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Information You Need To Know About - 

Klamath Basin Wetland Restoration

Wood River Ranch wetland restoration project    TNC's Sycan Marsh/Upper Klamath Basin Eco-management Paper
Rangeland Health Standards Assessment - Wood River Ranch TNC:  Balancing Water in the Klamath Basin
EPA Report on Wood River Ranch Restoration USF&WS Restoration Projects in the Klamath Basin for Fiscal Year 2002
BOR's Agency Ranch: Programmatic Environmental Assessment Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges
July 15, 2003 - TNC Sycan Marsh Field Trip with Pictures OPB - TNC and the Sycan Marsh
KWUA: Summary of Recent and Proposed Environmental Restoration and Water Conservation Efforts Undertaken by Klamath Water Users Association  & Landowners NRCS Activities in the Klamath River Basin
Press Release From Tulelake Private Well Pumpers 05/24/04 
Wetlands: A Key Link in Watershed Management  A Guide for Watershed Partnerships  
Official USFWS/DOI definition of "Wetlands"  Integrated Pest Management Plan for
Lower Klamath and Tule Lake NWRs and Information about the Kuchel Act
Defenders of Wildlife:  Refuges at Risk - America's 10 Most Endangered National Wildlife Refuges, 2004  (Complete Report) .pdf  NEW

Defenders of Wildlife:  Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex - Oregon, California .pdf  NEW

KWUA Refutes Defenders Claims About the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges:   Myth vs. Fact:  Farming on the Refuge Lease Lands

Gail Whitsett:  The Truth About The Barnes Ranch  February 21, 2005

Corvallis Gazette-Times:  

Where the wild geese go - Klamath's Miller Island Wildlife Refuge  March 23, 2005

