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Information You Need To Know - The Truth:

Bad Science and the Endangered Species Act by Steve Cheyne “Sound Science” and Crumbling Structure by Mark Vande Pol
Lies and Mistruths prepared by the Klamath Bucket Brigade
Final National Academy of Science Report:   Endangered and Threatened Fishes in the Klamath River Basin NEW LINK

KWUA perspective on NAS reports 

Nature, Not Man, is Responsible for West Coast Salmon Decline by John Carlisle from the National Center for Public Policy Research
Michael Crichton - The author,  speaks on Environmentalism as a Religion    Salmon Rearing Habitats in the Main Stem Klamath River - New report released by David Vogel - .pdf file

Range Magazine Special Report:

Water in the West


Lake not at capacity before drawdown began May 23, 2003  - H&N's article by Ken Rykbost (Could this happen in 2004?)
Pacific Legal Foundation Releases Earth Day List of Top 5 “Human Costs” of Environmental Extremism 4/21/04  Dr. William T. Hogarth, Director - National Marine Fisheries Service National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration U.S. Department of Commerce on the National Academy of Sciences Interim Report on Endangered and Threatened Fishes in the Klamath River Basin before the Committee on Resources, U.S. House of Representatives March 13, 2002 
National Resources Inventory: Land Use "The contiguous 48 states cover nearly 1.9 billion acres. 5.5% of the total U.S. Surface Area is 'developed'."  Constitutional Primer #7 - Property Rights by Timothy B. Lewis of the Constitutional Freedom Foundation - The Importance Of Property Rights 
Washington State: Analysis of Water Banks In the Western States  "Are You Asking the Right Questions about Conservation Easements and Purchased Development Rights?" by Ric Frost, Policy Analyst, New Mexico State University  
Stoel Rives, LLP:  Law and Science in the Klamath Basin:  Keeping Your Eye On The Law  Stoel Rives, LLP:  Klamath Basin Update: Debate Continues by Greg Corbin, Feb. 1, 2002 
OSU & UC: "Water Allocation in the Klamath Reclamation Project, 2001: An Assessment of Natural Resource, Economic, Social, and Institutional Issues with a Focus on the Upper Klamath Basin" by Ron Hathaway and Teresa Welsh  .pdf   Klamath Farmers Are An Endangered Species Homo sapien klamath agriculturis, more commonly known as the Klamath farmer - July 19, 2001 by Don Brunell, Association of Washington Business 
Heartland Institute:  Klamath Basin a departure from common-sense environmentalism  by Robert Stokes 

The familiar pattern of ESA controversies is repeating itself in the Klamath Basin. Environmentalists threaten short-term havoc with lawsuits focused on species survival, then bargain for long-term goals which go far beyond the scope of ESA.  

Western States Water Newsletter - Drought (8/13/04) 

Western Drought Provoking More Than Water Wars by Franklin Bell (This article appears in the August 13, 2004 issue of Executive Intelligence Review

Spoken Testimony of Dan Keppen on Behalf of the Klamath Water Users Association During the Briefing on Klamath River Conditions in Eureka, California August 30, 2004  Written Testimony of Dan Keppen on Behalf of the Klamath Water Users Association During the Briefing on Klamath River Conditions in Eureka, California August 30, 2004 
Summary of Environmental Restoration and Water Conservation Efforts Undertaken by Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA) & Landowners Presented at the Briefing on Klamath River Conditions in Eureka, California August 30, 2004  Marcia Armstrong, Siskiyou County Supervisor's Letter sent to have read at Rep. Thompson's fish status forum August 30, 2004 In Eureka, California 


The New American:  "Water Is For Fighting" by William F. Jasper  August 9, 2004 

Klamath Basin Water Management  
by Dr. Doug Whitsett, President of Water for Life, Inc.  

House Resource Committee Press Release:  Frivolous Enviro Lawsuits Hurt Economy, Environment September 14, 2004   Tidepool:  The American River's Hidden Fish Kill 
Senator Inhofe (R-Okla) Releases Detailed Report on Environmental Group Political Fundraising  Range Magazine: Sharing the Land (Wildlife and agriculture in the Klamath Basin) by Steve Kandra - Klamath Basin Farmer
The Ethics and Economics of Private Property by Hans-Hermann Hoppe  California's 66th Assemblyman Ray Haynes Californians, Hug a Miner Today 
Mike Connelly:  Haying for the Birds - Fair ain't what nature's about.   Mike Connelly:  Gratitude  
Morrison:  I farm--you eat  The Water Report:  Klamath Basin Science - Vogel vs. Hardy January, 2005
H&N's:  Agriculture does a lot for wildlife, environment  by Rick Woodley Steve Baccus - Kansas Farm Bureau President:  Defending my life: Farmers give more than they take February 25, 2005
MORRISON: Non-Profit or Big Business - TNC March 2, 2005 Capital Press Editorial:  Its critical to find water solutions in the West March 11, 2005
Capital Press:  Ag has a big impact on nation  March 18, 2005 Family Farm Alliance:  ‘Mining’ ag water becoming default water policy for urban growth May 7, 2005
Research:  GAO finds room for improvement in FWS science  May 25, 2005 Capital Press:  Local control fits some cases, not others  May 27, 2005
Oregonian:  A honkin' problem for Oregon farmers  June 1, 2005 Helen Chenoweth-Hage:  Landowners challenged at all angles on their rights  May 26, 2005
Better Earth:  The Real Environmental Crisis May, 2005 Monterey County Herald:  Agriculture collides with environment  May 28, 2005
Oregonian:  As landscape shifts, Oregon struggles to protect farmland May 31, 2005 Steve Busch:  Return to the primitive   June 1, 2005

Steve Busch:  Return to the primitive , Part 2 June 15, 2005

Bjorn Lomborg: The truth about the environment  August, 2001 Family Farm Alliance:  The Bureau of Reclamation’s Capability to Fulfill Its Core Mission: The Customer’s Perspective
NPS Redwood History:  Salmon Canneries on the Klamath Capital Press:  Irrigation districts describe dealings with BuRec  July 22, 2005
Krisweb:  Fishing as a Limiting Factor on South Fork Trinity River Stocks Margaret ByfieldIt's Not About the Animals!   Feb 2006
Oregon State Senator Whitsett:   May Newsletter - Salmon and Upper Basin Information  May 30, 2006 US Fish and Wildlife Service:  Peer Review of Scientific Information 
Klamath River Compact  Aug 30, 1957  


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