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Information You Need To Know About - 

The Klamath Tribes (Klamath, Modoc, and the Yahooskin Band of Snake Indians)


H&N photo by Ty Beaver   Members of the Klamath Tribes Tribal Council are sworn into office during a ceremony Thursday, May 13, 2010.


H&N Photo by Lee Juillerat   Gary Frost, the Klamath Tribes
chairman, feels at home in Beatty where he spent his youth
The Klamath Tribes Home Page

1864 Treaty With The Klamath Tribes

Wokas, A Primitive Food of the Klamath Indians - From the Report of the United States National Museum for 1902, pages 725-739 with 13 plates

Klamath Society and History

Encyclopedia of North American Indians - Klamath  

Native Americans - Modoc 

MNSU:  Modoc

Historical - Cultural Relationship of Klamath Tribal People with the Wildlife Resources (written in 1985)

US Code:  Subchapter XIII - Klamath Tribe: Termination of Federal Supervision

Klamath Tribes Forestry Tour - Oct. 17, 2003 - includes pictures of the Tribal Sucker fish Hatchery

Video Transcription of Tribes Forestry Tour - Oct. 17, 2003 

A Short History of the Klamath Tribes (written in 1985) Should the Klamath Tribes be given 692,000 acres of the Winema National Forest? - Talking Points
The Constitution of the Klamath Tribes The Klamath Indians of Southern Oregon

The Long Struggle Home:  The Klamath Tribes' Fight To Restore Their Land, People and Economic Self-Sufficiency

The Klamath Trading Trail from Southern Oregon to The Dalles and Celilo Falls region of the Columbia River


Oregon Historical Trails:  Klamath Trail, 19th Century 


Klamath Slave Trade - 1843

The Klamath Tribes  A Statement of Facts – Our Promises to You

Klamath Tribes Reservation Boundaries - 1864 From the Library of Congress
Klamath Tribes Forestry Management Plan for the Winema National Forest - .pdf file Klamath Tribes - A sovereign nation on the dole by Dr. Calvin Hunt
USA v. Adair - Argued and Submitted November 6, 1981. Withdrawn from Submission July 15, 1983. Resubmitted November 14, 1983.  "A Guide to the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest" - The Klamaths

Notes from "The North American Indian" by ES Curtis; Volume 13 - The Klamath

The Tribal/BIA Claims as Filed in the Klamath Basin Adjudication   Update on USA v Adair
Judge Owen M. Panner's Decision in Adair III "that the tribes' claim to water supercedes all other claims in the Upper Basin, including those of irrigators in the Klamath Reclamation Project and reaffirmed that the Klamath Indian Tribes hold a water right with a priority date of “time immemorial” in the Upper Klamath Basin.

What is Tribal Trust?

American Indian Tribal Rights & the ESA, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

NOAA and Tribal Trust:

US Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit Court -  Reversal of Panner's Decision - July 21, 2003 (.pdf file) Testimony of D. Robert Lohn, Regional Administrator, NW Region, NMFS/NOAA Before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs on Tribal Fish and Wildlife Management Programs in the Pacific Northwest - June 4, 2003  

Klamath Termination (Land) Payments in

2000 and 2002 Dollars

Instream Flow Requirements For Tribal Trust Species in the Klamath River  

Prepared On Behalf Of The Yurok Tribe

March 1996  .pdf file  

Bud Uhlman, Lawyer for the Klamath Tribes, spoke at The 9th annual Environmental Justice Conference regarding Klamath irrigators, organized by the Coalition Against Environmental Racism

Origin of the Trust Relationship Between the United States and Indian Tribes by Daniel W. Long 9/12/00  

Klamath Herald and News:  There's no basis to give public lands to Tribes for a new reservation  February 14, 2005 American Fisheries Society:  Distribution of Anadromous Fishes in the Upper Klamath River Watershed Prior to Hydropower Dams—A Synthesis of the Historical Evidence .pdf
Oregonian:  Klamath Tribes sue for salmon loss May 15, 2004 ICT:  A singular chance for Upper Klamath Lake salmon  April 18, 2005

Herald and News Five Part Series:

Your land, my land?  June 19, 2005

A tribe vanishes June 20, 2005

Spending spree June 21, 2005

Turning things around June 22, 2005

An uphill fight - Tribes' efforts to regain former reservation land find little support  June 23, 2005

H&N's Editorial:  Termination facts important to Basin  June 22, 2005

H&N's Guest Column:  The other side of the tribal quest for forest lands  July 11, 2005