Abstracts from the: F&WS Third Klamath Basin Ecosystem Restoration Research and Restoration Coordination Meeting - March 1999
Congressman Ron Wyden:  Wyden and Smith - Senate Approval to buy Barnes Ranch  June 29, 2005 Medford News:  Wildlife Enjoys Oregon Department Of Transportation-Created Wetlands  July 18, 2005
AP:  Wildlife agency issues guidelines for CA seasonal wetlands (vernal pools)  August 12, 2005 SacBee:  Federal rule limits 'critical habitat' (more on Vernal Pool species)  August 12, 2005
AP:  Wildlife managers consider insecticides to combat West Nile  August 22, 2005 Klamath Basin Ecosystem Foundation: November 2005 Dispatch - Upper Klamath Lake Wetlands Restoration  Nov 2, 2005
Herald and News:  Wetlands may be part of rotation  Nov 14, 2005 Draft Environmental Assessment for an Integrated Pest Management Program for Lease Lands at Lower Klamath and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuges Oregon/California. 1998.
Draft Integrated Pest Management Plan for Lower Klamath and Tule National Wildlife Refuges. 1997. Klamath River Watershed Restoration Project: Request for Proposals. 1999. 27 p. 
Fall Water Requirements for Seasonal Diked Wetlands at Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge 2004 Capital Press: Nature Conservancy partners with feds for (more) Klamath wetlands  Feb 24, 2006
Family Farm Alliance:  Klamath's 'Walking Wetlands'  Feb, 2006 Herald and News:  Habitat restoration gets $10 million    March 31, 2006
NY Times:  Fewer Marshes + More Man-made Ponds = Increased Wetlands   March 31, 2006 Pacific Legal Foundation:  Rapanos v. United States: Background, Blog, and Briefs   May 17, 2006
UC Santa Cruz:  Rotational Management in the Tulelake Refuge - 2002 Mike Green, BOR:  Seasonal Wetland/Cropland Rotation on Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge - An Integrated Pest Management Approach - 2001 .pdf  View as HTML
F&WS:  Integrated Pest Management Program for Leased Lands at Lower Klamath and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuges Oregon/California - July 1998 Oregonian:  A new chapter for the Chewaucan   June 26, 2006
House Resource Committee:  Wetlands conservation program should be reauthorized - H.R. 5539   June 29, 2006 Herald and News:  Bill would boost size of Upper Klamath Refuge   July 10, 2006
AP:  Restoration of marsh on Upper Klamath Lake moving forward   July 10, 2006 CA Farm Bureau:  Birds are back, thanks to farmers' recovery efforts   July 12, 2006
House Resource Committee:  Major wetlands conservation act passes markup   July 19, 2006 Herald and News:  Levee breaches to improve river habitat (Williamson River)   July 26, 2006
Klamath Courier:  Lower Klamath mudhole to become 5 star bird diner   July 26, 2006 Cattle Network:  Oklahoma Cattleman Defends Property Rights to Senate Subcommittee   Aug 1, 2006
Jim Beers:  Wetlands - A Question   Aug 3, 2006 OR Sen Doug Whitsett:  Questions to Bureau Of Reclamation & USFWS Concerning the Barnes Ranch   Aug 14, 2006
Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski:  Governor's Fund For The Environment To Aid Restoration Projects   Aug 18, 2006 Robert T. Lackey:  Watershed Restoration - Adaptive Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty. (2003) (PDF, 30 pp., 240 KB)
Robert T. Lackey:  Societal Values and the Proper Role of Restoration Ecologists. (2004) (PDF, 5 pp., 40 KB) Herald and News:  When birds, planes collide: remove wetlands?   Aug 29, 2006
