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Scientific Reports:

Information from the Oregon Blue Book - 1971 Upper Klamath Basin Ground Water Study - USGS
1997 Upper Klamath Lake Fish Die-off The NEPA Task Force Report to the Council on Environmental Quality

(Second Draft) Klamath River Basin Conservation Implementation Program - .pdf Need Comments  

Water Temperature Monitoring of the Klamath River Mainstem - 1995 by the Karuk Tribe (.pdf file)
Oregon DEQ Water Quality Index Report for Klamath Basin 1986 - 1995 USGS Report: Klamath River Basin Hydrologic Conditions Prior to the September 2002 Fish Die-off (.pdf file)

BOR:   Draft Trinity River Fishery Restoration

Supplemental Draft ESIS/EIR Documents

Submit written comments on the Draft SEIS/EIR by June 22, 2004, to Russell Smith at Reclamation's Northern California Area Office at: Bureau of Reclamation, P.O. Box 723, Shasta, CA 96087, by fax at 530-275-2441, or via e-mail to:   

Upper Klamath Basin Science Workshop Results    Hosted by U.S. Department of the Interior: Geological Survey, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation,
Bureau of Land Management
February 3-6, 2004
Klamath Falls, Oregon
OSU Researcher Develops New Way to Detect Salmon Parasite in the Klamath River   BOR:  Lower Klamath Basin Science Conference June, 2004 
USDA:  2003 Farm & Ranch Irrigation Survey Census of Agriculture    OR Dept of Ag:  Oregon ranks #3 of all states in farms and ranches using irrigation
January 25, 2005
OWRD:  Groundwater in the Eastern Lost River Sub-Basin , Langell, Yonna, Swan Lake , and Poe Valleys of Southeastern Klamath County , Oregon main report .pdf

Other sections of report go HERE

The Value of Irrigation Water Varies Enormously Across the Upper Klamath Basin - OSU Report .pdf

Potential Benefits of Water Banks and Water Transfers - OSU Report .pdf

Dan Keppen, KWUA Director replies to these two reports 

University of Washington: Tree-ring data reveals multiyear droughts unlike any in recent memory

Columbia River Flow and Drought Since 1750 .pdf
Journal of the American Water Resources Association

National Academy of Science:  Broader Approach Needed for Protection And Recovery of Fish in Klamath River Basin

FROM COAST TO COAST Endangered Fish in Pacific Northwest and Maine Face Similar Hurdles to Recovery | IN FOCUS, 4.1

Water Allocation in the Klamath Reclamation Project, "Waterfowl ... .pdf  Flow from the river to Lower Klamath Lake, ... for the Lost River/.
Shortnose Suckers (Klamath Falls, OR). Weddell, DJ 2000.

FALL WATER REQUIREMENTS FOR SEASONAL DIKED WETLANDS AT LOWER ... .pdf   Weddell, BJ 2002, Relationship between flows in the Klamath River and Lower Klamath Lake Prior to 1910. p. 43–55: In GH Trehey (compiler)  Water Allocation in the Klamath Reclamation Project, "Coho Salmon .... .pdf   
Lost River, Tule Lake, and the Klamath River (Reclamation 2000). ... Klamath River
between March and August. Considering the low numbers of coho salmon fry
Evaluation of Interim Instream Flow Needs in the Klamath River ... .pdf  For the past 37 years, instream flows within the lower Klamath River have been ... As a preliminary screening of the relationship between flow and ... OSU:  Potential Benefits of Water Banks and Water Transfers (4 pages/80 K)  .pdf
OSU:  The Value of Water Varies Enormously Across the Upper Klamath Basin (3 pages/80 K) .pdf
OSU:  Energy Pricing and Irrigated Agriculture in the Upper Klamath Basin (11 pages/140 K) .pdf
  University of California Intermountain and Research Extension Center:  An Assessment of the Effects of Agriculture on Water Quality in the Tulelake Region of California, 1995 by S.R. Kaffka, T.X. Lu, and Dr. Harry L. Carlson
Final Report to the CA State Water Resources Control Board:  Farming practices and water quality in the Upper Klamath Basin, April 16, 2002 by TID Manager Earl Donosky and UC Davis Agronomist Steven Kaffka Kintama Research Corporation:  Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project (POST): Results from the Acoustic Tracking Study on Survival of Columbia River Salmon   2006  (.pdf)
USGS Report:  Abstract of Ground-Water Hydrology of the Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon and California - Scientific Investigations Report 2007–5050  April 20, 2007 USGS:  Ground-Water Hydrology of the Upper Klamath Basin , Oregon and California - Scientific Investigations Report 2007–5050 Table of Contents   April 20, 2007
USGS Technical Release:  USGS Examines Importance of Water Budgets in Addressing Water Availability Concerns  Nov 19, 2007 USGS:  USGS Circular 1308: Water Budgets: Foundations for Effective Water-Resources and Environmental Management (Abstract and link to report)  Nov 19, 2007  Report PDF (27.2 MB)
National Research Council Report:   Hydrology, Ecology, and Fishes of the Klamath River Basin    Nov 28, 2007     DOI/USGS:  Upper Klamath Lake Basin Nutrient-Loading Study—Assessment of Historic Flows in the Williamson and Sprague Rivers Water-Resources Investigations Report 98–4198  1999
USGS:  Bibliography of Water-Related Research in the Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon Open-File Report 95-285  1995 Columbia Basin Bulletin:  Researchers Say Unexpected Nutrient Found Key To Ocean Function  Mar 14, 2008
Klamath River Compact Commission:  Report of the Oregon Klamath River Commission on Water Resources and Requirements of the Upper Klamath Basin  Dec 1954 Klamath River Compact Commission:  Investigation Into Methods to Control Algae in the Klamath River Basin   June 1962  
USGS:  Physiological Development & Vulnerability to C. shasta of Fall-run Chinook Salmon: a Candidate for Restoration in the Upper Klamath Basin  Oct 30, 2007 US Fish & Wildlife Service:  Klamath River Basin Fish Management Plan - Working to Restore Anadromous Fisheries of the Klamath River Basin  Annual Report  FY 2005
National Research Council, of the National Academies:  Hydrology, Ecology, and Fishes of the Klamath River Basin  Dec 2007 USGS:  A review of possible causes of nutrient enrichment and decline of endangered sucker populations in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon  1993
US Fish and Wildlife Service:  Peer Review of Scientific Information 
The Open File Report:   Proceedings of the Klamath Basin Science Conference, Medford, Oregon, February 1–5, 2010 AP:  Study: Fraud growing in scientific research papers  Oct 1, 2012


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