Herald and News Letter:  Don't sell public lands July 19, 2005

Indian Land Cessions in the U. S., Oregon, Map 51. United States Digital Map Library - Klamath Tribal Lands, Section 463

Klamath Indian Tribe History 

Modoc Indian Tribe History

Yahuskin Indian Tribal History

Paiute Indian Tribe History

Fredrick V. Coville:  Notes on the plants used by the Klamath Indians of Oregon  2002

Herald and News:  PacifiCorp sale upsets tribes  May 27, 2005 AP:  PacifiCorp seeks dismissal of $1 billion lawsuit about Klamath Salmon
Armstrong: Indian Matters On The Klamath Klamath Falls Herald and News:  Klamath board to hear tribes presentation  July 12, 2005
The Klamath Tribe's Land Proposal Presented to the Klamath County Commissioners on July 13, 2005 Klamath Courier:  Tribe wants to buy forest  July 20, 2005
Assorted Newspaper Articles on the Klamath River Tribes Visit to Scotland and ScottishPower - July, 2005 Scotsman:  $1bn lawsuit against ScottishPower is dropped  July 18, 2005
Capital Press:  Homeland shrank from 22 million acres to none: 1864 to 1974  July 29, 2005 Capital Press:  Water issues linked to tribal quest for land  July 29, 2005
Capital Press Letter:  Feds should manage Winema Forest lands by Charlie Whitlatch July 29, 2005 Herald and News: Short cash, water deal breaks down  July 26, 2005
Herald and News:  Preserving the Klamath tongue  July 31, 2005 ICT:  Indian Water Rights 101 - The Winters Doctrine  August 5, 2005
Pioneer Press:  Karuk Tribe loses $1 billion lawsuit  (Yurok, Hoopa and Klamath Tribes) August 10, 2005 Carrol B. Howe:  Excerpts from:  Unconquered Uncontrolled - The Klamath Indian Reservation 1992
Herald and News:  Tribes delay reservation talks  August 24, 2005 Indian Country Today:  Modern-day warrior society - Native American Rights Fund Part 1 August 12, 2005
Herald and News:  9th Annual Klamath Tribes Restoration Celebration kicks off today  August 25, 2005
Herald and News:  Reservation push on hold  August 28, 2005 Herald and News:  Klamath County Historical Society brings back Echoes No.12  Sept 5, 2005
Herald and News:   Tribes need to reach stronger consensus  Sept 6, 2005 Herald and News Guest Column:  Turning public lands over to the Tribes would be a travesty  Sept 12, 2005
AP:  "Squaw" removed from many place names in Oregon  Oct 12, 2005 Herald and News:   Ninth circuit to review salmon suit  Oct 27, 2005
Herald and News:  What should we call Squaw Point?  Nov 2, 2005 Herald and News:  Document on Captain Jack landed by museum   Nov 23, 2005
Herald and News:  Tribes court to start in January  Dec 21. 2005 Herald and News:   Captain Jack document to go on exhibit  Dec 24, 2005
Herald and News:  Herald and News Letter:  Tribes didn't want to sell  Feb 5, 2006
Klamath Courier:   Tribal members lack info  Feb 8, 2006 Herald and News Letter:  So what did it mean?   Feb 17, 2006
Herald and News:  Dam removal could help Tribes  March 9, 2006 Herald and News Letter:  Some fish can get past Chiloquin dam  March 12, 2006
Herald and News Letter:  So who got tricked?   April 4, 2006 Oregonian:  Tribes stake their claims to casinos - Klamath Tribes   May 5, 2006
Capital Press:  Casino proposal stirs land-use debate in valley   May 12, 2006 Herald and News:  Winema portrait on exhibit at museum  May 18, 2006
NW CA Tribes Press Release:   Tribes March on Portland - Demand Removal of Klamath Dams   July 28, 2006 Herald and News:  Tribes to march in protest of Klamath dams   Aug 2. 2006
NY Times:  Tribes Call for Removal of Dams That Block Journey of Salmon   Aug 3, 2006 AP:  PacifiCorp may agree to removing dams   Aug 3, 2006
