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Information You Need To Know About - 

The North American Union

Henry Lamb:  Next, The FTAA  Aug. 7, 2005

Roger Bybee and Carolyn Winter:  Immigration Flood Unleashed by NAFTA's Disastrous Impact On Mexican Economy   April 25, 2006

Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Union to Replace the United States of America?   May 19, 2006
Jerome R. Corsi:  The Plan to Replace the Dollar With the 'Amero'   May 22, 2006 Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Union Already Starting to Replace USA   May 30, 2006
Jerome R. Corsi:  Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway   June 12, 2006 Jerome R. Corsi:  Bush sneaking North American super-state without oversight?   June 13, 2006
Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Union Would Trump U.S. Supreme Court   June 19, 2006 Joe Kress:  NAFTA Superhighway Begins Construction Next Year   July 4, 2006
Joseph Farah:  U.S.-Mexico merger opposition intensifies   July 9, 2006 Henry Lamb:  Watching government erase our borders   July 17, 2006
Henry Lamb:  Super-Corridor to oblivion   July 29, 2006 Phyllis Schlafly:  Shipping-corridor deal cuts heart out of heartland   Aug 8, 2006
Alan Caruba:  Sabotaging U.S. Sovereignty, Security, and Prosperity (NAU)   Aug 19, 2006 Patrick Wood:  Toward a North American Union, Part 1   Aug 27, 2006
Patrick Wood:  Toward a North American Union, Part 2   Aug 27, 2006 Patrick Wood:  Toward a North American Union, Part 3   Aug 27, 2006
Senator Ron Paul:  A North American United Nations?    Aug 28, 2006 American Policy Center:  North American Union Sledgehammer Alert   Aug 29, 2006
World Net Daily:  Americans in danger of 'slavery' - Multiple superhighway plans, illegal immigration could destroy Republic   Aug 31, 2006 World Net Daily:  Why the secrecy over superhighway?   Aug 31, 2006
World Net Daily:  Mexican truckers to hit U.S. roadways next year   Sept 1, 2006 World Net Daily:  The superhighway no one is funding   Sept 1, 2006
Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Union - a Top Goal of Secretary of Commerce   Sept 6, 2006 Vive le Canada:  Timeline of the Progress Toward a North American Union   Sept 11, 2006
Teamsters:  Stop NAFTA Highway From Killing Jobs   July 14, 2006 Patrick J. Buchanan:  What Mexico wants: A North American merger   Sept 12, 2006  
Tom DeWeese:  Bush Administration in Denial of North American Union Plans   Sept 19, 2006 World Net Daily:   North American merger topic of secret confab   Sept 20, 2006
Southwest Farm Press:  Trans Texas Corridor route would remove thousands of farm acres from production   Sept 21, 2006 Byron J. Richards:  Secret Rumsfeld Meeting to Implement North American Union   Sept 22, 2006
World Net Daily:  North American students trained for 'merger'   Sept 25, 2006 Judicial Watch:  Newly Uncovered Commerce Dept. Documents "SPP of North America"   Sept 26, 2006
World Net Daily:  Documents disclose 'shadow government'   Sept 26, 2006 World Net Daily:  'Shadow' agency to issue N. American border passes   Sept 27, 2006
Tom DeWeese:  Bush Administration’s efforts to cover up the North American Union   Sept 27, 2006 The New American:   Creating the North American Union   Oct 2, 2006
Judi MacLeod:  North America Union: Coming soon to a country near you   Oct 4, 2006 Larry Butts:  An Obituary for America   Oct 3, 2006
Steven YatesQuietly, Quietly Building the North American Union   Oct 5, 2006 New American:  Anti-North American Union Resolution Introduced   Oct 14, 2006
World Net Daily:  Resolution seeks to head off union with Mexico, Canada   Oct 25, 2006 Patrick Wood:  Some Security and Prosperity Partnership Documents Revealed   Oct 27, 2006