USGS:  An Evaluation and Review of Water-Use Estimates and Flow Data for the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuges, .. AP:  EPA promises wetlands rules   Sept 5, 2006
House Resource Committee Press Release:  House passes North American Wetlands Conservation Act   Sept 12, 2006 USFWS:  Secretary Kempthorne Announces Funding for Wetlands Projects,  Additions to National Wildlife Refuges   Sept 15, 2006
Earth Talk:  Defining and protecting wetlands   Sept 21, 2006 ABC/Reuters:  Wetland dry-up eases methane levels   Sept 28, 2006
Pioneer Press:  Refuges prepare for fall burn season   Oct 11, 2006 Herald and News:  Agriculture on refuge a good thing   Nov 22, 2006
Environmental Law Institute:  National Wetlands Newsletter Examines Indirect Impacts of Urbanization on Wetland Quality   Jan 9, 2007 Herald and News Letter:  Save existing wetlands   Jan 18, 2007
Herald and News:  Planning focuses on refuge   Jan 29, 2007 Yreka Siskiyou Daily News:  Prescribed burns to begin in Lower Klamath and Tule Lake Refuges   Jan 30, 2007
ONRC Alert:  Speak Up for Wildlife in the Klamath Basin!   Feb 8, 2007 AP:  Budget cuts mean job losses for wildlife refuges   Mar 16, 2007
USF&WS Press Release:  $16.5 Million in Federal Funding and Partner Contributions Restore and Protect Wetlands in Pacific Northwest    Mar 26, 2007 Herald and News:  Three Klamath habitat restoration projects praised   Mar 29, 2007
Pioneer Press:  Bird fest set - Refuges to hold annual celebration  May 2, 2007 Ducks Unlimited Magazine:  Legislation to restore protection to wetlands introduced in Congress  May 23, 2007
AP:  EPA issues new guidelines making it harder to protect some wetlands  June 5, 2007 Science Now:  Wetlands Regulation Gets Murkier  June 6, 2007
Ducks Unlimited Press Release:  Ducks Unlimited receives Klamath River watershed grant  Aug 21, 2007 Herald and News:  Grant to restore Basin watershed  Aug 27, 2007
Herald and News:  River delta to be blasted  Sept 15. 2007 Herald and News:  Grant funding goes to wetland restoration in Basin  Sept 15, 2007
Herald and News:  Refuge plans prescribed burn  Oct 11, 2007 HR 767: `Refuge Ecology Protection, Assistance, and Immediate Response Act'   Jan 31, 2007
Oregonian:  Sucker fish are getting back their old home  Oct 29, 2007
The Nature Conservancy Press Release:  Major Explosions to Restore Wetlands in Oregon ’s Klamath Basin   Oct 30, 2007 Oregonian:  Levees breached to restore Klamath wetlands  Oct 30, 2007
AP:  Dikes blasted to restore Oregon marshland for endangered fish  Oct 30, 2007 KATU:  EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Explosives used to restore Oregon wetlands  Oct 30, 2007
KTVL:  Explosions Destroy Levee Near Klamath Lake   Oct 30, 2007 Oregon Public Broadcasting:  Explosions Open Wetlands Reclamation Project In The Klamath Basin   Oct 30, 2007
Tom Chandler:  Massive Explosions Used to Reclaim Wetlands on Klamath Lake   Oct 30, 2007 Herald and News:  Levees blasted - Explosions to restore wetlands on river delta  Oct 31, 2007
Oregonian:  Levee blasts signal a truce in water wars  Oct 31, 2007 Capital Press:  A blow for fish - Group breaches Klamath levees, turns farmland back into wetlands  Nov 2, 2007
Pioneer Press:  Williamson levee demolition: The first or the last?   Nov 7, 2007 Capital Press Opinion:  Bigger story to tell about Klamath levees  Nov 9, 2007
Herald and News:  Fire officials plan to burn 7,100 acres at Klamath Marsh  Nov 15, 2007 EPA Press Release:  Army Corps and EPA Improve Wetland and Stream Mitigation   Mar 31, 2008