Eureka Reporter:  PacifiCorp Energy eases to closure of Klamath dams   Aug 3, 2006 AP:  PacifiCorp: Dams could go   Aug 3, 2006
OPB:  Tribes Demonstrate For Klamath River Dam Demolition  Aug 3, 2006 KOIN:  Tribes Say Klamath River Dams Harming Environment   Aug 3, 2006
UPI:  NMFS supports the removal of the dams to facilitate salmon spawning   Aug 3, 2006 Coos Bay World:  No damming it   Aug 4, 2006
Oregonian:  Native Americans learn to alter tactics   Aug 20, 2006 Siskiyou Daily News:  Klamath Tribes relocate Youth and Family Intervention Program   Sept 25, 2006
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Tribal Water Rights Conference Set For Eugene  Oct. 26, 27   Oct 13, 2006 Eugene Register-Guard:  Conference to explore tribal water rights   Oct 23, 2006
AP:  Tribal water right issues may be resolved   Oct 28, 2006
Herald and News:  New book tells of past times in rural Klamath County   Oct 28, 2006 Herald and News:  Recalling life in the Basin as it used to be   Oct 28, 2006
Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Interior Prepares To Consider Tribal Water Settlements   Nov 3, 2006 Herald and News:  Fighting for freedom   Nov 10, 2006
KBC:  Tribes and Klamath Water Users - Solving the Klamath Crisis; Keeping Farms and Fish Alive   Nov 11, 2006 AP:  Tribes, irrigators differ on removing Klamath River dams   Nov 15, 2006
Herald and News:  Salmon vs. power costs   Nov 15, 2006 Capital Press:  Irrigators talk power; Indians talk fish   Nov 15, 2006
Herald and News:  Petitions oppose reservation for tribes   Nov 29, 2006   Statesman Journal:  Tribal elders urge young people to fight for native rights   Nov 30, 2006
The New Mexican:  Finding a balance: water rights for Native Americans, others uncertain   Jan 16, 2007 Herald and News:  Forest hearing scheduled   Jan 17, 2007
Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett:  Statement on the Klamath Basin Alliance Petitions  Nov 15, 2006 Basin Alliance Press Release:  Klamath County Resolution on Tribal Land   Jan 24, 2007
Herald and News Letter:  I’m disappointed that an organization called the Basin Alliance   Jan 25, 2007 Klamath Basin Alliance:  Response to Becky Hyde's Letter to the Editor   Feb 2, 2007
Herald and News Letter:  Many people have stake in preserving access to federal lands   Feb 4, 2007 Herald and News:  Land transfer to Tribes opposed   Feb 5, 2007
Herald and News Guest Column:  We need rational discussion about what the Tribes 'want'   Feb 5, 2007 Herald and News:  Transfer issue tabled   Feb 7, 2007
Herald and News:  Testimony about the resolution   Feb 7, 2007 AP:  Contractor picked to remove Chiloquin Dam   Feb 7, 2007
Herald and News:  (c’waam) Ceremony honors tradition, promise   Mar 18, 2007 Herald and News:  An outcast in her native land - Marnie Morrow   April 2, 2007
Herald and News:  Tribes lay claim to Conger property  May 4, 2007 Herald and News:  Tribes have a new chairman  June 23, 2007
Oregonian:  Curly Head Jack comes home  July 1, 2007 Klamath Tribes Press ReleaseKlamath Chairman Reaffirms Commitment to protect fish; criticizes USFWS  July 26, 2007
Herald and News:  Restoration Celebration - Powwow traditions bring together generations, tribes in Chiloquin  August 26, 2007 Herald and News:  Schools aim to revive Tribal history  Sept 3, 2007
Herald and NewsTribes pay members  Sept 22, 2007 Herald and News:  Tribal archaeological site excavated near Beatty  Oct 6, 2007
Herald and News:  Kla-Mo-Ya casino to expand  Oct 6, 2007 Pioneer Press:  Preserving a Culture - "During the days of termination, the language was literally run out of us."  Nov 14, 2007