Ron Paul:  The NAFTA Superhighway   Oct 30, 2006 Geoff Metcalf:  Security and Prosperity Partnership   Oct 31, 2006
Jerome R. Corsi:   NAFTA Super Highway Debate Inflames Texas Governor's Race   Nov 3, 2006 Jim Schwiesow:  NEWS FLASH - U.S. on The Road to Oblivion   Nov 3, 2006
Herbert W. Titus:  Analysis of the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, H.R. 1146   Nov 10, 2006 Devvy Kidd:  The NAU: It's the eleventh hour - Get busy   Nov 20, 2006
IRC Americas Program:  Trinational Elites Map North American Future in "NAFTA Plus"   Aug 24, 2006  North American Union - Treason on the Installment Plan  2006
Devvy Kidd:  Christmas 2006: Send a clear message against "free" trade   Dec 7, 2006 Ed Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.:  Will the North American Union be American Patriots' last stand   Dec 7, 2006
IRC Americas Program:  Trinational Elites Map North American Future in "NAFTA Plus"    Aug 24, 2006 Canada Freepress:  Debut of the 'amero'   Dec 14, 2006
Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Union leader says merger just crisis away   Dec 15, 2006 Edwin Vieira, Jr.:  "Porque El Amero, Amigos"   Dec 19, 2006
Economic Policy Institute:  Revisiting NAFTA - Still not working for North America's workers   Sept 28, 2006 Jerome R. Corsi:  Could the Dollar's Collapse Prompt a New Currency?   Dec 20, 2006
World Net DailyPremeditated Merger   Jan 2, 2007 World Net Daily:  Residents of planned union to be 'North Americanists'   Jan 5, 2007
Henry Lamb Presentation:  North American Union   Jan 2007 Steve Watson & Alex Jones:  Full Steam Ahead For "The Invasion" & The American Union   Jan 8, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Union Isn't Going Away   Jan 9, 2007 William H. Calhoun:  North American Union - It’s Coming   Jan 10, 2007
Tom DeWeese:  The Truth About Conspiracy Theories   Jan 12, 2007 World Net Daily:  U.S., Mexico, Canada 'harmonizing' policies   Jan 15, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  Congressman battles North Americanization   Jan 17, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  House resolution opposes North American Union   Jan 26, 2007
Judicial Watch:  Judicial Watch Releases Pentagon Records from “North American Forum” Meetings   Feb 2, 2007 World Net Daily:  Pastor v. Corsi: The great debate over North America   Feb 8, 2007
Tom DeWeese:  Is the Security and Prosperity Partnership the beginning of a North American Union   Feb 9, 2007  Continental integration talks spark fierce debate in U.S.   Feb 17, 2007
Cliff Kincaid:  North American Union "Conspiracy" Exposed   Feb 21, 2007 Cliff Kincaid:  Surrendering our Sovereignty   Feb 24, 2007
Charlotte Iserbyt: The North American 'Soviet' Union   Feb 27, 2007 Charlotte Iserbyt:   Operation save U.S.    Mar 7, 2007
UK Telegraph:  Texans fear US sovereignty will disappear down superhighway Mar 4, 2007 World Net Daily: 11 states oppose North American Union  Mar 9, 2007
Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.:  Treason abounds in Canada and the U.S. over North American Union   Mar 9, 2007 Henry Lamb:  North American Union: Fact or fiction?   Mar 10, 2007
Judicial Watch:  Judicial Watch Obtains “Security and Prosperity Partnership” Records Detailing Border Management and Travel Recommendations   Mar 16, 2007 World Net Daily:  Lawmaker battles Trans-Texas Corridor   Mar 17, 2007
World Net Daily:  EU-style union coming to a continent near you   Mar 21, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  Commerce chief pushes for 'North American integration'   Mar 24, 2007
Tom DeWeese:  Is North American Union About Political Ideology?   Mar 25, 2007 World Net Daily:  Idaho lawmakers want out of SPP   Mar 25, 2007
Sweet Liberty :  How North American Trade corridor links with the Wildlands Project   Mar 2007

