Advisory Committee  Aug 1, 2008
U. S. Department of Interior Press Release:  Secretary Kempthorne, Secretary Schafer and Other Leaders Adopt National Plan to Combat Invasive Species  Aug 1, 2008 Oregonian:  Federal invasive species rules fall short, Oregon says  Oct 26, 2008
Salem Statesman Journal:  Views: Idaho Model for Oregon Fight Against Invasive Species  Nov 12, 2008 Oregon Public Broadcasting:  Invasive Species Summit Highlights Funding Challenges  Nov 20, 2008
Crescent City Triplicate:  24-hour alert at border - State steps up effort to stop invasive species  Jan 6, 2009 Eugene Register-Guard:  Bills Aim To Help Protect Oregon From Invasive Species  Mar 31, 2009
Introduced in the US House:  H.R. 669: Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act   Jan 26, 2009 Spokane, WA Spokesman-Review:  Northwest conference in Boise turns attention to invasive species  July 17, 2009
AP:  Invasive mussels imperil western water system  July 19, 2009 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Council Briefing Shows How Invasive Mussels Quickly Disturb Hydro, Water Delivery Systems July 24, 2009
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Oregon To Require Boat Owners To Buy Permit To Fund Invasive Species Programs  Nov 25, 2009 Reason Magazine:  Invasion of the Invasive Species!  Aug 10, 2010
Sacramento Bee:  Scientists: Invasives pose threat to human health  Dec 12, 2010
National Center for Public Policy Research:  Invasive Species: Animal, Vegetable or Political?  Aug 2005 Yale 360:  Alien species reconsidered  Feb 25, 2011
Dept of Interior Press Release:  Federal, State, Tribal & Local Officials to Meet Next Week to Plan How to Prevent & Control Invasive Species: National Invasive Species Awareness Week 2011  Feb 25, 2011   
Seattle Times:  Invasives: Are we fighting a losing battle?  Apr 24, 2011
NPR:  An unwanted form of cargo  May 12, 2011
The PPJ Gazette:  The USDA “Invasive Species” Sham  July 19, 2011
Southwest Farm Press:  Drought opens door to new invasive weed varieties  Nov 16, 2011
Capital Press:  Group sues over herbicide use on federal land  Jan 23, 2012
ODFW Press Release:  Invasive Species in Oregon is the subject of a presentation on March 7 in Portland  Feb 15, 2012
Department of Interior Press Release:  2012 National Invasive Species Awareness Week Kicks-Off on Monday  Feb 23, 2012
USDA Press Release:  USDA Urges Americans to Prevent Invasive Pests, Protect American Agriculture  April 2, 2012 AP:  Oregon university, BPA to test coating to stave off invasive mussels  Apr 16, 2012
Statesman Journal:  Officials find invasive species  May 12, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Invasive Mussels Found On Three Boats Being Hauled Into Oregon  June 8, 2012
Oregonian:  Invasives hitching a big ride to Oregon  June 10, 2012
Oregonian:  Oregon scientists worry about species that rode dock from Japan  June 14, 2012 ODFW Press Release:  Tsunami Debris and Marine Invasive Species: What to do, who to call  June 22, 2012
Oregon Public Broadcasting:  Tsunami dock species under the microscope  June 27, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Scientists Identify 50 Marine Organisms On Japanese Dock Washed Ashore; Studying Invasive Process  June 29, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Council Asks Congress For $2 Million In Fight Against Invasive Mussels, Wants More Inspections  July 20, 2012  
Oregonian:  OR on the defensive against quagga mussels  July 26, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Ability Weakening To Prevent Invasive Species And Predict Impacts to Ecosystems, Infrastructure  Aug 24, 2012 Santa Rosa Press Democrat:  North Coast lakes on alert for invasive mussels  Aug 31, 2012
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  OSU Develops Model For Predicting Invasive Species Threat; Willamette Waters At Risk For Mud Snails  Sept 14, 2012 
Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife Press Release:  Boat inspection stations open in Oregon to target invasive species  Feb 6, 2013


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