Oregonian:  'First Oregonians' shares Native peoples' losses, recovery  Nov 25, 2007 Klamath Tribes Press Release:  Klamath Tribes Work with Neighbors to Solve Water Crisis  Jan 15, 2008
Oregonian:  Tribal land plan clouds dam deal  Jan 20, 2008 Herald and News: Tribes see future with pact - Leaders say water agreement could bring stability  Jan 20, 2008
Herald and News:  About the Mazama Tree Farm  Jan 20, 2008 Herald and News:  Reaching out to off-Project irrigators  Jan 20, 2008
Herald and News:  Tribes want to see agriculture flourish  Jan 20, 2008 Herald and News:  Deal may ease conflicts - Proposed water may settlement ease could help with adjudication   Jan 23, 2008
Herald and News:  Tribes to vote on water plan  Jan 30, 2008 Herald and News:  Tribes back water deal  Feb 5, 2008
Herald and News Commentary:  Time to find common ground in the Basin by Joe Kirk  Feb 8, 2008 Frank Wallace:  Letter opposing the KBRA giving Mazama Tree Farm to the Klamath Tribes  Feb 11, 2008
Herald and News:  Four tribes sharing the river  Feb 15, 2008 Klamath Tribes Press Release:  Klamath Tribes Announce Approval of Historic Agreement  Feb 4, 2008
Klamath Tribes Press Release:  Klamath Tribes Respond to Commissioners' Recommendation  Feb 15, 2008 Herald and News:  Tribes get active about water  Feb 19, 2008
Felice Pace:  Native American water rights on the line - It's not just happening here!  Feb 14, 2008 USAToday:  Indian tribes exercising water rights  Feb 25, 2008
Herald and News:  Joe Kirk: Restoring a tribal land base  Mar 14, 2008 Herald and News Full Page Ad:  An Open Letter to the Klamath Community from the Klamath Tribes Regarding Settlement of Off-Project Water Issues  Mar 16, 2008
Herald and News:  Tribes: No more water talks - Klamath Tribes will not negotiate with groups on water agreement  Mar 18, 2008   Herald and News:  Questions & Answers - About the Tribes  April 4, 2008
Herald and News Editorial:  Tribes should be part of county’s water meeting  April 9, 2008 Herald and News:  County-sponsored talks fall through  April 10, 2008
Pioneer Press Letter:  Tax dollars are used to fund our destruction  April 23, 2008 Herald and News Letter:  Federal subsidies a sign of socialism  April 28, 2008
Solicitor of the Dept of the Interior:  Opinion:   Water Rights of Non-Indian Purchasers of Klamath Indian Reservation Lands  Mar 14, 1958 Solicitor of the Dept of the Interior:  Designation of Klamath Marsh As Required By Act of Aug. 23, 1958   Sept 9, 1958 
Solicitor of the Dept of the Interior:  Scope of Secretarial Designation of the Klamath Marsh  Oct 28, 1958   Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor:  Indian Case Law of Interest to the Klamath River system 
Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor:  Klamath River Indian Matters  Herald and News:  State considers tree farm exchange  June 17, 2008
Herald and News:  Impact of tree farm swap not known  June 23, 2008 Willamette Week:  The Klamath Tribe and golf course owners seek a windfall from a loophole  June 25, 2008
Herald and News:  Tribal Courts open new office in Chiloquin  July 24, 2008 Casper Star-Tribune:  Tribes to seek class-action certification in trust fund case  July 24, 2008
Herald and News Casino expansion plans unclear  July 28, 2008 Capital Press:  Fight brews over rich farmland - Owners want to sell strip near Portland urban area to tribe  Aug 15, 2008
US Forest Service Press Release:  Forest Service Reports Status of Tribal Forest Protection Act  Aug 15, 2008 Pioneer Press:  The Great Basin Debate  Aug 6, 2008
Herald and News:  Celebrating restoration of the Tribes  Aug 21, 2008 Herald and News:  Call of the Drum - Dancers compete in Restoration Celebration powwow  Aug 24, 2008