Jerome R. Corsi:  Globalists envision another 9/11 crisis as great for creating climate for North American Union   April 11, 2007

Judi McLeod:   Welcome to the no man's land of the 'North Americanist' (NAU)   April 12, 2007 Daniel Sheehy:  Chertoff, Gutierrez, Rice: Plotting Bush’s North American Union  April 17, 2007
Daniel Sheehy:  Chertoff, Gutierrez, Rice: Plotting Bush’s North American Union  April 17, 2007 Cliff Kincaid:  Immigration Bill Advances the North American Union  April 24, 2007
Tim Findley:  The North American Union - Range Magazine Special Report   March 23, 2007 Cliff Kincaid:  Immigration Bill Advances North American Union  April 28, 2007
Calgary Herald:  Rockies summit off for three amigos (NAU)  April 30, 2007 The August Review:  Canadians Fight North American Union  April 2007
Tom DeWeese:  Progress in the fight to stop the NAU and NAFTA Highway  May 7, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  Bush OKs 'integration' with European Union  May 8, 2007
Kevin Eggers:  Breaking the silence on North American Union  May 8, 2007 Devvy Kidd:  The IRS, Amero and the battle ground for liberty  May 7, 2007
Christian Science Monitor:  Food safety concerns grow as imports to US surge  May 8, 2007 Joan Veon:  The NAU & the Integration of America   May 9, 2007
Tom DeWeese:  Progress in the Fight to Stop NAU and NAFTA Superhighway  May 11, 2007 Deanna Spingola:  The Transatlantic Economic Integration  May 13, 2007
World Net Daily:  North America 'partnership' fast-tracked in border bill  May 20, 2007 World Net Daily:  North America 'partnership' fast-tracked in border bill   May 20, 2007
Cliff Kincaid:  Last Stand for American Sovereignty  May 21, 2007 World Net Daily:  Business visionary predicted North American union in '93  May 21, 2007
World Net Daily:  North American union plan headed to Congress in fall  May 24, 2007 The Guardian:  Canada 's largest bookstore retailer bans book which reveals North American Union agenda to Canadians  May 22, 2007
The August Review:  Toward a North American Union  June 2007 Urban Tulsa Weekly:  North American Union on horizon?  June 6, 2007
Brian Ervin:  Trans America  June 6, 2007 Murray Dobbin:  Commentary: The Plan to Disappear Canada  June 8, 2007
Devvy Kidd:  Illegals/NAU: A Hot Summer Coming  June 11, 2007 Alan Caruba:  Time to Annex Mexico!  June 13, 2007
World Net Daily:  Key to downfall of U.S. already in place?  July 2, 2007 Pastor Chuck Baldwin:  Independence Now And Forever  July 3, 2007
Corbett Report:  Documents Uncover Powerful Business Influence Over SPP (NAU)  July 9, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  China Wins NAFTA Super-Highway Battle   July 10, 2007
NewsMax:  Pro-Immigration Forces Back North American Union  July 10, 2007 Alan Caruba:  Goodbye America, Hello North American Union  July 18, 2007
Global Research:  Is the Annexation of Canada Part of Bush's Military Agenda?   July 18, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  Secret memo: One-world agenda dominates SPP summit  July 24, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  'Declaration of North American Integration' unearthed  July 25, 2007