EPA:  Compensatory Mitigation  Mar 31, 2008

Herald and News:  Ninety students to tour and study Williamson River Delta restoration  April 30, 2008 Seattle Times:  Saving wetlands: a broken promise   May 12, 2008
Herald and News:  Williamson restoration project wins 2007 Wetland Award  May 20, 2008 Herald and News:  Klamath Marsh event planned  June 9, 2008
Salem Statesman Journal Opinion:  Future vision necessary for Klamath refuges  June 9, 2008 Herald and News:  Celebrating the refuge - Activities planned for Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge’s centennial  July 17, 2008
Herald and News:  Wetlands trade - New habitat at lake makes up for loss at airport  Aug 1, 2008 Redding Record Searchlight:  Lower Klamath refuge to commemorate 100 years  Aug 3, 2008
Herald and News:   Officials put side space for wetland projects  Aug 25, 2008 AP:  Oregon dike breaching helps restore endangered fish  Nov 18, 2008
Herald and News:  Levees breached to help fish - Project will re-establish wetlands on the Williamson River Delta Preserve  Nov 19, 2008 Herald and News:  From farms to wetlands - Walking Wetlands program benefits farmers, refuges and wildlife  Nov 20, 2008
Herald and News:  From Farms to Wetlands - A partnership with agriculture  Nov 20, 2008 Herald and News:  From farms to wetlands - Transforming tracts of farmland to wetlands  Nov 20, 2008
US Environmental Protection Agency Press Release:  Agencies Revise Guidance to Protect Wetlands and Streams  Dec 3, 2008 Klamath Basin Crisis Report:  Tulelake Irrigation District walking wetland controversy  July 18, 2009
USDA -  Natural Resources Conservation Service Press Release:  California Receives $18 Million for Agricultural Water Enhancement Projects  July 30, 2009  Herald and News:  Klamath Marsh plan open for comment  Aug 9, 2009 
Herald and News Guest Opinion:  Walking wetlands program causes concerns  Aug 9, 2009 Herald and News:  Altering the landscape - Steps taken to provide habitat for endangered suckers  Aug 12, 2009
Herald and News:  Refuge plan meetings set for this week - Plan will direct how refuge is run for 15 years   Aug 14, 2009
National Geographic:  "Walking Wetlands" Help Rare Birds, Boost Crops  Aug 18, 2009
National Geographic:  PHOTOS: Flooded Fields Bring Back Rare Birds  Aug 18, 2009 Herald and News:  Marsh’s future under review - Plans look at water management in wildlife refuge  Aug 20, 2009
US Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  Federal Wetlands Mapping Standard Approved  Aug 18, 2009 Herald and News:  Wood River Wetland Restoration Work Planned  Sept 22, 2009
Siskiyou Daily News:  (Refuge) Prescribed burn planned  Sept 30, 2009
Herald and News:  Restoring refuges - Wildlife refuges benefit from stimulus fund  Oct 15, 2009
Herald and News:  Agreement guarantees refuges water  Oct 16, 2009  3 Waterfowl Refuges  Nov 2009
Herald and News Opinion:  Refuges need more than agreement gives  Nov 8, 2009 Siskiyou Daily News:  Public invited to weigh in on long-term Klamath refuge plans  April 27, 2010
Redding Record Searchlight:  Ron Cole: Lend your voice on Klamath's future  May 10, 2010
Felice Pace:  Critical Planning Process For Klamath Refuges Gets Underway  June 17, 2010 Herald and News:  Refuges — last in line for water — are already drying out  July 4, 2010
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Press Release:  Pacific Region Selects New Assistant Regional Director for Refuges  Feb 9, 2011
Sustainable Business Oregon:  Wetlands top Oregon's most endangered list  Sept 29, 2011
Herald and News:  Group lists wetlands as endangered  Sept 30, 2011
Herald and News Letter:  Refuge wetlands should be fully flooded  Oct 11, 2011
OPB News:  Waterbirds Crowded In Klamath Refugees Catch Avian Cholera  Mar 26, 2012
Sustainable Business Oregon:  Geothermal energy plant planned for Klamath wildlife refuge  Mar 26, 2012  Herald and News:  Letter supports water for refuges - 26 organizations involved in message to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar  Apr 3, 2012
Oregonian:  Water cutoff contributes to Klamath Basin bird deaths, highlights challenge facing crucial wildlife refuges  Apr 5, 2012 Herald and News Letter:  ESA partially to blame for bird kill at refuges  Apr 6, 2012
AP:  Scarce water spreads disease on waterfowl refuge  Apr 7, 2012
Redding Record Searchlight Guest Opinion:  Dan Taylor: Turn on the spigot for Klamath refuge  Apr 9, 2012
Felice Pace:  KBRA “cultural shift” leaves birds dead, basin communities more divided than ever  Apr 9, 2012 Herald and News:  More water for irrigators means more for refuges - But allotment is still less than half what refuge needs  Apr 10, 2012
Herald and News Letter:  Lack of water, biomass plant bad for wildlife  Apr 11, 2012 Times-Standard Opinion:  Restoration pact offers Klamath Basin hope  Apr 12, 2012
AP:  Drought exacerbates cholera  Apr 8, 2012 Oregonian OpEd:  Klamath bird crisis just one more avoidable tragedy if we pass water-sharing agreements  Apr 16, 2012
The Chattanoogan:  10,000 Birds Die As "Everglades Of West" Dries, Spreads Disease  Apr 16, 2012
San Francisco Chronicle:  Migrating waterfowl die from lack of water  Apr 20, 2012 Oregonian OpEd:  In the Klamath Basin, too little water promised to too many interests  Apr 22, 2012
North Coast Journal:  Cry, Godwitters  Apr 21, 2012
High Country News:  Last in line  Apr 24, 2012
Siskiyou Daily News Guest Opinion:  Who killed the birds?  Apr 26, 2012
Times-Standard OpEd:  Upper Klamath Basin Refuge crisis will not be solved by restoration agreement: Time to take another path  Apr 26, 2012
Herald and News:  Water for the refuges:  Spring diversions to the refuge are helping to attract wildlife  July 6, 2012 Herald and News:  Refuge officials expect no allocations of water this summer  July 15, 2012
Herald and News:  Migrating birds will have enough water, refuges manager says  Sept 30, 2012
Statesman Journal:  Thursday, Klamath Basin preservation covered  Jan 11, 2013



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