AP:  S. Ore. tribal group eyes Willamette tract  Aug 25, 2008 Herald and News:  Tribes acquire former mill site - Biomass facility planned north of Chiloquin  Aug 29, 2008
Herald and News:  A village revived - Edison Chiloquin’s birthday to be celebrated at Pla-ik-ni Village  Aug 29, 2008 Herald and News:  Edison Chiloquin: ‘Conscience of the Klamaths’  Aug 29, 2008
Herald and News:  Artifacts unearthed at dam  Sept 7, 2008 Herald and News:  Tribes’ green enterprise park could provide 200 jobs  Sept 11, 2008
AP:  Ore. tribes seek partners for biomass project  Sept 12, 2008 Current Movie Reviews:  Upstream Battle (Hoopa, Yurok, Karuk and Klamath)  Oct 9, 2008
Herald and News:  From waste to energy - Tribes’ biomass project would use cutting-edge technology  Oct 29, 2008 Herald and News:  Tribes sign option to buy Mazama Tree Farm  Oct 29, 2008
AP:  In Ore., tribes' members eye Supreme Court case  Nov 3, 2008 Karuk, Yurok, and Klamath Tribes Joint Statement:  Klamath announcement signals major progress in dam fight  Nov 19, 2008
Indian Country Today:  Klamath Tribes acquire the Crater Lake Mill site  Nov 8, 2008 Herald and News:  Irrigator seeks water meeting - County asked again to facilitate discussion among groups   Nov 28, 2008
California State Water Resource Control Board:  (Tribal Social Justice) CAL/EPA Environmental Justice Pilot Program Summary for the Klamath River  May 18, 2005  New U.S. Congress An act to provide for the disposition and sale of lands known as the Klamath Indian Reservation Pub. L. No. 52-120  June 17, 1892  New
Committee on Indian Affairs:  Agreement with Indians of Klamath Reservation, Oregon 1902 New U.S. Congress:  Klamath Indian Tribe Restoration Act, Pub. L. No. 99-398  Aug 27, 1986  New
U.S. Congress:  An act to provide for the termination of Federal supervision over the property of the Klamath Tribe of Indians located in the State of Oregon and the individual members therefor, and for other purposes  Pub. L. No. 587  Aug 13, 1954 Trust for Public Land Press Release:  Trust for Public Land and Klamath Tribes to Buy Mazama Forest Land  Dec 18, 2008
Oregonian:  Land deal returns slice of Klamath tribal homeland  Dec 18, 2008 OPB News:  Klamath Tribes Negotiates Deal To Buy Back Former Lands  Dec 18, 2008
Herald and News:  Tribes to buy tree farm - Purchase agreement signed with timber company  Dec 20, 2008 AP:  Getting some back - A new agreement would sell 90,000 acres of the Mazama Tree Farm back to the Klamath Tribes  Dec 21, 2008 
Indian Country Today:  Klamath Tribes to buy 90,000-acre Mazama Forest  Dec 29, 2008 Herald and News:  Klamath fishing memories - Chiloquin man recalls the good old days at favorite fishing holes  Jan 28, 2009
Indian Country Today:  ‘Upstream Battle’: the movie  Jan 30, 2009 Herald and News:  'Upstream Battle’ - German director captures tribes’ fight to remove Klamath dams  April 2, 2009
Herald and News:  Speakers to discuss film about Klamath River dams  April 3, 2009
Gover, Stetson & Williams, P.C.:  Overview of Indian Water Rights by Susan M. Williams (No Publication Date)
The Dalles Chronicle:  Tribes converge for gathering at Celilo Village  May 7, 2009
AP/Sacramento Bee:  Klamath Tribes, farmers make water settlement  May 21, 2009
KDRV, Medford, OR:  Klamath Tribes, farmers make water settlement  May 21, 2009 
Times-Standard:  Upper Klamath water rights issue settled  May 22, 2009
Herald and News:  Tribes, irrigators settle - Parties say interim accord a sign water wars may be ending  May 22, 2009 Herald and News:  Remembering the Modoc War - New plaque remembers 14 homesteaders killed  May 24, 2009