Attorney Constance Cumbey:   The European Union Deal  July 25, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  OKC mayor washes hands of North American Union  July 26, 2007
Phyllis Schlafly:  Plans for Economic Integration (SPP)  Aug 8, 2007 Cathie Adams:  TEF in the news, Merging the U.S., Canada and Mexico by STEALTH  Aug 11, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  3rd SPP summit shrouded in secrecy  Aug 13, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  Military aid to Mexico on SPP summit agenda  Aug 13, 2007
Vox Day:  Join forces against the North American Union  Aug 13, 2007 Alan Caruba:  Selling Out America  Aug 17, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  ¡Está aquí! 'Amero' makes coinage debut  Aug 16, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  Congress tells Bush: Back off SPP agenda  Aug 17, 2007
Eric Green:  Commentary: U.S.-Canada-Mexico Security Plan Needs More Transparency  Aug 18, 2007 AP:  Bush to push North American agenda  Aug 19, 2007  Coalition to Block the North American Union Meets in Canada  Aug 20, 2007 AP:  Log cabin turned to fortress for N America summit  Aug 20, 2007
World Net Daily:  Bush doesn't deny plans for N. American Union  Aug 21, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  SPP summit ends with 'conspiracy' denial  Aug 22, 2007
Joan Veon:  North American Union : Will the Queen of Canada become the Queen of United States?  Aug 22, 2007 Frank Gaffney:  Commentary: Eroding sovereignty  Aug 21, 2007
Washington Times:  Bush denies superstate rumors  Aug 22, 2007  The NAFTA Superhighway  Aug 22, 2007  Conservative Leaders Plead To Bush: No North American Union  Aug 22, 2007 Laurie Roth:  The North American Union & Superhighway is Rubbish  Aug 24, 2007  
Tom DeWeese:  Statement About the Security and Prosperity Partnership  Aug 20, 2007 Patrick Wood:  Pre-SPP Summit Conference Reveals True Elitist Mindset  Aug 22, 2007
Henry Lamb:  Are NAU deniers ignorant, or deceitful?  Aug 25, 2007 Devvy Kidd:  Stop The NAU/SPP - What Does that Really Mean?  Aug 27, 2007
Geoff Metcalf:  North American Union Threat  Aug 27, 2007 Chip McLean :  Meet Carlos X. Carrillo, The Perfect NAU Border Patrol Chief  Aug 27, 2007
Washington Times:  Commentary: Left, right unite to oppose [North American] union  Aug 28, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  Bush's SPP power grab sets stage for military to manage flu threats  Aug 28, 2007
Connie Fogal:   We'd Rather Be Canadian  Sept 4, 2007  Bush Refuses To Deny The North American Agenda  Sept 5, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Union driver's license created  Sept 6, 2007 Phyllis Schlafly:  Self-Government Is In Peril From The SPP  Sept 12, 2007
Frank Maguire:  The Great North American Union Deception  Sept 14, 2007 Devvy Kidd:  Bill to stop Mexican truck invasion just another Band-Aid  Sept 14, 2007
Charles Meadows:  The NAFTA superhighway for Oklahoma?  Sept 14, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  Hoffa: Bush creating North American Union  Sept 14, 2007
John Birch Society:  The North American Union: Conspiracy Theory or Conspiracy Fact?  Sept 17, 2007 Phyllis Schlafly:  Self-Government Is In Peril From The SPP  Sept 18, 2007  