Herald and News Tribal Viewpoint:  A time to choose: collaboration or conflict? In water struggle, more conflict means more litigation  Part 1  May 31, 2009

Herald and News:  Tribes: Time to pick conflict or collaboration - Letter urges Basin residents to pursue settlement, not litigation  May 31, 2009
Herald and News:  Groups: Deal has greater benefits - Off-Project users: Settlement doesn’t resolve everything  May 31, 2009 Herald and News Letter:  Should biased polls guide public officials?  May 31, 2009
Herald and News Tribal Viewpoint:  A time to choose - If settlement fails, more struggle will follow  Part 2  June 2, 2009 Herald and News Letter:  The ‘only’ Basin water plan is not a good one  June 2, 2009
Capital Press Klamath Tribal Guest Comment:  Time to choose between collaboration, conflict  June 4, 2009 OPB News:   Klamath Tribes Live With Memory Of Losing Federal Recognition  June 11, 2009
Herald and News Letter:  What’s racist, what’s not regarding Tribes?  June 12, 2009
Klamath Tribes and Klamath On and Off-Project Irrigator's Water Adjudication Claim Agreement:  Stipulation of Conditional Withdrawal of KPWU's contest to claims 616 and 622 and conditional and interim no-call provisions by the United States and Klamath Tribes  May  2009
Klamath Tribes and Klamath On and Off-Project Irrigator's:  Attachment 1 to Stipulation Case 286, Appendix E-1, Case 274, Case 275, Attachment A
Klamath Tribes and Klamath On and Off-Project Irrigator's:  Attachment 2 to Stipulation Case 003, Case 286  Nov 2002
Klamath Tribes and Klamath On and Off-Project Irrigator's:  Attachment 3 to Stipulation Proposed Order for the Adjudication Administrative Law Judge Case 286
Klamath Tribes and Klamath On and Off-Project Irrigator's:  Certificate of Service of Stipulation   May 18, 2009
Herald and News:  Tribal history focus of new exhibit  June 18, 2009 Indian Country Today:  Klamath 23rd Restoration Celebration  July 21, 2009
Herald and News:  A celebration of culture - Klamath Tribes prepare for annual restoration event  Aug 18, 2009 Herald and News:  Celebrating Restoration - Tribal culture, federal recognition honored at events  Aug 20, 2009
Herald and News:  Klamath Tribes to vote Aug. 29 on KBRA  Aug 21, 2009 Resource Conservancy Press Release:  Irrigators Seek Fairness To Determine Tribal Water Claims  Aug 20, 2009
Klamath Water Users Association Press Release:  KWUA Response to Upper Basin Contestants Press Release and Action in Adjudication  Aug 20, 2009 Herald and News:  Generations together - Klamath Tribes celebrate federal recognition at Restoration Celebration  Aug 23, 2009
Herald and News:  Water Issues - State to respond to adjudication request  Sept 3, 2009 Herald and News:  Sucker holds significance for tribes  Sept 13, 2009
Oregonian:  Klamath Tribes seek 385 acres near Wilsonville  Sept 21, 2009 Portland Golf Examiner:  Langdon Farms once again center of development talks  Sept 21, 2009
Oregonian Editorial:  Roll up the welcome mat  Sept 22, 2009 Herald and News:  Klamath Tribes will receive grant  Sept 22, 2009
Herald and News Letter:  Tribes’ land purchase would be huge mistake  Sept 29, 2009 Herald and News:  Hope for Modoc identity - Modocs seek to separate from Klamath  Oct 7, 2009
Wilsonville, OR Spokesman:  French Prairie deserves more attention  Nov 9, 2009 Herald and News:  Control of Tribes disputed - Group attempts to illegally remove council from offices  Nov 24, 2009
Capital Press:  Group sues over Klamath water-right negotiations  Dec 17, 2009 Felice Pace:  Final Klamath Deals may be released this week - Klamath Tribes embroiled in conflict  Jan 5, 2010
Herald and News:  Judge rejects irrigators’ protest - Decision supports settlement between Tribes, Project irrigators  Jan 6, 2010 Herald and News:  2 options: Settlement or legal process - Adjudication for water claims helped motivate Klamath negotiations  Jan 6, 2010
Edsheets:  Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement For The Sustainability of Public And Trust Recourses And Affected Communities - Public Review Draft  Jan 7, 2010 Edsheets:  Summary Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement  Jan 7, 2010
Combined Press Release:  Klamath Settlement Agreements Finalized  Jan 8, 2010 Herald and News:  Water agreement done - Klamath document to be released online this morning  Jan 8, 2010
Herald and News:  Racism in the Basin: Treat people like relatives, not strangers  Jan 17, 2010 Herald and News:  Klamath Tribes approve KBRA  Jan 20, 2010
Herald and News:  Tribes vote on water agreement - Stakeholders have until Feb. 9 to decide if they support KBRA  Jan 21, 2010 Herald and News:  Modoc tribal meeting is Friday -Separation proposal will be discussed  Jan 27, 2010
Oregonian Opinion:  Bringing peace to the Klamath Basin  Jan 27, 2010 Herald and News:  Modocs discuss separation - Proposal would establish a Modoc tribe  Feb 2, 2010
Daily Journal of Commerce:  (Klamath) Tribe’s legal status complicates project  Feb 2, 2010 Herald and News:  Opposing group says it should control Tribes - Sheriff held mediation session in Chiloquin  Feb 3, 2010
Herald and News:  Stakeholders grilled - Commissioners ask questions about water deal  Feb 9, 2010 Herald and News:  Deputies called to tribal office  Feb 17, 2010
Herald and News:  Water deal enters into Klamath tribal dispute  Feb 17, 2010 Herald and News:  Tribal travel center coming soon  Feb 17, 2010
Herald and News:   Faction: Hold off signing KBRA - Group says tribal leaders were recalled, shouldn’t sign water deal  Feb 18, 2010 Herald and News:  Tribal chairman says dispute is a result of ‘growing pains’  Feb 18, 2010
Canby Herald:  Big changes at Langdon Farms? - Steps underway to place land into trust for Klamath Tribes  Feb 24, 2010 Wilsonville Spokesman:  Despite concerns, Maletis' say casino is still a 'no'  Feb 24, 2010
Herald and News:  Klamath Tribes, Opposition group discusses dispute  Feb 27, 2010 Herald and News:  Klamath Tribes dispute - How tribal government works  Feb 27, 2010
Herald and News:  Views differ on tribal dispute  Feb 27, 2010 Wilsonville Spokesman Editorial:  Langdon Farms could be first of things to come  Mar 2, 2010
Herald and News Guest Commentary:  Tribal Council thwarted efforts to address concerns  Mar 3, 2010 Wilsonville Spokesman:  Maletis PR firm, Wilsonville to make presentations about Langdon Farms  Mar 3, 2010
KATU, Portland:  Could land swap spawn casino? Critics think so  Mar 5, 2010 
Herald and News:  Tribe nominates candidates  Mar 6, 2010
Herald and News:  C'waam celebration ceremony Saturday  Mar 13, 2010 Herald and News:  Endangered fish honored in ceremony  Mar 14, 2010
Herald and News:  Water crisis brings change of perspective - Gov. Kulongoski’s recent Basin visit receives mixed reactions from Klamath tribal members  Mar 14, 2010 Herald and News Letter:  New officers needed for Tribes’ positions  Mar 16, 2010
Canby Herald:  Aurora asks that Klamath Tribe be watched over Aurora land use  Mar 17, 2010  Herald and News:  Tribal ballots taken until April 21  April 8, 2010
Herald and News:  New faces for tribal council  April 24, 2010 Herald and News Viewpoint:  Attack on dam removal, KBRA, includes lies, racist overtones  April 28, 2010 
AP:  Klamath dams protesters not at Berkshire meeting  April 30, 2010 Herald and News Viewpoint:  Klamath County’s conservative voters are not racists  May 2, 2010
Daily Journal of Commerce:  Land deal with Klamath Tribes spurs controversy  May 4, 2010 Herald and News:  Tribal council taking office  - Ceremonies are Thursday afternoon  May 8, 2010
Herald and News Letter:  Racism not part of it; it’s the bad policies  May 12, 2010 Herald and News:  Tribal Council sworn into office  May 14, 2010
Herald and News:  Support, opposition given for dam removal - Chiloquin meeting equally attended by tribes, irrigators  July 13, 2010 Klamath Tribes Newsletter:  Facts about the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA) and Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement (KHSA)  December 2009
Eugene Register-Guard:  TRIBAL TEACHERS:  As part of a UO program, new graduates will instruct Indian people  Aug 15, 2010 Herald and News:  Tea Party group, Tribes discuss KBRA  Aug 19, 2010
Herald and News:  Modoc Nation taking steps forward - Group declared independence from Klamath Tribes earlier this year  Aug 22, 2010 Herald and News:  Honoring tradition - Hundreds expected at Restoration Celebration  Aug 25, 2010
Herald and News Letter:  Pay attention to what tribal leaders are doing  Sept 17, 2010 Herald and News:  Water adjudication moving slowly - Klamath Tribes has 9 cases; one has settled  Sept 23, 2010
Indian Country Today:  Pipeline creates tribal dissent  Sept 27, 2010
Herald and News:  Views differ on sale of Mazama Tree Farm  Oct 3, 2010
Herald and News:  Adjudication will move ahead even with KBRA  Oct 6, 2010 Oregonian:  Klamath elder Barbara Farmer Alatorre keeps track of tribal history  Oct 8, 2010
Herald and News:  Many work on Beatty Curve project to preserve tribal site  Oct 10, 2010
Herald and News Letter:  Be fair when talk turns to Constitution  Oct 15, 2010 
Herald and News Letter:  KBRA would affect wide area near tribal land  Oct 24, 2010
Herald and News Letter:  Dam removal, tree farm biggest part of dispute  Nov 7, 2010
Herald and News:  Seeking Shacknasty Jim's Camp  Nov 16, 2010
Dept Of Interior Press Release:  DRAFT Tribal Consultation Policy  Jan 14, 2011