Jerome R. Corsi:  Deal creates path for NAFTA railway  Sept 18, 2007  

Michael Howe:  Mexican official urges North American Union  Sept 21, 2007
Jim Kouri:  First North American Union Drivers Licenses Issued in US  Sept 21, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  WorldNetDaily: Congress debate begins on North America Union  Sept 25, 2007
Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D:  North American Union and Global Integration  Oct 1, 2007 Ron Ewart:  But That's OK..... Isn't It?  Oct 4, 2007
William F. Jasper:  Continental Merger  Oct 15, 2007 New American Magazine:  Entire Issue on North American Union  - Merger in the Making  Oct 15, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  WorldNetDaily: 'Amero coming within decade'   Oct 5, 2007 Jim Kouri:  Mexican Government Reveals Plans For Trans North American Corridor  Oct 8, 2007  Canadian/American Business Mergers Boost 'North American Union ?  Oct 4, 2007 Eagle Forum:  Scholars Explain Bush's SPP  Oct 10, 2007
World Net Daily:  Amero plot real, says biz columnist  Oct 11, 2007

World Net Daily:  Mexico's Fox openly calls for North American Union  Oct 12, 2007

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:  Bush calls trade with Americas 'essential'   Oct 13, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  Canadians call for vote on SPP  Oct 15, 2007  
Tom DeWeese:  Anti-NAU Warriors Beginning to Move the Rock Uphill  Oct 15, 2007 World Net Daily:  Vicente Fox book admits North American scheme  Oct 16, 2007
Arizona Republic :  Is a 'North American Union' in the future?   Oct 24, 2007 John Birch Society:  Fixing Illegal Immigration by Nixing the Open Borders/North American Union Vision Behind It  Oct 25, 2007
Lt. Col. USAF, Joe Kress, Ret.:  The overall plan to force the North American Union  Oct 28, 2007 Dr. Edwin Vieira, Ph.D., JD:  This is a Real Emergency (NAU)  Oct 10, 2007
Hal Lindsey:  Will falling dollar bring about NAU?  Nov 9, 2007 World Net Daily:  North American Union 'a couple years away'  Nov 19, 2007
Drake Bennett:  Massachusetts: Boston Globe derides North American Union  Nov 25, 2007 Jerome R. Corsi:  SPP 'dead,' says insider  Nov 28, 2007
Dennis Cuddy:  The North American Union & The Larger Plan   Dec 17, 2007 CounterPunch:  Can the NAFTA Superhighway be Stopped?  Dec 18, 2007
Jerome R. Corsi:  North-of-border link finishes NAFTA superhighway grid  Dec 18, 2007 Devvy Kidd:  NAFTA Cementing a North American Union  Dec 31, 2007
Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.:  Two 'Acts' of Tyranny on the Same Day!  June 2, 2007 Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.:  Dorgan's Distinction . . . NAFTA:  Treaty vs. Law  Sept 29, 2007
Alan Caruba:  A Real North American Union  Jan 9, 2008 Jerome R. Corsi:  7-year plan: U.S. 'to join Europe '  Jan 16, 2008  
Lufkin Daily News:  Corridor of change: East Texans express their opinions for and against the proposed I-69/Trans-Texas Corridor during town hal..  Jan 17, 2008 Jerome R. Corsi:  Economist longs for creation of amero  Jan 24, 2008
Jerome R. Corsi:  Resolution fights North American Union  Feb 1, 2008 Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Army created – without OK by Congress  Feb 24, 2008
Jerome R. Corsi:  Leaders push PR campaign for North American alliance  Mar 6, 2008 Henry Lamb:  Following Europe toward tyranny - Henry Lamb says NAFTA, SPP, North American Community all spell doom  Mar 8, 2008
Jerome R. Corsi:  Inside the hush-hush North American Union confab  Mar 13, 2008 Henry Lamb:  3 candidates for global governance  Mar 15, 2008
Jerome R. Corsi:  Mexican official says NAFTA includes superhighways  Mar 18, 2008 YouTube Video:  A Big Easy North American Union   March 2008
Blacklisted News:  NAFTA Countries to Introduce Simultaneous Legislation to Stop SPP   April 4, 2008 Phyllis Schlafly:  North American Union : It's the real deal  April 11, 2008
Cliff Kincaid:  Bush's Phony Free-Trade Agreement  April 12, 2008 Jerome R. Corsi:  Makeover urged for 'North American Union' effort  April 16, 2008
Canadian Press:  White House defends NAFTA in runup to meeting between Bush, Harper, Calderon  April 18, 2008 Henry Lamb:  The new Constitution of America's Union  April 19, 2008
Jim Kouri:  US and Canadian Governments Renaming "North American Union" to fool Citizens  April 17, 2008 Jerome R. Corsi:  Bush pushes controversial SPP agenda  April 22, 2008
Jerome R. Corsi:  Calderon: Dropping NAFTA would damage economy  April 22, 2008 AP:  Bush: Now is not the time to renegotiate or cancel NAFTA  April 22, 2008
Natural News:  North American Union :  PR Was Focus of Recent Secret Meeting of the SPP  April 20, 2008 American Policy Center Press Release:  National Survey Reveals Strong Opposition to North American Union   April 23, 2008
Jerome R. Corsi:  North American Union: The dream 'is dead'  July 28, 2008 Bloomberg:  North America Must Integrate for Trade, Calderon Says  Sept 25, 2008
YouTube:  North American Union & VChip Truth  2008 Jerome R. Corsi:  Another sign of integrated North America  May 15, 2009
World Net Daily:  Obama warned at summit: No North American Union  Aug 8, 2009 Vancouver Sun:  Leaked cable lays out North American 'integration' strategy  June 2, 2011  
NWV News:  United States another step closer to North American Federation  Jan 31, 2012  Gary North's Reality Check:  Cross-Border Martial Law:  Stage 1  Mar 30, 2012















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