Herald and News Letter:  Why are Tribes entitled to special treatment?  Feb 3, 2011
Ashland Daily Tidings:  Bringing 'balance' to nature  May 26, 2011
Herald and News Letter:  Good ideas exist; we just have to find them   May 31, 2011
OPB News:  Tribes Get $245K For Job Creation  Aug 18, 2011
Herald and News:  Tribes: Trimmed budget hits benefits  Sept 20, 2011
Herald and News:  Tribes awarded $500,000 grant  Sept 20, 2011
Klamath News & Commentary:  Tree Farms and Fish Restoration  Oct 5, 2011
Oregonian:  OPB revisits the time when a war bloodied Oregon  Nov 6, 2011
Native News Network:  Klamath Basin Economic Restoration Act Proposed  Nov 11, 2011
DOI News Release:  Secretary Salazar, Assistant Secretary Echo Hawk Launch Comprehensive Tribal Consultation Policy - New framework provides greater role for tribes in federal decisions affecting Indian Country  Dec 1, 2011
Minocqua, Wisconsin Lakeland Times:  Hawaiian lawsuit could put new focus on treaty rights - High court decision could trigger review of past cases, experts say  Dec 2, 2011 Herald and News:  Adjudicating Water - Who Gets What and Why  Dec 11, 2011
Herald and News:  Adjudicating Water - Upper Basin to feel greatest impact - Pumps may be shut off during low water years  Dec 11, 2011 Herald and News:  Adjudicating Water -  A quick guide to what this means  Dec 11, 2011
PR Newswire/Crowe & Dunlevy:  Judge Rules in Favor of Klamath Tribes Water Rights Case  Dec 13, 2011
Herald and News Commentary:  Klamath Tribes want a future for entire community - We have a golden opportunity to bring long-lasting stability to the Klamath Basin  Dec 14, 2011 
Herald and News:  Tribes position in water settlement clarified  Dec 17, 2011
Herald and News Commentary:  We must work together on water solutions  Dec 20, 2011
Herald and News Commentary:  Attacks on Upper Basin irrigators are unfounded  Dec 22, 2011
Herald and News Letter:   Endless negotiations won’t accomplish much  Dec 29, 2011
Oregonian Opinion:  Klamath tribes: Respect our Rights and our Expertise  Jan 14, 2012
Two Rivers Tribune:  Judge Favors Tribes in Upper Klamath Water Rights Adjudication - More Litigation Expected  Feb 1, 2012
Herald and News Letter:   Water adjudication the right decision  Feb 15, 2012 
Klamath News & Commentary:  The Liberal Slant - The H&N's  Feb 18, 2012
Herald and News:   ‘Our lives depend on the river’ - “We were taught to be ashamed of who we are”  Feb 19, 2012 
Herald and News:  Science - Fisheries research tracking changes  Feb 19, 2012
Herald and News:  Web Only:  The tribes of the Klamath River  Feb 22, 2012
Herald and News:  Klamath Conversation scheduled for Thursday  Feb 22, 2012
Herald and News:  Spring snow means return of the c’waam - Traditional tribal ceremony will be Saturday morning  Mar 22, 2012
Herald and News:  A blessing to the fish: Return of the c’waam - Annual ceremony celebrates return of Lost River sucker to spawning grounds  Mar 25, 2012
Herald and News:  Cavalry Saddle - Saddle thought to have belonged to prominent Modoc War captain  Apr 6, 2012
Herald and News:  Tribes’ termination focus of talk - Meeting set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Oregon Tech  Apr 17, 2012 Herald and News:  Tribes’ water claims upheld - Final ruling on water adjudication due by next year  Apr 19, 2012
Dan Bacher:  Resources Secretary Announces Tribal Consultation Policy  Apr 18, 2012 Herald and News:  Tribes land $500,000 grant for preschool  May 2, 2012
Herald and News:  Seven myths about the Klamath Tribes - Tribal members say they’re defined by misperceptions  May 6, 2012 Herald and News Editorial:  Basin moves forward; truth sometimes takes awhile to arrive - Relations with tribes improve since 2001  May 13, 2012
Herald and News:  Keeping their heritage alive - Powwow continues today at fairgrounds  May 27, 2012 AP:  Tribes protest state decision on Klamath dams  July 20, 2012
Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights:  Tea Parties, Property Rights and Anti-Indianism in the Klamath River Basin  Aug 2, 2012 Herald and News:  READY TO  POWWOW:  Dances and regalia  Aug 22, 2012
Herald and News:  Council vice-chairman excited to dance in first powwow  August 22, 2012 Herald and News:  Drumming holds the rhythm of the entire powwow  Aug 22, 2012
Herald and News:   Keeping language alive  Sept 30, 2012 AP:  Klamath Tribes get share of record salmon run  Oct 11, 2012
Herald and News:  Sycan, Sprague rivers riparian areas restored  Oct 30, 2012 Herald and News:  Organizations collaborate to establish restoration - Project managers report boost of workers’ skills  Nov 25, 2012


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